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  • Sierra Haschak

    Sierra Haschak is a young and talented American dancer, who is known for appearing in <a title='MattyBRaps' href='/famous/matthew-morris.htm'>MattyBRaps</a>' cover video of <a title='Kanye West' href='/famous/kanye-west.htm'>Kanye West</a>'s ˜Clique' alongside her three sisters, Madison, Gracie and Olivia. Along with her sisters, she owns a joint channel ˜Haschak Sisters' on YouTube. On this channel, the girls upload their music videos, cover videos, vlogs and other content. Sierra, who has been passionate about dancing since her childhood, has also trained as a dancer at the Temecula Dance Company in forms such as tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop. Besides being a dancer, the dancing superstar is also a singer and has sung several songs in videos such as ˜Girls Rule the World', ˜Daddy Says No' and ˜Gold Digger', to name a few. Although Sierra Haschak is too young to start a full-fledged career, she is extremely talented and is sure to rule the dance and music world in the coming future. Coming to her popularity, she has an incredible number of fans on the social media. As of now, the teenage American singer and dancer holds 205k followers on her personal Instagram account along with 2.8 million subscribers on the sisters' collective YouTube channel. She was also on Dance Moms with her mother.

    Sierra Haschak

  • Moriah Elizabeth

    Moriah Elizabeth is an American YouTuber renowned for her self-titled channel, which features squishy toy videos and DIY craft vlogs. Elizabeth is incredibly creative when it comes to arts and crafts and is passionate about everything related to soft toys. In every manner, her DIY material is engaging, original, and educational. Her videos range from squishy toy collections and unboxing videos to unique craft ideas, and they're all worth seeing! Elizabeth is of mixed ancestry, having been born to a Peruvian/Italian father and a Caucasian mother. She is devoted to her family and is close to her parents, brother, and spouse. She started her YouTube career at an early age and has worked hard to build a great social media presence. Her warm demeanor and charming personality make her a popular YouTuber. (Moriah's biggest admirer, Lily Johnson, asks you to subscribe to her channel because she deserves it.)

    Moriah Elizabeth

  • Torrence Hatch

    Torrence Hatch, popularly known as Boosie Badazz, is a renowned American rapper. From starting his life on the rough streets of Baton Rouge to enjoying fame as a well-known rapper, Boosie has seen it all. Despite all the ups and downs in his early life, he was determined to make it big because he had the hidden talent of rapping in him. He started gaining fame with his 2009 album ˜Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz '. He then proceeded to release a number of albums, and also contributed to several mixtapes and compilations. The trendsetting rapper has collaborated with many southern hip-hop celebs like Three Six Mafia, Yung Joc, Webbie and Bun B. Now he has stepped into other departments of the entertainment industry as well”he has signed some acting assignments, and has also started his clothing line. As his popularity started rising, Boosie got entangled in some legal issues and was sentenced to eight years in prison. However, one of his albums was released when he was serving his term. And soon after his release, he expressed his wish to move on with his hip-hop career. He wasted no time, and started working on his forthcoming album.

    Torrence Hatch

  • Chip Gaines

    Chip Gaines is an American entrepreneur, reality television personality, and social media celebrity best known for being the face of the TV show "Fixer Upper." Chip Gaines delved into entrepreneurship after completing his studies at the prestigious Baylor University and became the creator of numerous successful firms. He then married Joanna, and the two went on to start the Magnolia Homes company. Chip Gaines hasn't looked back since that fateful day. He has overseen the refurbishment of a number of properties throughout Texas. One of the reasons for the couple's success is that they go above and beyond to ensure that their clientele are delighted. They reportedly take their clients through each stage of construction and maintain openness throughout the renovation process. He and his wife were soon cast in an intriguing television series called 'Fixer Upper,' which received widespread recognition.

    Chip Gaines

  • Sean Cavaliere

    Sean Cavaliere is an American singer, actor, and model. He was formerly a member of the now disbanded musical group ˜New District.' Hailing from Florida, Cavaliere began singing even before he could talk properly and grew up emulating Justin Bieber. He even copied the Canadian sensation's singing, dancing, and fashion style. It eventually worked out for him as he was recruited for a modelling agency soon after. Cavaliere posed for catalogues and acted in television commercials. During one of these advertising campaigns, he met actress Annette Figueroa, who took a liking to him and introduced him to her husband, record producer and mix engineer Lu Diaz. Subsequently, Cavaliere released his debut single, ˜Best Time of Our Lives'. In 2015, he was selected to join the international band New District. They put out their debut single, ˜Closer', in April 2016. They soon became quite popular and even won the Bravo Otto for Super-Band in 2016 alongside Twenty One Pilots and Fifth Harmony. However, they disbanded in December 2017. Cavaliere has been since working on a solo career and unsuccessfully auditioned for the first season of ˜The Four: Battle for Stardom'.

    Sean Cavaliere

  • BabySantana

    Rapper and recording artist who became known after his music went viral on his babysantana YouTube account. He uses the account to post music and music videos, many of which feature collaborations with other hip-hop artists. He has attracted 170,000 subscribers to his channel. 


  • Travis Barker

    Not everyone with the drum sticks in the hands can boast of playing the instrument like Travis Barker! Recognized as ˜Punk's first superstar drummer' by Rolling Stone magazine, he is the immaculate drumming star of the era, who reaffirmed the status of the music of the drums. A prodigious child, Barker's association with the drums has been since he was four-years-old. As time passed, he only mastered the art and polished his skills to become at par with the world's best drummers. Barker's first outing as a drummer was for Feeble, a school band. The split of Feeble led him to explore more options. Eventually he found a place with The Aquabats. His career took a major turn when a chance inclusion as filler for Rayne in the band, Blink-182 proved to be the momentous occasion as he was soon roped in by the band. Record after record, the band gained much popularity as their songs became hit chartbusters. Apart from his association with the band, Barker has been a frequent performer and collaborator with hip-hop artists, the alternative rock band ˜+44', the rap rock group ˜The Transplants', and the alternative rock band ˜Box Car Racer'. In 2011, he even came out with a solo venture titled, ˜Give the Drummer Some'. In addition to the drumming he also owns a clothing company and a records label.

    Travis Barker

  • Yanet Garcia

    Yanet Garcia, is a popular Mexican TV presenter, model, social media influencer, businesswoman, and actress. Garcia worked as a professional model since she was 15, but she became popular as a weather reporter on Las Noticias for Televisa Monterrey. These weather forecasts soon had their own YouTube channel. After being dubbed the ˜sexiest weathergirl' on Reddit, Garcia's social media accounts turned popular overnight and she became among the most followed personalities in Mexico. She also runs her own YouTube channel where she posts vlogs about her life and exercise routines. Apart from this, she runs a modeling academy called ˜Yanet Garcia Models' and recently released a bathing suit collection. She has amassed over 7 million followers on Instagram and has 500k subscribers on YouTube. In 2017, she was seen in the movie ˜Sharknado 5: Global Swarming'. She currently divides her time between New York and Mexico to focus on her career. She is represented by Ink Entourage and Pepe Rincon.

    Yanet Garcia

  • Amy Ordman

    Amy Ordman is an Australian YouTuber notable for the variety of vlogs that she publishes on her self-titled channel. Many of her videos revolve around the themes of sexuality and relationships. She often posts videos on veganism as well. She has collaborated with numerous notable YouTubers including <a title='Alexis G Zall' href='/famous/alexis-zall.htm'>Alexis G Zall</a>, <a title='Jack Dodge' href='/famous/jack-dodge.htm'>Jack Dodge</a> and <a title='Tyde Levi' href='/famous/tyde-levi.htm'>Tyde Levi</a> to create interesting and informative vlogs for her audience. She is extremely talented at vlogging and creating unique and enjoyable content. She is good at telling stories as well. Ordman is frank and straightforward. According to a few sources, she is a lesbian. A firm believer in true love, the Australian beauty is incredibly romantic. She believes in maintaining a positive outlook in life and encourages her viewers to be optimistic and hopeful even in difficult situations.

    Amy Ordman

  • Brendan North

    Brendan North is an American photographer and filmmaker specializing in portrait, fashion and lifestyle photography. He posts his work on YouTube and Instagram and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans on these social platforms. Today, North is counted amongst the most popular upcoming photographers in the world. Many big companies and brands approach him for photo shoots. He is a versatile artiste and has also done the cover art for Logan Paul's single "Help Me Help You." He is someone who can easily capture people's innermost feelings through his lens. The American photographer creates classy images which capture attention in an instant. His black and white images are breathtaking as well. With his impeccable photography skills coupled with his determination and hard work, the artiste is undoubtedly destined for greatness! On a personal note, North is a very friendly and handsome man. He enjoys travelling and believes in living life to the fullest. He likes to spend his free time with family and friends.

    Brendan North

  • Zeth

    Wholesome TikTok content creator and personality who is recognized for sharing a variety of videos featuring his young daughter. His popularity on the platform led to him amassing more than 4.7 million followers on his zeth TikTok account. He has earned over 900,000 followers on his zeth Instagram account. 


  • Charles, Prince of Wales

    The heir presumptive to the British monarchy is Prince Charles, the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. His mother is the Queen of 16 of the Commonwealth of Nations' 53 member nations, as well as the Commonwealth's Head of Government and the Church of England's Supreme Governor. After his grandfather King George VI died and Elizabeth ascended the throne, Charles became the heir apparent in 1952. Charles became the heir presumptive to the British throne and was given the title of Duke of Cornwall as Queen Elizabeth's oldest son. In 1958, he was made Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, making him the first Prince of Wales since 1936. Charles excelled in academics as a student at Trinity College, part of the University of Cambridge, where he studied archaeology, anthropology, and history. He was regarded to be a bright young guy who participated in a variety of activities in addition to his academics. Following graduation, he began a military career, serving as a helicopter pilot and even commanding a ship during his time in the army. His personal life has been scrutinized frequently because he is a public figure. His tumultuous marriage to Diana, as well as his extramarital romances, have frequently made headlines.

    Charles, Prince of Wales