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  • De'arra Taylor

    De'arra Taylor is a YouTuber from the US who is famous for sharing vlogs with her boyfriend <a title='Ken Walker' href='/famous/ken-walker.htm'>Ken Walker</a> on the social platform. The couple runs a main channel titled ˜De'arra & Ken 4 Life' on which they share pranks, hauls, story times, and Q&A videos. They also operate a side channel titled ˜Vlogs By DK4L' that features videos concerning their daily lives on a day-to-day basis. Known for documenting their love and family life via vlogs, Taylor and Walker attempt to project a positive example to their audience and inspire them. The couple has shown that anyone in love can live happily with their partner even without marrying. The American YouTubers have pushed all the social norms aside in order to live the life they have always dreamt of. Talking about their channels' popularity, their main channel has gained over 4.4 million subscribers and about 553 million views till date. Moreover, their side channel has earned more than 1.6 million subscribers and about 128 million views as of March 2018. Taylor, who also has accounts on Instagram and Twitter, has millions of fans there as well.

    De'arra Taylor

  • Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Caroline Beckham, popularly known as ˜Posh Spice', is a former member of the largest English girl band, ˜Spice Girls'. Although her musical career with the ˜Spice Girls' gave a nudge to her successful image but it is her own hard work as an entrepreneur and a fashion designer that has made her 52nd richest woman in Britain, one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK and 19th richest person in the UK along with her famous soccer star husband, David Beckham. She was born and brought up in an upper middle class environment and her aspiration to have a musical career was fulfilled by her parents by encouraging her to study acting, music, dancing and modeling. Beckham is not just a pop artist, a business woman and a fashion designer but also a writer of two bestselling books. She is a successful owner of a denim line, fragrance line, sunglasses collection and posh and expensive line for classy dresses, which stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz were noticed donning.

    Victoria Beckham

  • Julien Solomita

    Julien Solomita is an American YouTube star known for his channel "TheFightingSolo". He posts different kinds of videos on his channel, including vlogs, timelapse videos, short films, music videos, etc. He often puts background music by his friend Brandon Rowan, a.k.a. Birocratic, in his timelapse videos. He is also a musician known for his nightmare songs. Starting with his first single, titled "The Creepy Song", he went on to record a 17-track album, Nightmare Fuel, which released on iTunes on December 09, 2014. Along with two other YouTubers, Joshua David Evans and Arnold Telagaarta, he is a part of the musical group "The Shadows". They released a music video titled "Vlog With Me" on April 22, 2015. In July 2016, he uploaded a parody video titled "Pokémon Uber GO!" which was shot in the style of an Uber ad complete with a catchy slogan, "Uber GO! Catch a ride to catch em all". Around the same time, he made a guest appearance as himself in an episode of the television talk-show Mostly Sports. He has been nominated as "Vlogger of the Year" in the 9th Annual Shorty Awards.

    Julien Solomita

  • Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Ann Garner is an American TV and film actress and film producer. She achieved her share of fame through the famous spy thriller television series by J.J. Abrams - ˜Alias'. She played the role of ˜Sydney Bistrow' in the series and instantly became the darling CIA agent of American television. Her portrayal of the character was so realistic and relatable that she was many times nominated for the Golden Globe award and was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award. With recognition on television, she started making her presence felt in Hollywood with small cameos that she did in movies like, ˜Catch Me If You Can', ˜Pearl Harbor', etc. She got her breakout role in the movie ˜Daredevil', an adaptation of the comic book story, in which she worked along with her future husband, Ben Affleck. From then onwards Garner started getting lead roles in the movies. She has been appreciated for her charming and simple depiction of variety of characters in these movies. Garner is married to actor, director and producer Ben Affleck and has three children with him.

    Jennifer Garner

  • Avi Kaplan

    Avi Kaplan is an American singer and songwriter. He specializes in the genre of music known as a cappella, which involves singing without any musical instruments. His deep voice helped him establish himself as a bass singer. He achieved tremendous success as a bass singer as part of the three-time ˜Grammy Award'-winning American a cappella group ˜Pentatonix.' He quit the group in 2017. He is also an accomplished choir singer. He is a student of classical music and choir music. He believes American folk music is his passion. His latest project, ˜Avriel & the Sequoias,' is both an expression of this passion and a tribute to the ˜Sequoia National Park' near his hometown, which he often cites as one of the deepest inspirations for his music.

    Avi Kaplan

  • Kyla Drew Simmons

    Kyla Drew Simmons is an American film and television actress. She is best recognized for appearing in the recurring role of Mae Valentine on the TV series ˜Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn' since 2014. She is also known for portraying the character of Joy Birch in the Oscar-nominated flick ˜Prisoners'. As of now, Simmons has also guest starred in a number of TV programs, such as ˜How I Met Your Mother', ˜NCIS', ˜Grey's Anatomy', ˜Castle' and ˜Jessie'. She developed an interest in acting at a young age. With her mother's encouragement and support, she decided to pursue acting as a full-time career. Simmons' acting skills have earned her millions of fans. She has become an inspiration for several young people who dream of becoming a celebrity one day. With a huge fan base on Twitter and Instagram, the American artiste is a social media sensational as well. She often uploads her gorgeous pictures and videos on these social platforms. Simmons, who loves her fans dearly, frequently interacts with them through her social networking profiles. On a personal note, the actress resides with her mother and younger brother.

    Kyla Drew Simmons

  • Ryland Lynch

    Ryland Lynch is the youngest member of the Lynch family. The siblings are famous for their rock band ˜R5'.He usually plays the part of a DJ (Disc Jockey) in the shows of R5. He tours with the band and is known as the unofficial manager of the band. He also works in different commercials and television series as a child actor. Ryland has featured in the Kids Bop commercial and video with Sean Kingston. He was also part of the Nickelodeon show, ˜The Fresh Beat Band' (2009), short comedy ˜Google Is Watching You' (2011) and ˜R5: All Day, All Night' (2015)” a movie that follows pop-rock band R5's lives behind the scenes.

    Ryland Lynch

  • iamvassiah

    Instagram personality who has earned 330,000 followers on her iamvassiah account. 


  • Cassie Diamond

    YouTuber known for her self-titled channel, where she makes DIY videos, as well as lifestyle, beauty, and cooking videos. Her channel has amassed over 750,000 subscribers. 

    Cassie Diamond

  • Bobby Trusty

    Curlyhairbobby2, a TikTok content creator, is known for his videos made to the account curlyhairbobby2. More than 850,000 people have seen his vlogs, lip-sync videos, and other forms of videos.

    Bobby Trusty

  • Tami Roman

    Tami Roman is an American TV personality, model, businesswoman and actor. She is best known for her stint in the American reality TV show ˜The Real World.' Tami is a source of inspiration for many people who struggle with poverty and give up on their dreams. Born to a single mother in her teens, Tami was forced to take care of herself when she was a kid, as her mother worked three jobs at a time to make ends meet. There was a time when they did not have a house and slept on the street. Their situation improved when Tami's mother met a man named Ali Akbar. Tami's life changed completely in 1993 when she was selected as one of the contestants on the American reality show ˜The Real World: Los Angeles.' Since then, Tami has appeared in several reality shows and has made a name for herself in the industry. She has also started a business enterprise with her mother. Lately, she has made appearances in reality shows such as ˜Basketball Wives LA,' ˜Extant,' and ˜Celebrity Wife Swap.'

    Tami Roman

  • Ty Ellis

    YouTube gaming phenomenon known as Deadlox or DeadloxMC who primarily posts videos relating to the game Minecraft. He also posts skits, video blogs, and prank videos.

    Ty Ellis

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