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  • WolfieRaps

    Charles Raynor a.k.a WolfieRaps is a fun-loving YouTuber and a talented Rapper. He started his channel, ˜WolfieEnt' on August 2013. His first popular work was the remix of Drake's popular song, ˜Versace'. He became a fulltime YouTuber, maintaining and producing more videos for his channel in 2016 after he graduated from college. Some of the other YouTubers like, David Parody and Team ALBOE are also said to have helped in the making and up-bringing of the channel. With over 4 million likes, Wolfie is one of the most loved YouTubers of this generation. His goals are as he says, It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it's an absolute banger. His parodies and reaction videos are posted on his main channel, ˜Wolfie Raps' while his vlogs can be found in his other channel ˜More Wolfie'.


  • North West

    North West is probably the most celebrated star kid. The first-born child of singer/rapper, <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a> and reality TV star cum socialite, <a title='Kim Kardashian' href='/famous/kim-kardashian.htm'>Kim Kardashian</a>, North created a buzz as soon as she was conceived. Her birth was eagerly awaited by not just her parents and the immediate family, but millions of Kanye and Kim fans from all over the world. North is an adorable toddler who is the current favorite subject of the paparazzi who has their viewfinders trained on her whenever she steps out. Although she doesn't have any social media account of her own, several accounts on Instagram have been dedicated to display North's fashionable clothes and trendy outfits. A kid born with celebrity status, North seems to be able to handle the fame already!

    North West

  • Ice Cube

    Widely regarded as the founding father of the genre of ˜gangsta rap', Ice Cube is one of the top ˜A list' hip hop artists in the music industry. A controversial but versatile and engaging figure in the world of hip hop music, Cube has created a cultural phenomenon. He is one of the iconic stars of 21st century hip hop music, whose hard-hitting gangsta rap songs are believed to be a reflection of the political scenario of his time and often revolved around violent themes. Some of his bestselling albums include, ˜AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted', ˜Kill at Will', ˜Death Certificate', ˜War & Peace Vol. 1', ˜War & Peace Volume 2', ˜Lethal Injection' and ˜I Am the West'. Ice Cube developed the passion for rap songs from his high school days, and he began to write rap songs. He has transitioned from being an up-coming solo artist to one of the bestselling artists, whose albums have topped the music charts. With an estimated net worth of $120 million, Cube is one of the most established and influential artists in the American hip hop scene and he is also one of the most promising actors in Hollywood.

    Ice Cube

  • Garrett Watts

    Garrett Watts is an American YouTuber who is notable for the DIY videos he posts on his self-titled channel. His "Will It Combo?" video series is also much popular. Watts is a fun personality with an epic sense of humor, which is reflected in all of his videos. He also shares life hacks, insane facts, and nerdy things with his audience in order to keep them thoroughly entertained. Openly gay, Watts is a straightforward guy who doesn't bother about what others think of his sexuality. He proudly accepts what he is and expects his fans to do the same. The YouTuber believes that life is full of fun and is deeply fascinating. On a personal note, he has one brother who he is very close to. He is romantic, soft at heart, and down-to-earth. Besides YouTube, he is also famous on Instagram.

    Garrett Watts

  • Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox is an American actress, director, and producer. She is best known for her role in the TV series ˜Friends' and for playing one of the main roles in the ˜Scream' movie franchise. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama and developed an interest in acting as a youngster. She enrolled to study architecture at Mount Vernon College in Washington, DC; however, she eventually left her studies to pursue a fulltime acting career. She made her film debut with a role in ˜Down Twisted'. She started gaining fame after playing one of the important roles in the horror slasher film ˜Scream'. The film was very successful commercially and earned around eleven times its budget. It was also appreciated by the critics. She reprised her role in all the three sequels of the film. Her popularity reached new heights after she played a main role in the popular sitcom ˜Friends'. She received several awards and nominations for her performance. The series, which was a huge success, aired for ten years. Her most recent works include a supporting role in the drama film ˜Mothers and Daughters'. Some of the awards won by her are the TV Guide Award for her performance in ˜Friends' and the Golden Derby Award for her role in the TV series ˜Cougar Town'.

    Courteney Cox

  • Mohamed Salah

    Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian footballer who plays as a forward for the Egyptian national team as well as the Premier League club ˜Liverpool.' Born and brought up in Gharbia, Egypt, he is a gifted footballer since his childhood. He started his career with the youth team of the Egyptian club ˜El Mokawloon.' Soon, his transition happened to the club's senior team in the ˜Egyptian Premier League' in 2010. In 2012, he transferred to the Swiss football club, ˜FC Basel'. He played an important role in Basel's victory in the 2012-13 ˜Swiss Championship' and the 2013 ˜Uhren cup.' In January 2014, he transferred to ˜Chelsea,' becoming the first ever Egyptian player to play with Chelsea. Subsequently, he played for ˜Roma' and ˜Fiorentina' (on loan) before signing a new contract with ˜Liverpool' in 2017. In 2017, he was named the ˜African Footballer of the Year' by BBC and CAF.

    Mohamed Salah

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    A prodigious child, Harris was bitten by the acting bug early in his life. Not the one to prolong his desires, he put his first foot into the professional world of acting right after graduating from school. Spotted by playwright Mark Medoff, he soon found himself a role in the movie, ˜Clara's Heart'. His brilliance at acting and outstanding artistic effort got him roles after role. He became a household name with the ABC's show, ˜Doogie Howser, M.D. It was followed by numerous films and television offers and a busy schedule. He was seen acting in ˜The Next Best Thing', ˜Undercover Brother', and ˜Starship Troopers'. Harris not just ruled television and films, but was a star at the theatre as well with numerous Broadway stage plays and musicals. Over the course of time, he has worn the hat of the director as well and rendered his voice to various animated film. It is due to his exceptional acting skills and talent that he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in September 2011.

    Neil Patrick Harris

  • Mark Williams

    Actor, comedian, and entertainer who broke into the national spotlight via his popular YouTube channel MysticGotJokes. He also has a secondary vlogging channel called The Mystic Vlogs, which has exceeded one million subscribers. 

    Mark Williams

  • Dani Cimorelli

    Danielle was nicknamed Dani by her elder sisters. She is the youngest member of the Cimorelli band that primarily sings cappella with instruments played at intervals. The group is a family band with all the sisters of the family forming the band. Thus, it consists of six members, Dani being the youngest of them all. At the age of seven, she joined the group that gained its way to fame by singing covers. Over the past nine years she has grown in popularity as a social media figure and a singer. This hazel-eyed beauty became exceeding popular on Vine with 119.4K followers. She also has a gigantic 456K followers on Twitter and a handsome 349K fans on Instagram. She is confident and bubbly; her raspy voice is a fresh take to the smooth voices of her sisters. She is killing it on tours and has become one of the more recognized Cimorelli sisters because of her humongous fan following.

    Dani Cimorelli

  • Rose Dix

    YouTube phenomenon with over 750,000 subscribers who collaborates with her wife <a title='Roseanne Spaughton' href='/famous/roseanne-spaughton.htm'>Roseanne Spaughton</a> on her channel RoseEllenDix.

    Rose Dix

  • Bayley

    She is best recognized for her experience in the WWE's NXT developmental wrestling division. She has competed for Hollywood-based outfits such as Shine Wrestling and NWA Championship Wrestling.


  • Nicholas Laws

    YouTube phenomenon known for his channel Nickalaws, which has amassed over 500,000 subscribers. He also collaborated on the channel Lush with his former boyfriend <a title='Matthew Lush' href='/famous/matthew-lush.htm'>Matthew Lush</a>. 

    Nicholas Laws

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