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  • Emma Watson

    Emma Watson is a British actress and model who reprised her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise as the know-it-all, cherubic sidekick. When she decided to read the Harry Potter books, she had no idea that her life would be irrevocably changed. She had a very modest upbringing in her early years and was cast in this part entirely by chance. This doe-eyed beauty was a great student at her high school, excelling in academics (much like her role in the film), and enjoying sports and theatrical plays. Her professors advised she try out for the first part of the best-selling series after she featured in a few of school plays. After a few takes and a few lines, her life changed dramatically, and she became one of the most well-known and bankable Hollywood actresses, with a net worth of over $10 million. She has also acted in 'The Tale of Despereaux' and starred in the film adaptations of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and 'Noah', in addition to her work in the Harry Potter franchise. Aside from acting, she has dabbled in modeling and has begun to raise awareness about a variety of humanitarian concerns. Continue reading if you want to discover more about this bubbly, brilliant personality.

    Emma Watson

  • Blake Manning

    Aspiring model and actor who got started in entertainment as a content creator on TikTok. His lip-sync, dance, comedy and everyday life videos have earned him more than 1 million followers for his account blakethegoatt.

    Blake Manning

  • Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo di Serpentine Piero da Vinci is a polymath, architect, mathematician, composer, sculptor, engineer, inventor, anatomist, and writer who is well-known around the world. Da Vinci is regarded as a true Renaissance man with extensive knowledge in a variety of fields. He is admired today for his artistic contributions that shaped and defined the world of art, as well as his numerous accomplishments in other prominent domains. He contributed to the unraveling of sciences, the development of new art techniques, and was one of the first to dissect a human corpse. Da Vinci was also a gifted musician, and for the fetes, ballets, intermezzi, and sonnets that characterized the Renaissance period, Leonardo was unrivaled. He embodied the Renaissance spirit and was noted for his insatiable curiosity and passionately innovative imagination. Few artists of his era possessed the qualities and zeal he possessed to do what he did. His art is now valuable, and his science is recognized. Only about 15 of his paintings are known to have survived, with the Mona Lisa being the most precious. Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating person.

    Leonardo da Vinci

  • Crawford Collins

    Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube celebrity with a large following. He originally rose to prominence by making humorous Vine videos alongside his brother and fellow online celebrity Christian Collins. On Vine, he gained more than a million subscribers. He joined The Reality House's cast in 2019.

    Crawford Collins

  • Nicolette Gray

    Vlogger with a self-titled YouTube channel who is known for fashion, beauty, and recording her opulent lifestyle. She went on to become well-known in the media as a "bratty" adolescent with a $5,000 monthly allowance. She has appeared on This Morning in the United Kingdom and Dr. Phil in the United States.

    Nicolette Gray

  • Jacquees

    Rodriquez Broadnax, better known by his stage name Jacquees, is an American singer and composer widely regarded as the next big R&B sensation. He trained himself to sing when he was nine years old after seeing television episodes about the Jacksons and the Temptations' music. He went on to compete in a variety of talent competitions during his school years, earning awards year after year. His professional career began modestly, but quickly increased in size. He rose to prominence after collaborating with rapper T.I. on the tune 'Krazy.' He then released a series of mixtapes before releasing his EP '19,' which launched his career. The fact that he was on the Billboard charts motivated him to work harder, and he soon signed a record deal with Cash Money Records. He met his hero Birdman and collaborated on the mixtape 'Lost At Sea' with him. With his help, he hopes to become the most successful R&B artist in history. His debut album, '4275,' is nearing completion. He mentioned in a recent interview that he has auditioned for a few film parts and is getting ready to make his acting debut shortly.


  • Luis Fonsi

    Luis Alfonso Rodrguez L3pez-Cepero, better known by his stage name Luis Fonsi, is a Puerto Rican musician and songwriter who rose to fame thanks to his hit song "Despacito." For the song, he received four Latin Grammy Awards. He'd always loved music and knew he was destined to be a singer since he was a child. He was a member of a neighborhood children's choir as a child. On a scholarship, he went to the Florida State University School of Music to study music. He was able to travel and sing all over the world thanks to the university's choir. He did not complete his studies, though, and finally dropped out to pursue a career in music. His debut album, 'Comenzar' (I Will Begin), was a tremendous hit, launching his career. After a string of studio albums, he shot to worldwide fame in 2017 with the song "Despacito," which topped the charts in more than 50 countries and spent an inordinate amount of time in the US Top 40. It was the most streamed song and the most watched video on YouTube at one point, with five billion views as of May 2018.

    Luis Fonsi

  • Aspyn Ovard

    Aspyn Ovard is an American YouTube star who became famous as a fashion and beauty expert with the videos she uploaded on her YouTube channel, Haute Brilliance. She also uploads videos on another YouTube channel called Aspyn+Parker in which she collaborates with her husband Parker in creating the videos. She creates videos on fashion and beauty including ˜Do-It-Yourself' videos on how to look more beautiful with proper make-up, what dress to wear with what kind of make-up and things like that. She even creates videos on outfits to wear on different days and uploads these videos to her channel. She is also an actress who appeared in various videos such as ˜Awesomeness TV' in 2013, ˜Royal Crush' in 2014 and ˜Accidentally Exercising' in 2015. She has also become popular due to her videos on travel which she had created while visiting places like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and showcased them in her videos.

    Aspyn Ovard

  • Karlie Redd

    Karlie Redd is an actress, recording artist, and hip-hop performer from the United States. The VH1 hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is her most well-known and well-known work. She's also a developing author with a long list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Karlie Redd is well-known for her work as a model and dancer. On Instagram and Twitter, this multi-talented personality has a sizable fan base. Her Instagram account, iamkarlieredd, had over 1 million followers as of April 2017. Her ascension to the top has been steady and gradual. Her talent, beauty, and dedication have made her one of the most well-known television personalities in the United States today.

    Karlie Redd

  • Cooper Barnes

    He is most known to Nickelodeon viewers for playing Captain Man on the popular series Henry Danger, and he has also appeared as a guest character on a number of other shows, including Jessie, Kickin' It, Cold Case, Suburgatory, and Switched at Birth.

    Cooper Barnes

  • Cody Christian

    Mike Montgomery on ABC's Pretty Little Liars and Theo Raeken on MTV's Teen Wolf are two of his most well-known roles. He'd start appearing in The CW's All American in 2018. He's also been on True Blood and Grey's Anatomy, among other shows.

    Cody Christian

  • Maisie Williams

    Maisie Williams is an English actress who is best known for portraying Arya Stark, one of the main characters in HBO's medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones. Maisie got the part, which would be her first acting job as a child, after a successful audition. Maisie is slated to feature in the highly anticipated final season of the program, which is perhaps one of the most watched and followed television shows of all time, after surviving seven seasons in a show that is renowned for murdering off fan favorites. Maisie Williams, whose character Arya is a rough-and-tumble, knife-and-sword battling tomboyish princess, has a worldwide fan base, making her one of the most adored characters in the series. Because her character has a lot of combat sequences, she dances and works out often to stay in shape for her demanding part. Maisie has now participated in a slew of other films and television shows as a result of her fame on 'Game of Thrones.'

    Maisie Williams

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