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  • Ray Diaz

    Ray Diaz is an actor who began his career as a model in New York. As luck would have it, his first modeling audition happened to be for a National Macy's commercial! Soon, a rewarding career blossomed with Diaz being represented by a prestigious modeling agency, Wilhelmina, in New York City that led to him being the face of many popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Cosmopolitan, and Reebok. Ray Diaz soon shifted to Los Angeles to take up acting as well. He is best known for his role of Nicholas Reyes in the series, ˜East Los High,' which is a reality and drama TV series. It was aired on the Hulu channel. Few people find it easy to become a star and Diaz is no exception. He reached where he is now only because of his sheer hard work and perseverance and still has newer heights to reach. He had to face a lot of struggles while growing up, which only increased his determination to realize all his dreams. His draws motivation from his teacher, Chris Holder, who used to say, Less is more but only when you create the more to show less of. That is sound advice indeed!

    Ray Diaz

  • Devenity Perkins

    Being a star was never as easy as it is now with the existence of internet. With the internet, teenagers and youngsters have found a medium to share laughs with their ideas of humor, get popular and also earn money. Joining the list of such virtual world celebrities is Devenity Perkins, a musical.ly star, who has more than a million followers on the musical.ly account ˜PerkinsSisters.' It is not just her fans, but also family members who are impressed by her hilarious videos and help her in making them. Devenity shares her musical.ly account with her elder sister, Daniella. The teenager has also earned over 100,000 followers on her personal musical.ly account, ˜littlest_rebel'. When Devenity is not occupied with making videos she goes on adventure trips along with her sister. The social media enthusiast is a very jovial and perky girl who likes to create fun with various situations.

    Devenity Perkins

  • Corey Fogelmanis

    Corey Fogelmanis is a popular American actor. He is best known for his role as 'Farkle Minkus' which he is currently portraying on Disney Channel's hit TV series ˜Girl Meets World,' as well as for playing ˜Young Louis' on the TV show ˜Partners'. Born and raised in California, Fogelmanis started his stage career as a child. Still in his teens, he has already performed in eighteen productions around the U.S. Besides theatre and TV shows, the talented young actor has appeared in a few movies too. The teen star is passionate not only about acting, but also about photography, gymnastics, singing, and dancing. Coming to his online popularity, Fogelmanis has successfully managed to create a substantial fan base in spite of being a relative newbie in the field of acting. As of June 2017, he has got 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 271k followers on Twitter. The teenager is extremely popular on Facebook as well; he has got about 501k likes on his official page on Facebook.

    Corey Fogelmanis

  • Sebastian Stan

    Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American film and television actor. He started performing at an early age, starring in school productions of ˜West Side Story', ˜Over Here!', ˜Harvey', ˜Cyrano de Bergerac', and ˜Little Shop of Horrors'. He spent a year in England studying acting at ˜Shakespeare Globe Theatre' in London. His first role on television came about in 2003, when he played Justin Capshaw in the ˜Law & Order' episode, ˜Sheltered'. He debuted on Broadway with ˜Talk Radio' in 2007 with Liev Schreiber, Stephanie March, and Peter Hermann as his co-stars. From 2007 to 2010 he portrayed the recurring character Carter Baizen on the ˜CW' teen drama ˜Gossip Girl'. In season one and two of ABC's ˜Once Upon a Time', he played Jefferson/Mad Hatter. In 2010, he signed a nine-picture contract with Marvel to portray James Buchanan Bucky Barnes. ˜Captain America: The first Avenger', his first outing as the character, was released in July 2011. He was cast as T. J. Hammond in the 2012 miniseries ˜Political Animals'. In 2013, he received a ˜Critics Choice Television Awards' nomination for the role.

    Sebastian Stan

  • Reece Bibby

    Reece Bibby is an English singer and musician currently affiliated with the pop-rock band New Hope Club. He was previously a member of the group Stereo Kicks. A native of Lancashire, he drew inspiration from his father who is a musician himself. Reece taught himself how to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos. In 2014, in the eleventh season of ˜The X Factor', he initially auditioned as a soloist but was rejected. The judges put him and seven others in a group feeling that the boys were better suited to work as a group rather than as solo singers. The group Stereo Kicks found success in the early stages of the competition but was eventually eliminated. They released their debut single ˜Love Me So' in June 2015 before they disbanded due to the failure of landing a record deal. Reece subsequently joined New Hope Club in October 2015. They released their debut extended play ˜Welcome to the Club' in May 2017. Considered to be one of the most promising new bands, New Hope Club has served as a supporting act on the tours of several artists and groups, including The Vamps.

    Reece Bibby

  • Jordan Sweeto

    Jordan Sweeto is a Canadian-Australian YouTube personality who is best known for his channel DanSweeto, which has earned over 876k subscribers. A singer, video maker, animator, gamer, and actor, Sweeto has also contributed to the channels Our World Away and My Digital Escape. He also has two side channels for gaming and animation. As a singer and musician, he performs covers of songs by famous artistes and also develops his own music. In this capacity, Sweeto has worked in a band called Dan Sweeto as well as participated in his high school's Battle of the Bands. Currently, he is enjoying moderate stardom on social media. Besides YouTube, the Canadian-Australian artist is also popular on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and has hundreds of thousands of fans/followers on these social platforms. Despite his rising fame, Sweeto is a very good-hearted, down to earth, and charming guy. He is also admired by his audience for his beautiful long hair and friendly personality.

    Jordan Sweeto

  • Kayce Brewer

    Kayce Brewer is an American musical.ly / Tik Tok star, YouTube star, aspiring singer, and social media influencer. She first became famous for the content she posted on YouNow, which included covers of songs by artists like <a title='Tori Kelly' href='/famous/tori-kelly.htm'>Tori Kelly</a> and <a title='Ariana Grande' href='/famous/ariana-grande.htm'>Ariana Grande</a>. In the ensuing years, she garnered fame for her Tik Tok page. A crowned user, she has accumulated over two million followers and more than 100 million hearts on her page. She also has a YouTube channel on which she used to post her covers; she later turned it into a vlogging channel for herself and her boyfriend Gabriel Mathis. Over the years, Brewer and Mathis have worked with various other social media influencers, including Jazmine Lucero and Nick Pallauf. Brewer is set to release her first single, titled ˜Back to You', sometime in late 2018.

    Kayce Brewer

  • Amber Scholl

    Amber Scholl is an American YouTuber and social media personality who suddenly rose to fame after posting a budget DIY marble floor video on her YouTube channel in mid-2016. After gaining 300k subscribers within a period of three months, she was interviewed by the 'Beauty and the Vlog' podcast in December 2016. Most recently, she has been in the news for posting DIY videos on making a prom dress out of trash bags and a wedding dress out of toilet paper. A broadcasting student, she always wanted to be a newscaster and during her student years, was an intern at Clevver Media, an Entertainment Correspondent for Blanco Bleu Productions and Maximo TV, a Social Media Manager at oceanup.com, and a Celebrity Host at WMTV. She had originally joined YouTube in October 2011 to share her red carpet interviews for various networks like 'MSN Celebrity', 'American Gentleman Magazine', 'Dailymail Online', and 'WorldMonitor.TV', holding the mic to renowned celebrities such as Kendall Schmidt, Kris Jenner, Chris Harrison, Ciara Bravo, Max Schneider and Emblem3. She has also been an SAG-AFTRA registered actress since October 2014. She currently has 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 581k followers on Instagram.

    Amber Scholl

  • Zachary Todd

    Family friendly YouTuber with a channel titled Zachary who publishes videos featuring the video games Minecraft and Roblox. He has earned more than 750,000 subscribers.

    Zachary Todd

  • Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and is considered America's first female superstar. She shook up men's monopoly in the shooting field by winning a bet against famous marksman Frank E. Butler, whom she later married. She eventually started performing on 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West' show and toured various countries in Europe. She distinguished herself from the other performers by her self-made modest costumes, but she proved herself no less a performer, showing off skills like shooting through flying cards or shooting off corks from bottles. She even entertained members of the royalty, such as Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, King Umberto I of Italy, French President Marie François Sadi Carnot and German Kaiser Wilhelm II. A number of plays, movies and television series were made based on her life, the most famous being the stage and film versions of 'Annie Get Your Gun'. She taught many women how to use a gun. Even after becoming one of the biggest stars in her field, she remembered her early days of poverty and helped orphans by donating to various charities.

    Annie Oakley

  • Vale Genta

    Vale Genta is an American actor, social-media influencer, and an upcoming model. She began her career as a "Viner" and later turned toward vlogging. She now posts entertaining content on her collaborative 'YouTube' channel, which she manages along with her brother, Sebastian Genta. Vale is also known for her collaborative work with Lele Pons, a popular "Viner" and one of her closest friends. As an actor, Vale is known for her roles in series such as 'Royal Crush' and 'Guilty Party.' She appeared as one of the models in the 'Blink-182' video ˜She's Out of Her Mind.' Vale has also been compared to popular model and actor Emily Ratajkowski.

    Vale Genta

  • Lennon Stella

    Singer and actress known for her role as Maddie Conrad on the popular ABC television series Nashville, which debuted in October of 2012. She also formed a music duo with her sister <a title='Maisy' href='/famous/maisy-stella.htm'>Maisy</a>.

    Lennon Stella

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