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  • Vin Diesel

    Mark Vincent, popularly known as Vin Diesel in Hollywood, is an American actor, director, producer, voice over artist and screenwriter. He had an inclination towards acting from a very young age and remained involved with Theatre in New York City throughout his teenage. He took up a creative writing course at his college which gave him the inspiration to start writing screenplays. Diesel started off his entertainment career with his short semi-biographical film ˜Multi-Facial', for which he did the direction, writing, acting and production - it was screened at the Cannes Festival. But it was not until Steven Spielberg signed him in his multi starrer movie, ˜Saving Private Ryan' that he received the attention that he deserved. Diesel is well-known for his action role in ˜The Fast and Furious' series, for which he has reprised the role of ˜Dominic Toretto' time and again. Various movies from the franchise established him as an action hero in the industry. Other movies by Diesel are, ˜The pacifier', ˜xXx', ˜Riddick', etc. This deep voiced actor manages production companies named ˜One Race Productions', ˜Racetrack Records', and ˜Tigon Studios' alongside acting and has produced movies like ˜Hitman'.

    Vin Diesel

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra is an Indian film actress and singer who has become one of the country's most well-known and high-profile figures. She was born in Jamshedpur, India, to physician parents and was educated in several places around the country until she was sent to the United States at the age of thirteen. She volunteered for dance and singing activities in America in addition to academics, but she aspired to be an engineer or psychologist rather than a performer. She competed in the Femina Miss India pageant after returning home and was chosen to represent India at the Miss World pageant, where she was crowned Miss World 2000. She quit her studies in the middle of her studies after winning the beauty pageant to pursue a career in the film industry. She began her career in Tamil with the film 'Thamizan,' but it wasn't long before she made her Bollywood debut as the second lead in the 2003 film 'The Hero.' She was recognized for the gorgeous part she played in her next film, Andaaz, for which she won a Filmfare Award. Following that, she starred in a string of box-office hits, including 'Aitraaz,' 'Krrish,' '7 Khoon Maaf,' 'Fashion,' and 'Barfi!' Over the years, she has garnered numerous prizes and accolades for her film appearances. She has created a name for herself as an international performer with songs like "In My City" and "Exotic." Nick Jonas, an American singer-songwriter, is her husband.

    Priyanka Chopra

  • LostNUnbound

    Greg Fuller, often known as LostNUnbound, is an American YouTube gamer and game pundit who is most known for his eponymous YouTube channel. He is a die-hard NBA fan who cheers on the Oklahoma City Thunder, an American professional basketball team. He usually uploads gameplay videos from the 'NBA 2K' and 'Madden' series, but he also publishes fan reaction films from events at his favorite NBA team. One such video, titled 'Thunder Fan Reaction to Kevin Durant Signing with the Golden State Warriors,' went viral on the internet on July 4, 2016, and helped him gain media exposure. Several other NBA fans responded to his outbursts on social media, and a portion of the footage was also broadcast on ESPN. He's continued to upload videos for later installments of the 'NBA 2K' and 'Madden' series, as well as videos for other video games like 'FIFA 14: Ultimate Team.' He also posts challenge videos, outdoor films, and reaction videos to NBA games, among other things. He started a second channel, 'LNUPlays,' in November 2015 to publish random games and hilarious challenges, however it has been inactive since November 15, 2015, and he has only released five videos on it.


  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela's christened forename, 'Rolihlahla,' which means 'troublemaker,' ironically fit well with his personality throughout the years as he caused considerable trouble for the South African government through the anti-apartheid campaign and revolutionary tactics. Mandela grew up in a Methodist Christian household, where he inherited his father's "proud rebelliousness" and "sense of fairness." He has been interested in anti-colonial politics since an early age, which led to his joining the ANC. The admission was momentous not just in Mandela's life but in the lives of all South Africans, as it finally led to a country free of prejudice. Mandela was inspired by Gandhi and dedicated to nonviolent resistance, but after a period of time, he switched to armed action. This was largely due to the government's increasing repression and violence, as well as the failure of peaceful anti-apartheid rallies. Mandela was arrested, convicted, and imprisoned countless times over his 67-year political career, the longest of which was a 27-year life sentence. All of the pain was worth it, though, because 1994 marked the end of apartheid and the first multi-racial elections. Mandela was also elected as South Africa's first President (apart from being the first black South African to hold the office). This is perhaps why he has been dubbed "the father of the country," "the founding father of democracy," "the national liberator, the savior," and "Washington and Lincoln wrapped into one."

    Nelson Mandela

  • Summerella

    Summer Boissiere, better known as Summerella, is an American singer and social media celebrity. She became famous with her comic skills on the six-second comedy platform called ˜Vine.' She steadily gained recognition on other platforms such as ˜Instagram' and ˜Twitter' where she has 2 million and 241,000 fans respectively. She has over a large number of likes on her ˜Facebook' page and is also taking ˜YouTube' by storm with her channel ˜Summerella,' which has a subscription base of 447,000. She has utilized these social media platforms not only to entertain her fans with her funny side, but also as a means to portray her talent of singing too! Her singles have made it to the top 20 list on ˜iTunes' and she has also featured on the ˜US Billboard Hot 100 R&B' genre.


  • Kristen Bell

    Kristen Anne Bell is an actress and singer from the United States. She landed placements in advertising and television commercials as a kid. She played Dorothy Gale in the school performance of The Wizard of Oz during her high school years at Shrine Catholic High School. She went to Tisch School of the Arts to study Musical Theater, but she left before graduating to take part in the musical adaptation of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." 'Pootie Tang' was her first credited part. She, like many other ambitious artists, relocated to Los Angeles, California, and was able to land multiple television program appearances while there. Her cinematic debut was in 'Spartan,' which she co-starred in with Val Kilmer. She got the most significant role of her career as Veronica Mars in the series of the same name, earning her many awards, after a two-episode appearance in the HBO drama Deadwood. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, The Receipt, Roman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When in Rome, and Veronica Mars, the movie are some of her notable films. In the video games Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, she provided her voice and likeness to the character Lucy. For her portrayal as Anna in Frozen, she won the Alliance of Women Film Journalists award.

    Kristen Bell

  • Kaylee Quinn

    When we think back on our youth, we recall school, unexpected pranks with friends, lovely summers spent daydreaming, or endlessly goofing off while playing our favorite sport. However, for some exceptionally unique children, childhood is the period when they begin their great professions! Every now and again, such prodigies appear, reminding us of how much may be done in those formative years. Kaylee Quinn is one example of this. Although she is only a child, her dance talents astounded us! This 12-year-old Cancerian is brimming with talent and has already won a slew of honors on her route to stardom. In addition to pursuing her dancing profession, Kaylee is also seeking a career in acting. She is now pursuing her dancing training at Just Plain Dancin'& Co. in Corona, California. Her major dancing style is lyrical, which she excels at! Her dancing videos on YouTube channel IttieBittieDancer, which has over 22K subscribers, might provide lots of inspiration. Her Instagram account has 146K followers, and her photos hint at the impending advent of a future dancing superstar.

    Kaylee Quinn

  • Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams is a well-known TV host, actress, fashion designer, author, and former radio personality. She is best recognized for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show on television called ˜The Wendy Williams Show' since 2008. Prior to entering the television industry, she served as a radio DJ and became popular in New York as a "shock jockette". Despite her popularity, Williams has also earned notoriety for her on-air spats with several celebrities! She is also a successful author. She has written six books along with a New York Times best-selling autobiography. As a fashion designer, she has launched many product lines including a wig line, a fashion line and a jewelry collection. She is a graduate of Northeastern University. Married to Kevin Hunter since 1997, she is the mother of one child. To mark her 50th birthday, the council of Asbury Park renamed the road on which Williams grew up to Wendy Williams Way. In February 2018, she disclosed publically that she is suffering from Graves' disease.

    Wendy Williams

  • Lamar Johnson

    Lamar Johnson is a phenomenally skilled Canadian dancer and performer who has carved out a place in the entertainment business and in the hearts of millions of followers. One of the most intriguing aspects of him is that he is self-taught and has acquired complicated dancing talents without the assistance of a professional! Because of his ability to perform back flips and tumbling with ease, he has earned the moniker "Flipz." Though he began his career as Little Man in the film Honey when he was nine years old, he catapulted to prominence with his role as West in the popular TV drama The Next Step. Lamar Johnson was recognized as a notable prodigy of the dance industry as a result of the super hit dance series that aired on the Family Channel. Since then, Lamar has proven his worth as a prized jewel of a performer by performing on BET's 106 & Park and America's Most Talented Kid Dancers, where he competed against other dancers. He has amassed a devoted fan following made up of people of various ages since he is a complete package when it comes to entertaining. He is humble and grounded, and he feels that in order to thrive in this age of cutthroat competition, he must give his all.

    Lamar Johnson

  • Lil Bibby

    Lil Bibby is a hip-hop rapper from the United States who is best known for his mixtape series "Free Crack." He was born and reared in Chicago, where he faced many challenges. He was traumatized as a child when he witnessed his mother becoming devoured by narcotics. He regained control of his life and embarked on a musical journey with some of his boyhood pals. In 2013, he released his first mixtape, "Free Crack." His musical idol Kanye West's song "Crack Music" inspired the title of the mixtape. Following the success of his debut mixtape, Bibby was featured on the cover of Vibe magazine, where he received universal acclaim. His unique manner of mixing real-life tragedies into his raps resonated with his audience. His fan base grew with the publication of his second mixtape, 'Free Crack 2.' He kept collaborating with well-known rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Anthony Hamilton. In 2015, Bibby released Free Crack 3, a critically lauded mixtape, and revealed that he was working on his debut album, tentatively named Free Crack 4.

    Lil Bibby

  • Matthew Moore

    His work as a director on television shows such as The Great, Diary of an Uber Driver, and Offspring has made him well-known. He has directed approximately 30 television series throughout his career. In addition, he is the director of two short films.

    Matthew Moore

  • Chace Crawford

    actor most recognized for playing Nate Archibald on the CW television series Gossip Girl.

    Chace Crawford