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  • MrCrainer

    Many videogame enthusiasts might not be aware of who Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard is, but just mention his alter ego MrCrainer and see their eyes light up! MrCrainer is one of the most popular gamers on the YouTube. Best known for his Survival Modded Minecraft videos as well as the occasional mini-games which have his teenage fans going gaga over him, he also does fun challenges like the highly popular ˜POKEMON BATH BOMB WUBBLE BUBBLE CHALLENGE!!'. He is a friendly guy and often collaborates with other YouTubers with whom he loves working. Along with fellow YouTubers, SSundee and CaptainSparklez, he launched the ˜Troll Craft' series where the gamers play together and troll each other. One of his most popular recent series is the ˜THIS IS CHOCOLATE?!' series where he eats swords, iPhones, cameras, watches, and other stuffs made of chocolate! Taking forward his YouTube fame, the young man has now forayed into entrepreneurial ventures and sells MrCrainer merchandise like T-shirts and backpacks through his website.


  • Skylar Katz

    Skylar Katz is an American rapper who is best known for her singles ˜Fresh' and ˜Haters,' which she performed on the American talent show ˜America's Got Talent'.' Born and raised in Melville, New York, she was interested in rapping since she was 5. She also loved playing basketball and played for three different traveling teams during her school years. Simon Cowell, one of the toughest judges on the reality show ˜America's Got Talent,' dubbed her as the coolest 11-year old in the world. She has also set up her ˜YouTube' channel, where she mostly uploads the cover versions of her favourite songs. Inspired by Biggie Smalls and Nicki Minaj, she is looking forward to a bright career in the rap industry. She has embarked on several tours and is already working on her debut album. She also made her acting debut with a key role in the series ˜Raven's Home.'

    Skylar Katz

  • Erika Diane

    Vlogging personality who has risen to fame for her self-titled YouTube channel. Her beauty and lifestyle vlogs, GRWM and daily routine videos have helped her amass more than 100,000 total subscribers. 

    Erika Diane

  • Lincoln Melcher

    Known for his charming good looks and a great sense of humor, looks like Lincoln Melcher is surely going to take Hollywood by storm some day! After gaining a lot of popularity from hit movies like ˜Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' and many more, Lincoln has been quite the busy guy. Never expecting to get through his first audition, Melcher is now overwhelmed with acting offers from all over. It would only be shocking if little Melcher wasn't in the spotlight for his amazing talent. From intense political series to horror films, Lincoln has proved it time and again that he is full of surprises. Whatever his roles may be, Lincoln has now established himself as an ingenious child actor! His admirers absolutely adore this artist, both off and on screen, and we hope to see more of Lincoln Melcher in mainstream films of the near future!

    Lincoln Melcher

  • Brooke Sanchez

    Rising muser who has earned over 60,000 fans and has been featured multiple times on the app. 

    Brooke Sanchez

  • Frank Sinatra

    One of the most popular singers of the 20th century and an Academy award winning actor, Frank Sinatra was the darling of the American audiences for decades at a stretch. Counted among the all-time best selling artists, his albums have sold more than 150 million records worldwide. Having entered show business during the 1930s, he gave his last performance in the 1990s! Over his incredibly long career he has entertained several generations of music lovers and cinema goers with his melodious voice, acting skills and charismatic personality. From a young age little Frank knew that he was meant to be a singer. While in high school he was unruly and rowdy and dropped out without graduating. A big fan of Bing Crosby, he had started singing for tips as a child and became a professional in his teens. After playing with some bands he launched his solo career and found great success which prompted him to venture into films. There too he was successful though success did not come easily to him. He experienced his share of difficulties though he always managed to bounce back. Being both a popular singer and a critically acclaimed actor greatly added to his mass appeal and he is considered to be one of the greatest entertainers in American history.

    Frank Sinatra

  • Lucas Jade Zumann

    Lucas Jade Zumann is an American actor, best recognised for his performance in the American supernatural horror film ˜Sinister 2,' and the Canadian drama television series ˜Anne with an E.' He was first spotted by a talent agent while auditioning at a Disney talent search. He stepped into the world of acting as part of an ensemble cast of a Music Theater Works production of the musical ˜Oliver.' He featured as "punk" in a single episode of the Netflix series ˜Sense8,' before landing up his first major role, ˜Milo,' in his debut film, ˜Sinister 2.' Moving on, he starred in the critically acclaimed film ˜20th Century Women.' He has also upped his fame playing Gilbert Blythe in ˜Anne with an E.'

    Lucas Jade Zumann

  • Kimberly Loaiza

    Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican vlogger who is notable for the challenges, tags, and tutorials that she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel. With over 14 million followers on her channel, Loaiza is one of the most popular Mexican faces on the platform. She is widely known on Instagram as well, where she is followed by more than 10 million people. Today, she continues to rule over various social media networks with her unique content. Incredibly hot and beautiful, Loaiza is a very bold and straightforward lady in reality. She knows how to capture the interest of people around her. Chic and classy to the core, she is truly a diva and a fashion icon who is idolized by many young women. Numerous YouTubers of Mexican origin look up to her and derive inspiration from her work.

    Kimberly Loaiza

  • Adin Kolansky

    Adin Kolansky is a social media celebrity and actor, best known for his comedy videos. He started off by posting YouTube and Vine videos, which earned him a number of fans and followers across social media platforms. His self-titled YouTube channel has more than 587,000 subscribers. While his primary Instagram page has over 1.1 million followers, his Twitter page has accumulated more than 222,000 followers. Adin Kolansky made his film debut in 2016, with a short comedy film titled ˜Nerd with a Secret.' In 2018, he was cast in a couple of films, including ˜Introspective' and ˜Airplane Mode.'

    Adin Kolansky

  • Brandon Walsh

    Social media celebrity who created his own reality show about his family on his self-titled YouTube channel. He shares vlogs detailing the daily life of the Walsh clan with more than 700,000 subscribers. 

    Brandon Walsh

  • Hila Klein

    Hila Klein is an Israeli-American social media star, best known for her YouTube channel, which she operates along with her husband, Ethan. Her channel, ˜h3h3Productions,' has more than six million subscribers. She is also the CEO of an online clothing brand named ˜Teddy Fresh.' From October 2018, ˜Teddy Fresh' started selling its products in a physical store by joining hands with the Los Angeles based clothing shop ˜Ripndip.' Hila Klein has also produced and hosted a number of television shows, including the popular comedy talk show ˜H3 Podcast.' Some of her other major works like ˜The DJ Khaled Documentary' and ˜h3h3Productions' (TV series) display her skills as a cinematographer. In 2015, she was roped in by the makers of ˜JonTron' to work as the property master for a couple of episodes of the television series. She is also credited for producing four episodes of ˜JonTron.'

    Hila Klein

  • Matt De La Torre

    TikTok video personality who is known for his fan-engaging content and comedy videos. He has earned more than 900,000 fans for his @mattdela account.

    Matt De La Torre

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