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  • Lil Poopy

    Luis Rivera Jr., better known by his nickname Lil Poopy, is a celebrity who is in the news for wrong reasons most of the time. It is hard to describe him by simply mentioning that he is a 13 years old rapper. His music videos often create different emotions in different people. In 2012, he was featured in the music video of "Pop That Remix" as part of <a title='French Montana' href='/famous/french-montana.htm'>French Montana</a>'s crew Coke Boys. Even at the age of 9, he can be seen behaving like an adult around grown up women, glorifying guns and drugs. Since then, he has worked as a "Coke Boy" on many videos for <a title='French Montana' href='/famous/french-montana.htm'>French Montana</a>'s Cocaine City Records. Lil Poopy came into spotlight a few times since then. In early 2016, he joined the Lifetime show ˜The Rap Game' in its first season. Even though he failed to win the competition, it was later revealed that he allegedly signed a 4-year record deal with Sony/Epic. Later in 2016, he is supposed to reunite with his The Rap Game co-stars for a 36-state tour. He is also rumored to return in the third season of the show.

    Lil Poopy

  • Zachary Gordon

    Zachary Gordon is a gifted American actor and voice-over artist who has made his mark in the film industry for portraying the character of Greg Heffley in the movie series ˜Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. His professional acting career took off after he successfully auditioned for a television series ˜How I Met Your Mother', in 2006, at the age of eight. He went on to feature in numerous other television shows and programs, most notable amongst them being ˜Because I Said So' and ˜All of Us'. He has won plaudits, nominations, and awards including the ˜Young Artist Award' and ˜Sierra Award' for his roles in films like ˜Georgia Rule', ˜Diary of a Wimpy Kid' and ˜Rodrick Rules'. He has shared screen time with many celebrated and veteran Hollywood actors including the likes of Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicholas Cage. Zachary has also earned fame and recognition as a voice actor and has lent his voice to several characters in a number of animation films. He was the host for a Nintendo mini-series titled ˜Skylander's Boomcast' in 2013. Though, he is still young to the entertainment industry, Zachary Gordon has already carved a niche for himself.

    Zachary Gordon

  • Birdman

    Birdman, born as Bryan Christopher Williams, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and record producer. He is the public face and co-founder of Cash Money Records as well as a member of the hip hop duo, Big Tymers. Till date, Birdman has released four solo studio albums, two mixtapes, one collaborative album, twenty-three music videos and forty-eight singles (including seven promotional singles and twenty-three as a featured artist). The American artist is also reputed for contributing to ˜Young Money Cash Money Billionaires' or YMCMB. The rapper is also an entrepreneur. Very few people know that Birdman owns an oil and gas exploration company. He also runs a merchandise line. On a personal note, the rapper cum entrepreneur is a loving husband and father of two kids. He loves to spend his spare time with his family. Birdman, who is active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, has millions of fans on these social networking sites.


  • Bryce Xavier

    Bryce Xavier is a social media personality, best known for his amazing lip-sync, dance and dubsmash videos. He posts these videos on his musical.ly account which goes by the name, ˜officialbrycexavier.' The account has already amassed more than 1.4 million fans. Bryce has also emerged as a talented actor, model and singer. He has starred in the feature film ˜A Second Chance Christmas' and has also worked in a couple of shows aired on Cartoon Network, a famous TV channel. Bryce has established himself as a model by joining hands with some renowned clothing brands. Also a supremely talented instrumentalist, Bryce has played violin for the Disney Orchestra.

    Bryce Xavier

  • Megan Thee Stallion

    American hip-hop recording artist who is recognized for the singles "No Heart Remake," "Cypher Verse," and "Poppin." She built a fan base by releasing her tracks on the music sharing platform SoundCloud. 

    Megan Thee Stallion

  • Jared Jones

    Popular creator on TikTok with a username of thejaredjones_. He has accrued more than 1,1M followers primarily thanks to his original POV content. 

    Jared Jones

  • Nicolas Bechtel

    Soap opera and television actor who is best known for his role as Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital. He started playing Lewie Diaz on the Disney Channel original series Stuck in the Middle in 2015. 

    Nicolas Bechtel

  • Haley Tju

    Haley Tju is your quintessential cute girl-next-door. Much like most of the characters she's portrayed in the course of her eight-year career, she has an undeniable aura of likeability and personal charm about her. This is not just because she is a pretty face, but a natural performer full of flair and vivaciousness. The 15-year -old Asian-American teen star started her career when she was just seven, in the hit Miley Cyrus starrer, 'Hannah Montana.' Since then, she has gone on to star in various TV shows and movies, and has established herself as a popular actress, voice artist and singer. Let's take a lookback at the phenomenal rise of yet another adorable Disney belle, Haley Tju.

    Haley Tju

  • Iris Ferrari

    Iris Ferrari is an Italian YouTuber and TikTok star. She is widely popular among the youngsters, thanks to her prominent presence on various social media platforms. She has been consistently ranked in the top 5 among the Italian users of TikTok. She has also started a self-titled YouTube channel and has amassed an impressive number of subscribersIris has garnered over a million followers on her Instagram account, a decent number of subscribers on Twitter, and an equally remarkable number of followers on Facebook. The daughter of a renowned Italian journalist and writer, Iris is also a writer herself and has already published her first book, an autobiography, which has become a hit.

    Iris Ferrari

  • Chance Morris

    Chance Morris is a popular YouTuber and online video streamer. He owns a YouTube channel named ˜Sodapoppin' where he posts a variety of videos including gaming, prank, challenge, and comedy videos. The channel has over 600,000 subscribers. Chance is also popular on other social media platforms like Twitch where he has more than a million followers. Though he started off by posting videos pertaining to certain games, he later began posting commentary videos on all kinds of Xbox games. Despite having such a huge fan base on Twitch, Chance has been banned from posting videos on Twitch on several occasions as he was involved in some illegal activities. He is also said to have posted obscene content on the live streaming video platform.

    Chance Morris

  • Todd Jones

    Comedy skit creator and vlogger on YouTube whose most popular videos include "Tryna Rob Me?" and "How To Join a Gang." He publishes video game content to his JonesGotGame side channel.

    Todd Jones

  • Galileo Galilei

    Often remembered as the Father of Modern Astronomy, Galileo Galilei was one of the most celebrated and illustrious astronomers, mathematicians and physicists in the history of mankind. He played a major role and was instrumental in establishing the scientific revolution. Galileo is credited for developing much of the modern concepts, which have proved to be the foundation on which research is conducted in the present times. Throughout his life, Galileo greatly contributed to astronomical observatory. He bettered the telescope, which assisted him in his discoveries. He also dismissed the Aristotelian view which was dominant in that era and supported Copernicanism. His contribution in the field of astronomy includes the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Furthermore, he invented an improved military compass and other instruments in the field of applied science and technology. It was his prophesizing the heliocentric view and supporting Copernicanism that irked the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in his lifelong conflict with the same. Nevertheless, with the dawn of the 20th century, the Church lifted the ban imposed on Galileo's books and acclaimed him as the Father of Modern Sciences.

    Galileo Galilei

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