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  • Rowan Blanchard

    Rowan Blanchard is an American actress who has earned fame through the ˜Disney Channel', especially due to the character she portrayed in the series ˜Girl Meets World', which was aired on this channel. Writing her off as the average bubbly girl, who is fashion-obsessed and loves partying would perhaps be a mistake you don't want to make. Call her bold, fearless or feisty, her opinions on various social topics have been quite valid. Having more than 4 million followers on her ˜Instagram' account, speaks volumes about this teen actress' popularity on social media platforms. While many girls her age are using their social media accounts to brag about their success stories, Blanchard's purpose of being on social media is quite the opposite. The actress speaks with confidence, valor and ease about everything like Planned Parenthood, intersectional feminism, fashion, gender equality, teen mental health, and sexism through her social media accounts. Rowan has also spoken at the UN Women and US Committee's National Conference that was a part of ˜#TeamHeForShe'- a campaign supporting feminism.

    Rowan Blanchard

  • Jelle Van Vucht

    Jelle Van Vucht rose to fame through posting gaming videos on his JellyYT YouTube channel, which are often hilarious. With the support of his second channel, GTA5Videos, he also promotes content creators who are seeking to break into the game industry. He also has his own clothing brand, for which he has made a reputation by selling a variety of goods to his admirers. While creating films, he met Kodi Brown and Kwebbelkop, with whom he became good friends. His YouTube channels have over 5.8 million subscribers. He is a part of the Robust group, which plays games like Scrap Mechanic, Gmod, and GTA and uploads videos on different gaming topics to their own YouTube accounts. On Twitter, he has over 78K followers, and on Instagram, he has over 266K followers.

    Jelle Van Vucht

  • Usher

    R&B singer and performer who rose to prominence with the release of his six-time Platinum-selling album My Way. Confessions, his 2004 album, became the best-selling R&B record of all time.


  • Talisa Tossell

    Talisa Tossell is a YouTuber from England who runs a self-titled channel on which she uploads her slime based videos, recipes, hacks, how-to's, reviews, and more. She also has a side channel called ' Talisa Tossell Vlogs ' on which she uploads vlogs related to her day-to-day life. Till date, Tossell's slime-based channel has earned over 851k subscribers and about 187 million views. Her vlog channel has earned more than 21k subscribers and about 138k views as of April 2018. Besides YouTube, the British social media personality is popular on Instagram as well, with over 303k followers. In addition, she also has a decent fan following on Twitter. On a personal note, Tossell is really a cool and sassy woman. She enjoys engaging herself in creative activities and likes to film her projects. The YouTuber loves spending her leisure time with her parents and sister.

    Talisa Tossell

  • Ryder Tully

    Performer of pop music best known for the songs "Good Feelings" and "Number one." On his rydertullymusic Instagram account, where he promotes his art, he has more than 70,000 followers.

    Ryder Tully

  • George Floyd Jr.

    Black American man who tragically died from asphyxia after a Minneapolis police officer named Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for about eight minutes. Floyd's death spurred an onset of protests against unfair treatment of black people throughout the world, primarily in the United States, as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    George Floyd Jr.

  • SimplyShyla

    SimplyShyla is an American social-media personality. She is best known for her collaborative 'YouTube' channel, 'THIS IS L&S.' Shyla manages the channel along with her boyfriend, <a title='Landon McBroom' href='/famous/landon-mcbroom.htm'>Landon McBroom</a>, younger brother of basketball player Austin McBroom. Shyla began her career as an 'Instagram' star and later turned toward 'YouTube.' Apart from the collaborative channel, she owns an individual channel, too. However, she does not actively post on the channel anymore. Shyla and Landon have earned millions of subscribers through their vlogs that are largely related to their relationship. They also create prank clips and challenge videos to entertain their fans. Shyla and Landon also own their signature merchandize line.


  • Christi Lynn Fritz

    Dance, lip sync, and family content creator who is known for sharing performances on her christifritz account. She also responds to fan comments, and has more than 750,000 followers on the platform.

    Christi Lynn Fritz

  • Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren's name has become synonymous with elegance in the world of fashion. Polo Ralph Lauren, his well-known brand, is now a $10 billion business that continues to establish a position in the market for casual and semi-formal menswear and womenswear. Aside from apparel and accessories, this stylish entrepreneur and fashion designer is known for his rare automotive collection, some of which have been shown in museums. He was recognized as one of the best-dressed teens as a child, spending all of his pocket money on expensive clothes. He went on to create Polo Fashions, his first enterprise with a loan. He went on to make a niche for himself in the industry, but despite his success, he faced stiff competition from major fashion brands such as Armani. With his aspirational nature, he seized control of the burgeoning fashion industry by diversifying into women's apparel, furnishings, bedding, and towels. He quickly turned his business into a public corporation, and the fashion house's reputation has only grown since then. He launched the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention and the Pink Pony Fund, in addition to his thriving company.

    Ralph Lauren

  • Kaitlynn Rhenea

    TikTok video creator found on the app under the username of krgxoxo. She has used the app to post a variety of videos, including lip-sync, comedy, POV and even an ASMR attempt. She has earned more than 1.2 million followers.

    Kaitlynn Rhenea

  • Andrew Gregory

    Andrew Gregory is a Canadian social media star, who became famous for his relationship with the popular musial.ly star <a title='Kristen Hancher' href='/famous/kristen-hancher.htm'>Kristen Hancher</a>. Andrew and Kristen have appeared in numerous musical.ly videos. They have posted a variety of videos, including lip-sync and dance-related video clips. They have also appeared in many Instagram videos. But the video, which was live-streamed accidentally on Instagram, made them famous as well as left them red-faced. The ˜unintentionally' live-streamed video turned out to be their sex tape, which in turn increased their popularity. After the incident, Andrew managed to gather a huge fan following across various social media platforms. His Instagram page hosts many of his pictures, clicked along with his girlfriend. Thanks to those adorable pictures, he has over 250,000 followers on Instagram.

    Andrew Gregory

  • Lil XXEL

    Rapper and social media figure who came to prominence by sharing short video clips of his work with his fans. On his self-titled Instagram account, he now has more than 130,000 followers.

    Lil XXEL