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  • Jennifer Lawrence

    One of the world's highest paid actresses since 2016, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, is an American actress who is currently ruling Hollywood. She has been nominated four times for the Academy Award, taking the Oscar home in the category of ˜Actress in a Leading Role' for the movie ˜Silver Linings Playbook' at only 22 years, the second youngest to ever receive an Oscar for ˜Best Actress'. Her movies gross over 600 million dollars a year, collectively they have crossed 5 billion dollars. She has outdone some of the mega stars of tinseltown to acquire a net value of over 46 million dollars. Since her school days she has performed at plays and musicals. Her performances evolved with time and was eventually spotted by the television industry in her teens. In a couple of years she advanced from television to the big screen with memorable roles such as ˜Mystique' in ˜X-Men' and ˜Katniss Everdeen' in the ˜Hunger Games'. Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood's most versatile and talented actresses. She is not known to hold back; she is vocal and states her opinion outright. Lawrence is a firm feminist and philanthropist, propagating gender equality, and financially assisting various foundations for the marginalized.

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • Joe Jonas

    Joseph Adam Jonas, popularly known as Joe Jonas, is a well-known singer and actor, who rose to fame as a member of the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers. He is also known for his roles in a few original movies and TV shows on the Disney Channel. Along with his brothers, Paul Kevin Jonas II and Nicholas Nick Jerry Jonas, he formed the Jonas Brothers band in 2005. After gaining some popularity with their music, they became even more famous through some of their appearances on the Disney Channel TV Network. They starred in ˜Camp Rock', a Disney Channel Original Movie in 2008, as well as its sequel ˜Camp Rock 2'. The band, which has released four albums till date, is also known for its philanthropic activities. After having earned an estimated $12 million in 2007, they donated 10% of it to ˜Change for the Children Foundation'. The group has been nominated for 88 awards till date, having won 52 of them. Jonas also released a solo album, which was named ˜Fastlife', in 2011. It was a moderate commercial success. Though initially it stood at number fifteen on the US Billboard 200 in its first week of release, soon it fell off the chart. After the break-up of the Jonas Brothers in the 2010s, Joe formed a new band named DNCE, which released its first single ˜Cake by the Ocean' in 2015.

    Joe Jonas

  • Jaycie Nicole Memmott

    Lip-sync and comedy video creator with a TikTok account called jaycie_nicole. She has garnered more than 1.3 million fans for her channel. 

    Jaycie Nicole Memmott

  • Chief Keef

    Keith Kozart, better known as Chief Keef, is an American rapper, record producer and a mixtape artist. Keef gained fame among the local high school students while he was still a teenager. He was an aggressive guy and always invited troubles with other kids and law. However, the musical talent that he possessed helped him become a hot commodity among the record labels, who signed him while he was still a teenager. Keef first signed a deal with Interscope records and soon after that, made a switch to 1017 Brick Squad. Keef later started his own record label by the name Glory Boyz Entertainment, and the name was later changed to Glo Gang. Keef released his first album in late 2012 titled ˜Finally Rich' and achieved instant success with chart-buster singles such as ˜I don't like' and ˜Love Sosa'. Even though he became successful, he kept messing with the law. Through his Glo Gang label, Keef released his mixtapes and kept making money. His legal troubles have constantly harmed his career and he says that it definitely is taking a toll on his career as a musician. Although Keef wanted ˜Bang 3' to be his second album, he released another one called ˜Nobody' in 2014.

    Chief Keef

  • Nipsey Hussle

    Born Ermias Asghedom, he is an American underground rapper who is best known for the Bullets Ain't Got No Name mixtape series.

    Nipsey Hussle

  • Niyahgotnaps

    Aniya Davis, aka Niyahgotnaps, is an American Instagrammer, Tik Tok star, and social media influencer. She has used social media under multiple usernames, including Niyahgotnaps, Niyahgotcurls, Official.niyahh11 and Curlyhairniyah. She predominantly makes dance-related videos. She also has active accounts on Dubsmash, Triller, and YouTube. Niyahgotnaps started posting on Instagram in April 2014 and has accumulated more than 570 thousand followers on her latest Instagram account. Furthermore, she has over 222 thousand subscribers on YouTube and several thousand followers across multiple accounts on Tik Tok. Her Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok accounts have been hacked several times. Niyahgotnaps often compares herself to Michael Jackson, stating that she is the female version of the late King of Pop.


  • Carlos Pena Jr.

    Carlos Pena Jr. is an American actor and singer who is best known for his performance as ˜Carlos Garcia' in the ˜Nickelodeon' series ˜Big Time Rush.' He hosted the ˜Nickelodeon' game show ˜Webheads.' He was born in Columbia, Missouri. He went to the ˜Sagemont Upper School' and then attended the ˜American Heritage School,' where he played a role in the school's production of ˜Titanic.' He had a passion toward acting from an early age and hence moved to Los Angeles to fulfil his dream. He got his first break at the age of 10 in the popular American medical drama ˜ER.' He started climbing the ladder of success after being cast in ˜Judging Amy' and ˜Summerland.' This helped him bag a main role in ˜Big Time Rush.' He has also done films such as ˜Little Birds,' ˜The Giant King,' and ˜Killing Hasselhoff.' Soon, he began gaining interest in music and dance, too. Ultimately, he participated as a contestant on ˜Dancing with the Stars,' where he ended up at the fourth spot. He is married to Alexa PenaVega, and they own a ˜YouTube' channel titled ˜LexLovesLos.'

    Carlos Pena Jr.

  • Jill Vertes

    Jill Colavita Vertes is an American reality star and actress. Jill became famous when she appeared on the famous reality show ˜Dance Moms' with her daughter, Kendall. While her daughter excelled in dancing, Jill made her name for all the wrong things initially. She often lost her cool and became known for her foot in mouth disease on the show. She was good friends with Melissa, who was of quite the opposite nature as a mother on the same show. As the series progressed, Jill mended her ways and became more acceptable to others. In real life, Jill is quite a different person and a lot of her reactions on the show may be attributed to the heat of the moment and requirement of the producers. However, all is fair in show business. The fans loved to watch her and the production company made all the profit. Jill has always been an extrovert and has been an active member of her college council and cheerleader group during her youth. Besides ˜Dance Moms', she has appeared in a few music videos and has a substantial following on social media to be called a star. More than anything else, Jill is a contemporary mother, with a celebrity child. Her real life story is an inspiration for others to emulate.

    Jill Vertes

  • Ben Affleck

    Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt or more famously known as Ben Affleck is an American movie star, director, script writer and producer. He was born in California and brought up in Massachusetts. He started acting at a very young age by staring in teleseries like ˜The Voyage of the Mimi'. It was in his high school that Affleck met his best friend, co-star and co-writer Matt Damon, with whom he co-wrote the script for the biggest movie of his career ˜Good Will Hunting'. They both received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for its script writing. Affleck has acted in many movies like ˜Pearl Harbor', ˜Armageddon', ˜The Sum of All Fears', ˜Changing Lanes', ˜Smokin' Aces', ˜Gigli', ˜He's Just Not That into You', ˜Extract', ˜Forces of Nature', etc. He made his directorial debut with the movie ˜Gone Baby Gone' and directed and wrote the script for two more movies: ˜The Town' and ˜Argo'. He recently received a Golden Globe and BAFTA for his directional skills for ˜Argo'. He is married to actress Jennifer Garner for 10 years now and has three children with her. He is being considered for the role of Batman for the ˜Batman' series and a lot of public speculation is being going around about it as people are still attached with Christian Bale's performance of it.

    Ben Affleck

  • Tristan Evans

    Tristan Evans is an English vocalist and musician best known as a member of the British pop rock band ˜The Vamps'. He contributes as the drummer and backing vocalist of the band and also acts as its producer, especially with its covers. He began playing the drums as a kid and became part of two school bands. He is winner of the Young Drummer of the Year award. His musical career took a big leap when he chanced upon meeting Brad Simpson and <a title='James McVey' href='/famous/james-mcvey.htm'>James McVey</a> through Facebook and eventually the three met <a title='Connor Ball' href='/famous/connor-ball.htm'>Connor Ball</a> through a mutual friend leading the four to form ˜The Vamps'. Evans rose to fame with the eventual success of the band that has so far spawned several hit and chart busting singles like ˜Can We Dance', ˜Wild Heart', ˜Last Night' and ˜Somebody to You' and the hit album ˜Meet the Vamps' among others.

    Tristan Evans

  • Ashley Nocera

    Ashley Nocera is an American WBFF pro bikini model, athlete, Instagram star, and YouTuber. She has gained fame on social media for her remarkable physique and was listed among the top five in the global WBFF bikini competitor rankings. Nocera was a very active child. When she was four years old, she began swimming and spent the following decade participating in various swimming competitions. At the age of 19, she entered and won her first fitness competition, the 2014 WBFF NYC Championships. Since then, she has taken part in the annual WBFF World Championships multiple times and has been ranked among the top ten competitors every time. By 2016, she had already become an internet celebrity. On Instagram, she presently has around 3 million followers and on Facebook, about 80 thousand followers. She is also active on YouTube. On her main self-titled channel, Nocera has accumulated an impressive number of subscribers and millions of views.

    Ashley Nocera

  • Jess Sanders

    TikTok star whose comedic lip sync's and sketch videos have won her a huge following on her itsjesssanders account. She has over 1.1 million followers on the platform. 

    Jess Sanders

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