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  • Jeffree Star

    Jeffree Star in all his eccentricities has been taking the glam world by storm, with his music and beauty-centric videos. Donning hot-pink hair and heavily-done eye makeup, Jeffree's electrifying persona is what's been the talk of the town for quite some time now! From working as a beauty guru to now using social media as his stage to showcase everything that he is passionate about, Star needs no validation to prove his worth as an artiste! This pop singer has also been in the spotlight for songs that go in the opposite direction when it comes to clichés and gender-stereotypes. Not just that, Star's self-titled YouTube channel has over 3.7 million subscribers going total bonkers over his unabashed enthusiasm for makeup and fashion. His music videos now stand among the most viewed- with over 10 million views and counting! If there is one thing that you can't miss out on, it is Jeffree Star and his glorious social media fame”go on and soak in his awesomeness!

    Jeffree Star

  • Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley is an American actress and activist. She became popular with her role as a teenager immersed in substance abuse in ˜The Descendants'. Her performance in the film was only the tip of the iceberg as several other performances later displayed her ability to portray demanding roles effortlessly. It has been a remarkable achievement for Shailene to secure a prominent place in the industry so early in her career. Beginning her career with commercials and television soaps, she has earned a solid position in Hollywood. She has won umpteen awards for her acting skills and hopes to win more accolades in future. The twenty five year old actress is a responsible citizen, along with being an environmentalist and activist. Her arrest at the Dakota Access Pipeline site in 2016 on account of trespassing caused a controversy. She received support from fans that affirmed her stance of protecting the environment. Since she takes life as it comes, all her belongings fit in a suitcase, as she claims this way she has less baggage to carry.

    Shailene Woodley

  • Varli Singh

    Successful businesswoman who became the founder and editor-in-chief of Varli Magazine which educates the world on Indian cuisine. Her other ventures include the creation of the Varli Food Festival and VarliWare kitchen equipment. 

    Varli Singh

  • Jackson Passaglia

    Point-of-view style content creator who rose to fame by sharing lip sync and dance performances on his self titled TikTok account. His popularity on the platform has led to him amassing more than 1 million fans.

    Jackson Passaglia

  • Paulo Dybala

    Member of the Argentina national team who began playing striker for Juventus in 2015. He became well known for his excellent dribbling skills and control in limited space.

    Paulo Dybala

  • Zay Hilfiger

    Zay Hilfiger is an American dancer and ˜YouTube' star, best known for co-creating the song ˜Juju on That Beat' that went viral on social media, garnering millions of views. He collaborated with rap performer Zayion McCall from Detroit to create ˜Juju on That Beat,' which was eventually picked up by ˜Atlantic Records' and then made its way to the ˜Billboard Hot 100.' Zay had a passion for dance since early childhood. He started dancing at just 6 years of age. He soon started uploading videos of his dance performances, comedy skits, and raps, on social media. With time, his ˜YouTube' channel, ˜Zay Hilfiger,' started garnering attention, and its popularity reached new heights after he uploaded ˜Juju on That Beat.' The channel now boasts of having an enviable count of views and subscriptions. Some of the other popular videos of the channel that have amassed millions of views include ˜21 Savage “ X' and ˜You Thought'. He has also gained prominence on ˜Twitter' and ˜Instagram.'

    Zay Hilfiger

  • Mithzan

    Mithzan or Max is a famous YouTuber who uploads gaming videos, such as ˜Minecraft', ˜Undertale', ˜Grand Theft Auto V', and ˜Would You Rather' in the channels ˜Funondabayou13max' and ˜MithzanProductions'. Best known for his ˜Ask Death' series, Max is also quite famous for his quest guides and RuneScape Music Videos. His love for video games, especially the RuneScape, which he played right from his grade three, developed in him love towards gaming. Having decided to make his career in the same field, he registered for YouTube at the age of 14 and first started YouTube channel on RuneScape. He uploaded several videos on RuneScape and people love him for his creativity. Besides uploading gaming videos on YouTube, Max is also famous for his Live Action Skits and Animation videos. He later quit the Sky Offices”his first work place where he first started his YouTube channel”in 2016, and joined BluJay Studios as a full time editor to pursue other film making possibilities. He currently operates a YouTube channel dedicated to a Minecraft Machinima series called ˜Definitely Accidental', which is co-produced by his long term friend, House Owner, and fellow video maker, Dartron.


  • Carlos Nunez

    YouTube star known for his wide variety of video content ranging from Q&A's to unboxings to pranks and challenges. 

    Carlos Nunez

  • Roselie Arritola

    Roselie Arritola is an American YouTube star known for her tutorials, vlogs and challenge videos. As a young vlogger, she is popular for developing entertaining and informative content that is primarily meant for kids and teenagers. Despite her young age, she is extremely talented when it comes to developing meaningful content. Her charismatic personality and charming attitude are admired by thousands of her viewers. She is also adored for her confidence and straightforward nature. Besides being a vlogger, Arritola is an impressive makeup artist as well. Her makeup tutorials are fascinating and easy to follow. She also has a good sense of humor that is reflected in her videos. A multitalented girl, she is a great belly dancer too. Her dance-based videos are truly entertaining to watch!

    Roselie Arritola

  • Randy Savage

    Randy Savage was a well-known American professional wrestler, who was better known as Macho Man. He was initially called The Spider and later went by the ring name of Randy Savage, on the recommendation of his trainer, Terry Stephens. His father, who was a professional wrestler, too, started the ˜International Championship Wrestling' (ICW) promotion, based in Lexington, Kentucky, to prepare Randy and his younger brother, Lanny, for a wrestling career. He appeared on ˜Tuesday Night Titans' and made his pay-per-view debut at ˜The Wrestling Classic,' in which he defeated The Dragon and Dynamite Kid, to lose to Junkyard Dog in the finals. Later, he won the ˜WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship' title, by defeating Santana at the ˜Boston Garden.' He chose Miss Elizabeth as his manager and built his in-ring persona as a bully who mistreated Elizabeth. He later married her, but they divorced after eight years. He then married Barbara Lynn Payne. He had the distinction of winning the ˜AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship' twice, the ˜National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Mid-American Heavyweight Championship' thrice, and the ˜World Championship Wrestling (WCW) World Heavyweight Championship' four times. He died in Florida, at the age of 58, due to a sudden heart attack while driving his jeep.

    Randy Savage

  • B.o.B

    Born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., he gained widespread popularity with "Nothin' on You" and "Airplanes," which became a #1 hit on the U.K. Billboards.


  • Sadie Stanley

    American actress cast in the title role of Disney's live action version of the show Kim Possible. 

    Sadie Stanley

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