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  • Liam Hemsworth

    Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is best known for his performance as Gale Hawthorne in the 'Hunger Games' film franchise. Liam began his career in the entertainment industry when he was a teenager, following in the footsteps of his two elder brothers Luke and Chris, and has since created a name for himself not just in the Australian film industry, but also in Hollywood. He began his acting career in Australian television shows such as 'Neighbours' and 'The Elephant Princess.' However, he quickly relocated to the United States to pursue his acting ambitions. In the film 'The Last Song,' he showed off his acting abilities for the first time, and it was his first taste of success on the big screen. He was quickly named one of 'The Next Generation of Hollywood's Leading Men' by 'Details' magazine. Following that, he appeared in films such as 'The Hunger Games,' 'Love and Honor,' 'Paranoia,' 'The Dressmaker,' and 'Independence Day: Resurgence.' Meanwhile, his rocky relationship with Miley Cyrus kept him in the spotlight for several years. After being apart for a number of years, the couple is now engaged.

    Liam Hemsworth

  • Tre Brooks

    Tre Brooks is a Musical.ly star. This cute youngster knows some nice moves and makes funny faces. He has a distinct panache and style of dancing that makes him very popular with his fans. His big innocent eyes and pouty expressions on his baby face coupled with his graceful moves are charming and easy on the eyes. His hip hop moves and songs bring out the best expressions in him and it's not only adorable but also quite nimble. Tre Brooks was introduced to social media and the internet entertainment industry at 13 and his snarky yet realistic comments are refreshing. Though he is quite young, he seems pretty mature in his interactions with his fans.

    Tre Brooks

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey is a well-known American actor and television personality. Dempsey has played a variety of parts during his career, but is best recognized for his portrayal of Dr. Derek Shepherd, a charming neurosurgeon on the hit medical drama series Grey's Anatomy. Many of his followers are unaware that he began his career as a traveling magician before deciding to pursue a career in television. He was known for his spruced good looks and his "dreamy" lover-boy image in the rom-coms "Heaven Help Us," "Loverboy," and "Can't Buy Me Love." When he first started out as an actor, he was known for his spruced good looks and his "dreamy" lover-boy image in the rom-coms "Heaven Help Us," "Loverboy," and "Can't Buy Me Love." Before taking on the role of a neurosurgeon in one of the most highly-rated dramas on television, he participated in a number of award-winning shows, including 'Once & Again.' He has starred in a number of critically acclaimed films, including Freedom Writers, Enchanted, Sweet Home Alabama, Scream 3', and Made of Honor, in addition to his work on Grey's Anatomy. He was the co-owner of the Vision Racing Indycar Series team and is the current owner of Dempsey Racing, in addition to acting.

    Patrick Dempsey

  • Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom is a British actor best known for his appearances in the movies "The Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." He rocketed to popularity with his depiction of the elf prince Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, despite having started his career with modest roles in feature films. Following that, he appeared in films such as the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' trilogy, 'Troy,' 'New York, I Love You,' and a slew of others. His performances received critical and commercial acclaim, and he was given prominent roles in films such as "Kingdom of Heaven." He expressed an interest in studying theatre in addition to feature films, and had his debut appearance at the Duke of York's Theatre in London in 2007. He also has a Broadway performance under his belt, in which he played Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet. The Screen Actors Guild Awards, National Movie Awards, and Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards have all been given to Orlando Bloom for his outstanding performances on screen. Orlando Bloom has been interested in several humanitarian projects outside of his acting career, and was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2009.

    Orlando Bloom

  • Natalia Dyer

    Natalia Dyer, a lovely and graceful American actress with a sparkle in her eyes and a passion for acting, is one of the industry's emerging stars, best known for her role as Nancy Wheeler in the American science fiction-horror online TV series Stranger Things. She began her acting career as a child artist in the 2009 American adolescent musical comedy-drama film Hannah Montana: The Movie, and has since appeared in a number of films as an adult star. In the adventure picture The Greening of Whitney Brown, she received her first significant part. Her big break came with the Netflix science fiction television series Stranger Things, which gave her recognition and stardom. In 2017, she and the ensemble of Stranger Things received the Screen Actors Guild Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series" at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her admirers will be thrilled to see her in the upcoming flicks Mountain Rest and Tuscaloosa, in which she will star.

    Natalia Dyer

  • Daniel Le

    Social media star who is best recognized for appearing on theshluvfamily TikTok account. He and his siblings have accumulated over 6 million followers on the video platform. 

    Daniel Le

  • Elliot Giles

    If you're one of those people who excitedly awaits the release of fresh and updated prank videos on the internet, you've probably seen a slew of funny prank videos featuring youthful, smart, and charming Elliot Giles. From Cardiff, Wales, he is a well-known YouTube celebrity and social media figure. He is most known for his prank films, which he co-creates with Ben Phillips, a fellow British YouTube sensation. Elliot has come a long way since his debut Vine video, headlined "Boys these days find anything sexy with a pulse," which he posted on his own account. He now makes his admirers wait for his fresh updates with bated breath. With time, he established himself on various social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, becoming a star, especially among females who are enthralled by his fresh posts. With some great, wacky, eccentric, and hilarious videos, this young and gifted star, together with his pal Ben, tickles the funny bone of his followers and viewers.

    Elliot Giles

  • Jalen Brooks

    Jalen Brooks is a well-known American social media personality who rose to prominence as a Viner before going on to become even more well-known on the app Musical.ly. When he first entered the world of social media, he was a young adolescent who created an account on Vine, a networking platform where people could share short videos. Though Jalen began posting on Vine for the sole purpose of enjoyment, he quickly learned that he had amassed a tiny but dedicated tribe of fans who eagerly anticipated his videos! This inspired the little child to post more frequently, and he worked along with his brother Tre to do so. His Vine account, JayFamous, became extremely popular in a matter of months. Jalen's success on Vine inspired him to branch out and try other social media platforms, and he quickly created a Musical.ly account. On Musical.ly, he had a similar amount of success, and his 'itstherealjalen' account quickly grew to over 110k followers. Though Jalen's account on Vine has been deactivated, he is still active on other social media sites, where he continues to enchant his supporters.

    Jalen Brooks

  • Tayvion Power

    Tayvion Power is an American YouTuber, Viner and comedian. He is one of those modern day teens who have successfully harnessed the power of internet in their favor. Born to an entertainer father, Tayvion seems to be juggling multiple forms of entertainment with distinctive ease. He is a successful Vine star with millions of followers. He has recently made his foray into YouTube showcasing his acting and comedic talents on the platform through regular videos. His talent and his unique personality attract people towards his social media accounts and he has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Tayvion is all set to become the hottest new sensation in the entertainment scene by virtue of his acting talent and impeccable comic timing.

    Tayvion Power

  • Griffin Johnson

    Video creator on the app TikTok who became known for his mix of comedy and vlog content while occasionally implementing the slow-motion effect. He has accrued more than 470,000 fans.

    Griffin Johnson

  • Jack Baran

    Jack Mathew Baran, commonly known as 'thatsojack,' is a well-known American YouTube celebrity who has acquired a sizable social media following after launching his YouTube channel, 'thatsojack.' He got popular for his hilarious posts after uploading his first YouTube video, Could It Be You - H*Wood, in 2010. Jack is well-known on several platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, in addition to YouTube. He frequently talks about his preferred music and fashion choices in his videos, as well as doing skits. He frequently works with other YouTube celebrities such as Lohanthony and Ricky Dillon. In 2015, Jack and Paulina Cerrilla co-starred in a 'AwesomenessTV' comedy as a 'Starbucks Barista.' Jack is a part of Fullsreen, a digital entertainment firm operated by Otter Media, in addition to his personal channel. As of April 2017, his real and relevant videos on YouTube had helped him attract over 1.4 million subscribers.

    Jack Baran

  • Connor McDavid

    The Edmonton Oilers selected him first overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. At 19 years and 9 months old, he was named captain of the Oilers in October 2016, becoming him the NHL's youngest captain. In 2017, he earned the Hart Trophy for league MVP and the Ted Lindsay Award for most outstanding player in the league.

    Connor McDavid