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  • Cindy Kimberly

    Cindy Kimberly is a Dutch Instagram star and model. She posts elegant and stylish photos of herself on her social media platforms. She is a model with flair and personality. She has a unique look and fashion sense. Her photographs feature a variety of settings, lighting, and techniques. She models for a variety of brands, and is also interested in makeup techniques. Cindy Kimberly often collaborates with other models on her work. She stays in touch with her fans very regularly, posting warm and friendly messages on social media. She often posts videos of herself lip-synching to popular songs. She has created a social persona that is distinctive.

    Cindy Kimberly

  • Mason Ramsey

    Mason Ramsey is an American singer and social media sensation. He became popular after his ˜The Walmart Yodelling Boy' video went viral. A native of Illinois, he came to his grandparents' house to live with them when he was only three weeks old. He grew up listening to country music. When he was four years old, he sang for Josh Turner. He opened for Gene Watson after he turned five and started taking guitar lessons at six. Since the video of his yodelling of Hank Williams Sr.'s ˜Lovesick Blues' in the aisles of a Walmart store was released, he has become an overnight internet sensation. Memes and remixes have been made of his performance, he has appeared on ˜The Ellen DeGeneres Show', sang at the Grand Ole Opry, and performed at the 2018 Coachella. His grandparents have created accounts on various social media platforms for him to interact with his rapidly increasing fanbase. He has more than 53 thousand followers on Facebook, over 250 thousand followers on Twitter, and 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

    Mason Ramsey

  • Pete Davidson

    Pete Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is best recognized as one of the main cast members on the comedy show ˜Saturday Night Live'. He has also appeared in a number of other TV shows and movies. As a comedian, he has performed stand-up comedy on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Devine's House Party and Comedy Underground with <a title='Dave Attell' href='/famous/dave-attell.htm'>Dave Attell</a>. The American actor is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and supported her during her presidential campaigns. He calls Clinton his hero and has even got a tattoo of her on his leg. Davidson, who has millions of fans from all around the world, is one of the finest young comedians in the American entertainment industry today. He is highly praised for basing his comedy on his personal life experiences and employing aspects from his own life in his routines. While performing, he often refers to issues such as relationships, marijuana, college life, and so on.

    Pete Davidson

  • Vicky Pattison

    Vicky Pattison is one of Britain's most popular reality TV stars. She is also a TV presenter, writer, and fashionista. Her strong and witty one-liners and her no-nonsense attitude helped her become the most popular character in MTV's reality show ˜Geordie Shore,' in which she appeared for a staggering eight series. Victoria Pattison, popularly known as Vicky Pattison, and fondly called Queen V, has always carried big dreams, even when she worked in a call centre in Newcastle. ˜Geordie Shore' gave her the big break, and opened the door to stardom. The outspoken and bold Vicky, who was chosen from among thousands of participants for the controversial show, was an immediate hit. Vicky has also presented many prestigious events like ˜National Television Awards' for MTV, and is a favourite on celebrity panel shows like ˜Celebrity Juice,' ˜This Morning,' and ˜Loose Women.' More recently, Vicky has discovered her love for fitness and for fashion, and has launched her own weight loss program and diet plan called Mini V and a VIP clothing range Honeyz. However, all this success did not come easily to her. Prior to becoming successful, she went through a phase of failures when she found herself struggling to cope with life. Dealing with a toxic relationship and uncontrollable weight gain, she suffered from low self-esteem for a while. However, she was able to turn around her life pretty soon, thanks to her determination. Vicky is very popular online and has 2 million followers on Twitter and 3.5 million on Instagram.

    Vicky Pattison

  • Brooke Elliott

    Brooke Elliott is a noted American actress and singer who earned widespread fame and glory owing to her brilliant portrayal of the character of ˜Jane Bingum' in the television series ˜Drop Dead Diva'. She has made multiple appearances on all segments of the showbiz industry including the silver screen, small-screen, and theater. Brooke's professional career as an actress took off when she debuted on Broadway musical ˜Taboo' which was composed by the renowned singer Boy George and produced by Rosie O'Donnell. She had started as one of the members of the ensemble cast in the musical show but went on to bag the role of Sue”the protagonist. Later on, she was cast in the Broadway musical ˜The Pirate Queen' originally scripted by the Frenchmen duo of Schonberg and Boublil, where she enacted the character of Majella. She was also part of the initial cast of the first nationwide tours of ˜Wicked' and ˜Beauty and the Beast'. Her acting career got a shot in the arm in 2000 when she got her debut break in the silver-screen. She landed a role in the movie ˜What Women Want' produced by the well-known Hollywood actor, <a title='Mel Gibson' href='/famous/mel-gibson.htm'>Mel Gibson</a>. Brooke had to struggle a lot to make a mark in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry in the US. During the initial phase of her career, she worked for a while as a waitress as well as did numerous temporary stints to make ends meet. Brooke has been nominated several times for receiving awards and ended up winning the Gracie Award for ˜Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series' in 2010. She also won an award for ˜Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series' endorsed by Women's Image Network in 2012.

    Brooke Elliott

  • Jazzybum

    Jasmin, popularly known as Jazzybum on YouTube, is a British YouTube star who posts DIYs, hauls, tutorials, testing videos, and storytimes besides routine videos. Judging by the number of views on different categories of her videos, it seems like her DIYs and testing videos are way more popular than the others. Jazzybum is also active on other social media sites and has a good fan following on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and her Vlogging site. She has been quite talkative since her childhood and was an above average student in school. Her curious mind that led her to ask non-stop questions helped her develop a deep love for science and experiments. Her penchant for experimenting is reflected in most of her videos. She is a rising star in the world of YouTube content creators and was nominated for the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in the category of upcoming creators in the UK YouTube community.


  • Missi Pyle

    Missi Pyle is a popular American actress known for her roles in films like ˜Big Fish' and ˜50 First Dates', and television series, such as ˜Mad About You', ˜Friends', ˜Two and a Half Men', ˜My Name Is Earl' and ˜2 Broke Girls.' She loves to sing as well and was once a part of the country-rock band ˜Smith & Pyle.' Versatile and talented, Missi Pyle has a long list of successful films and television series under her kitty. She started her career towards the end of the 1990s and experienced great success in the following decade. She has given outstanding supporting performance in many successful films and television shows. Furthermore, she has ventured into theatre and the web media as well. Pyle's tryst with singing began while she was filming ABC's comedy pilot ˜Travelling in Packs'. During this time, she first met Shawnee Smith. She revealed to Smith her long-cherished dream of being in a rock band. Almost immediately, Smith gave her the opportunity by creating the country-rock band Smith & Pyle in Los Angeles, California. Their debut album ˜It's OK to Be Happy' was recorded under their own record label. Though disbanded today, Smith & Pyle helped realized Pyle's dream of becoming a successful singer.

    Missi Pyle

  • Aurelia Dobre

    Aurelia Dobre is a retired Romanian artistic gymnast who emerged as the 1987 world all-around champion at the 24th ˜World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.' She scored five perfect 10s at the competition. She put up a spectacular performance at the championship where she won the gold medal in balance beam and the bronze medal in both floor exercise and vault. She was also part of the Romanian teams that won silver at the 1988 ˜Summer Olympics' and at the 1989 ˜World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.' Unfortunately, she suffered two major injuries and a growth spurt, which put an end to her promising gymnastics career. Although she was regarded as the youngest all-around champion of the game ever, it was later discovered that the age of Soviet gymnast Olga Bicherova was falsified at the 1981 ˜World Championships,' which meant the latter was the youngest gymnast to win the title. Aurelia is married to Iranian gymnastics coach Boz Mofid, with whom she has four sons. She works as choreographer and a dance coach at her husband's gym, ˜Dobre Gymnastics Academy.' She features in ˜YouTube' videos and has garnered popularity on applications such as ˜musical.ly,' where she makes videos associated with gymnastics.

    Aurelia Dobre

  • Amanda Clapham

    Amanda Clapham is a British actress who is best known for her role as Holly Cunningham in the popular English soap opera ˜Hollyoaks' that has been airing on Channel 4 since 1995; Clapham is the fifth actress to play this role. She made her debut in this show in 2013 after the departure of Wallis Day. Active in the industry since 2013, today Clapham has become one of the most adored actresses in the country. Her good looks, hot figure, and cute smile are definitely some of the reasons behind her success. And we have to mention that she is an extremely talented actress whose expressions are top notch! Coming to her personal lifestyle, she is a simple and fun loving girl who loves to spend time with her family and friends. In such a short period of time, the young lady has managed to build a considerable fan base, both on the social media and otherwise.

    Amanda Clapham

  • Gemma Atkinson

    Gemma Atkinson is an English actress who is best known for her roles in the television series ˜Hollyoaks,' ˜Casualty,' and ˜Emmerdale.' Alongside television, she has also played important roles in stage productions, portraying the female lead in plays such as ˜This Is How It Goes.' She has made a few film appearances as well. Also a former glamour model, she has graced the covers of popular magazines like ˜Nuts,' ˜Zoo Weekly,' ˜FHM' and ˜Maxim.' Known for her voluptuous and curvaceous figure, she came fifth in a Daily Star readers' poll to find the "best breasts in Britain" in 2007. Though she no longer works as a glamour model due to the demands of her acting career, she was hailed as one of the top English glamour models at the peak of her modelling career. She is beautiful, talented, sexy, and super hot! But that's not all about Gemma Atkinson; the ravishing lady also has a heart of gold and is actively involved in a number of philanthropic works.

    Gemma Atkinson

  • Fatboy SSE

    Fatboy SSE is an American rapper, comedian, and social-media celebrity. He is also popularly known as ˜Fats' and ˜Boobie.' Some of his noteworthy tracks are ˜Hate,' ˜Upset,' ˜Drake,' and ˜Yes Julz!' His comedy videos have earned him an impressive fan following, which in turn has helped him in establishing himself as a reputed sketch-comedy artist. All his music videos are available on his self-titled ˜YouTube' channel. One can find Fatboy's comedy videos on his ˜Instagram feed,' which has now earned over 4 million followers. He was once involved in drug peddling and has also gone to jail a number of times.

    Fatboy SSE

  • Paul Scholes

    Paul Scholes is a well-known retired English footballer who played for Manchester United throughout his whole career. He played for the English National Football Team as well. One of the most decorated and successful footballers in history, he is currently a co-owner of Salford City Football Club and a television executive for BT Sport. Born in Salford, in Greater Manchester, he was a proficient cricketer as well as a footballer since his school days. After being spotted by a scout, he first got his opportunity to train with Manchester United at the age of 14. His professional career began in 1993. He played for the team for a total of nineteen years. He has represented the national team as well and took part in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups, as well as the UEFA Euro 2000 and Euro 2004. For his amazing skills, he is regarded as one of the best midfielders of his generation. Although he is asthmatic and suffers from Osgood-Schlatter disease, a knee condition, he managed to become one of the most proficient and popular international footballers, and won a total of 25 trophies in his career.

    Paul Scholes

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