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  • Luca Lombardo

    Lip-sync, dance and comedy video creator on TikTok who has earned more than 1.4 million fans on his lucalombardo account. He is often seen collaborating and doing challenge videos with Mark Anastasio and Maximo Rivano.

    Luca Lombardo

  • Jhene Aiko

    Known by the stage name Jhené, she rose to fame as a singer with the American R&B group B2K and released hit songs such as "The Worst" and "Sail Out." In 2018, she released her first poetry collection titled, 2Fish.

    Jhene Aiko

  • Alexandra Daddario

    Alexandra Anne Daddario, better known as Alexandra Daddario, is an accomplished, upcoming, young American actress, best known for her role as Annabeth Chase in the ˜Percy Jackson' film series and Blake Gains in ˜San Andreas'. Her trademark has been her bold blue eyes and charming smile. She was ranked 80th on Maxim's Hot 100 list in the year 2014. She established her television career in 2002, with her role in ˜All My Children' and got her first major role in films in 2010, with her role in ˜Percy Jacksons & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief'. Thereafter, she has appeared in many major and minor roles in various TV shows and films. She has also appeared in a music video and lent her voice for a few video games. Lately her role in the film version of the popular serial, ˜Baywatch', in her trademark red swimsuit, has made her a household name. She is on her way to becoming a Hollywood star to reckon with.

    Alexandra Daddario

  • Chris Ballinger

    Chris Ballinger is a popular American video blogger and social media celebrity who shares daily videos of his family life. Chris is relatively new to the growing cult of YouTube video bloggers. A social media web personality, he owns the YouTube channel ˜BallingersPresent', which already has over 650K subscribers with more than 128 million views. Through ˜BallingersPresent', Chris shares daily doses of his family life details. In addition to his family minutiae videos, Chris also hosts Magic Mondays videos on the channel. Besides this, Chris has released a DVD series under the titles The Shark and Monarch. One of his most popular videos that went viral soon after release was The Jennifer Lawrence Magic Trick. Chris also broadcasts a segment called ˜Bailey's Bookshelf' on his YouTube Channel, where his 9-year-old daughter makes a regular appearance to discuss children's books. In September 2014, Chris collaborated with JoshuaDTV on the video "Improv Duet Challenge with (now estranged) brother-in-law Joshua Evans."

    Chris Ballinger

  • Tyrel Jackson Williams

    Played the role of Leo Dooley on the Disney TV show Lab Rats alongside <a title='Billy Unger' href='/famous/billy-unger.htm'>Billy Unger</a>. He has appeared on popular sitcoms such as Modern Family and Community and he played the character Mikey in the 2014 TV movie Pants on Fire.

    Tyrel Jackson Williams

  • Blake Griffin

    Blake Austin Griffin is a well-known American professional basketball player who currently plays for Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Born in Oklahoma City, he began playing baseball, basketball, as well as football during his school days. In his college days, he played for Oklahoma Sooners. As a sophomore, he had earned the title of the Consensus National Player of the Year. Due to his outstanding skills on the field, he was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2009 NBA draft. Though he missed the first season due to a serious injury, he performed quite well in the following season. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year. He was also named by Sports Illustrated magazine as one of the 15 Greatest Rookies of all Time. Over the course of his career, he has proven to be a very efficient player. He has been an NBA All-Star five times, and has won other awards as well, such as the NBA All-Rookie First Team and NBA Slam Dunk Champion. As an actor, he made his debut in the 2018 comedy film ˜The Female Brain.'

    Blake Griffin

  • Jordyn Thompson

    Conversational TikTok personality and variety content creator who is known for her sharpie.girl account. She has built a fan base of more than 700,000 followers on the platform.

    Jordyn Thompson

  • Connie Glynn

    Connie Glynn is an English singer and vlogger known for her vocal and cosplay impressions of various animated characters. Formerly known as Noodlerella, she is also a beauty guru who often shares beauty and fashion related content on her channel. She is a voiceover artist and writer as well; she recently voiced a character in the animated movie 'Trolls'. As a social media influencer, Glynn has amassed over a million followers across her social platforms and has received nearly a billion views. She is much admired for her vocal and writing skills as well as for her knowledge of themes related to beauty and fashion. She is a very lovely woman who is not just gorgeous to look at but is also blessed with a charming and pleasant personality. Being the youngest member of her family, Glynn is still pampered by her parents and brother even though she is a young lady now! The love she has for her family is evident in her personal vlogs where she often talks about them.

    Connie Glynn

  • Lauren Graham

    Lauren Helen Graham is an American actress and producer of Irish ancestry. She is an avid reader for whom books play a crucial role in breaking monotony when life gets too dreary. She never forgets to carry a good book before heading to the studio. She is a crossword puzzle freak and does at least one puzzle a day. As a child, she traveled a lot with her father. During her elementary school years she discovered her flair for acting and consequently did a good deal of theatre throughout her Graduation. Soon she had a lot of commercials and sitcoms in her kitty. But her major breakthrough role came in the form of main protagonist Lorelei Gilmore, a single mother of a teenage daughter Rory, in famous television series ˜Gilmore Girls' ; and received several rave reviews for it. After that, she never looked back and kept on climbing the ladder of success. Another big break of her life came in the form of Sarah Braverman's role in a famous American comedy-drama television series, ˜Parenthood.' She won many laurels for it. At present, she lives in Los Angeles, California.

    Lauren Graham

  • Joel Embiid

    7-foot Cameroonian basketball player who was selected third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He was named to his first NBA All-Star Team in 2018. 

    Joel Embiid

  • Domani Harris

    Domani Harris is an American rapper and Instagram star. He is also recognized for being the son of rapper, <a title='T.I.' href='/famous/tip-harris.htm'>T.I.</a>, and reality TV personality, <a title='LaShon Thompson' href='/famous/lashon-thompson.htm'>LaShon Thompson</a>. He is notable for appearing in VH1's reality show <a title='T.I.' href='/famous/tip-harris.htm'>T.I.</a> & Tiny: The Family Hustle'. As a rapper, Harris is following in his father's footsteps and striving hard to make an impact in the rap scenario. The gifted young rapper is quickly gaining fame as a social media sensation with an impressive number of followers on Instagram. Ambitious and determined, he wants to create his own niche in the competitive music world, away from the shadow of his popular father. His goal is to use his voice to inspire, uplift, and entertain his listeners. Domani Harris is a very charming and charismatic guy and has numerous young fans, especially teenage girls, across the world.

    Domani Harris

  • James Madison

    James Madison was the fourth President of the United States, hailed as the "Father of the Constitution" for the pivotal role he played in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Bill of Rights. Born as the son of a wealthy tobacco planter, Madison had a comfortable upbringing and received education in varied subjects such as Latin, Greek, science, geography, mathematics, and philosophy. He also studied law though he had no intentions of working as a lawyer. He developed an early interest in politics and entered the field as a young adult. Madison represented Virginia at the Constitution Convention and actively participated in the debates, calling for a strong central government. He wrote the Virginia Plan in which he expressed his ideas about forming a federal government, and many of his suggestions were incorporated into the constitution. He also led the movement to ratify the constitution. He had found a mentor in Thomas Jefferson who he met during the American Revolutionary War. When Jefferson became the president, Madison served as the Secretary of State under him. Madison himself succeeded Jefferson as the president and served two terms from 1809 to 1817

    James Madison

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