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  • Alissa Violet

    Alissa Violet is a well-known American model who has of late gained recognition in the social media world particularly for her activities on Instagram and Vine. She garnered representations with one of the biggest and most successful global modeling agencies, Next Model. Although she had a presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Vine since early 2013, she became more active on her Vine account only around March 2015. She posts her pictures on Instagram and her Vine account is predominantly uploaded with the hilarious videos that she creates. Violet many a times collaborates with other Vine Stars like George Janko, Jake Paul and Logan Paul among many others. Social media popularity of this gorgeous model is increasing steadily with time and as of October 2016 she has garnered more than 600K followers on her Vine account. She also has a huge following on her Instagram account that accumulates to more than 2.2 million followers. Presently she is counted among one of the budding internet stars and is gradually spreading her wings in the world of social media through her funny vines and the pictures that she posts on Instagram.

    Alissa Violet

  • Mikey Tua

    Mikey Tua is an American actor, model, dancer, and social media personality. He is the younger brother of actor, <a title='Jojo Tua' href='/famous/jojo-tua.htm'>Jojo Tua</a>. A native of Washington, Tua has been interested in the performing arts since he was a child. When he was eight years old, he began dancing and developed a deep passion for ballet. In 2018, he made his big screen debut in the film ˜Try to Smile'. He was subsequently cast in his first short film ˜Coma'. Tua has also been featured in the music video for <a title='Danielle Cohn' href='/famous/danielle-cohn.htm'>Danielle Cohn</a>'s song ˜Only You'. Tua is quite popular on Instagram and has about 340 thousand followers. He set up his YouTube channel in February 2015 and has accumulated almost 90 thousand subscribers and nearly four million views to date.

    Mikey Tua

  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank was one of the thousands of Jewish children who were killed in the Holocaust. She became a well-known name and one of the most discussed victims of the holocaust after her diary ˜The Diary of a Young Girl' was published by her father a couple of years after her death. The diary is today one of the world's best known books and has been translated into several languages. It has also been adapted into many plays and films all over the world. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, during a highly tumultuous period in the nation's history, she moved from Germany to Amsterdam with her family in the early 1930s after the rise of Nazis in her homeland. At the height of the World War II the Germans occupied Netherlands and the Jews were no longer safe in Amsterdam as well. As the persecution of the Jewish population continued to increase, the Frank family was forced to move into hiding. A young teenager who hoped to become a writer on growing up, Anne dutifully wrote in her dairy, documenting her daily life in hiding. She remained hopeful that one day her life would return to normalcy but her hopes were unfounded; she, her mother and sister were killed along with thousands of other Jews in the concentration camps. Only her father survived the war.

    Anne Frank

  • Dave Franco

    Dave Franco is an American film and TV actor. He initially wanted to pursue a career in writing and got some of his poems published the Teen People Magazine. He wrote two full length screenplays while he was studying psychology and film at the University of South California. Dave is the younger brother of popular actor <a title='James Franco' href='/famous/james-franco.htm'>James Franco</a> and has a successful film career with films such as ˜Warm Bodies', ˜21 Jump Street', ˜Now You Can See Me' and its sequel. The youngest of the three Franco brothers, James and Tom, Dave never initially wanted to pursue acting. Writing was something he was in love with and was quite popular in college due to his writing talents and creativity. He started his film career with ˜Frat Bros', a short film which got released back in 2006 and after that, his career took off as he played a crucial role in 2007's ˜Superbad'. He made his Television debut in 2006, with an episode long role in ˜7th Heaven'. He is also fond of video games and has provided his voice for Tony Stark in Marvel's video game ˜Marvel Avengers Academy'.

    Dave Franco

  • Danny Gonzalez

    Danny Gonzalez is an American YouTube sensation. He is known for his ˜I talk about a Thing' video series and skits. He initially became known as a Vine star, earning over 2.8 million fans on the 6-second video sharing app. Since 2014, Gonzalez has been active on YouTube, routinely sharing amazing content. Passionate about making videos and editing from the 7th grade, he is extremely talented when it comes to developing videos. His presentation style and knack for adding special effects to his videos are brilliant. A married man, Gonzalez often features his wife in his vlogs. He is a very witty personality and likes making others laugh. He is always up to something crazy! Whenever not shooting, the YouTube sensation likes to spend quality time with his wife and friends. Besides YouTube, Danny Gonzalez also has an active presence on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of followers on his accounts there.

    Danny Gonzalez

  • Skylynn Floyd

    Skylynn Floyd is an Internet celebrity who is popular on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She first became famous as <a title='Nash' href='/famous/nash-grier.htm'>Nash</a> and <a title='Hayes Grier' href='/famous/hayes-grier.htm'>Hayes Grier</a>'s younger sister. Her brother were enormous Vine celebrities and often featured Skylynn in their videos. As part of the family lifestyle channel, Skylynn was introduced as their sister in 2014. Since then, her parents have created separate social media accounts for her and she has accumulated over a million followers across these channels in a short span of time. First popular on Vine, Skylynn is currently active on Instagram and YouTube where she creates family-friendly content. At such a young age, Skylynn is a social media sensation, with 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 303k subscribers on YouTube, 89k on Twitter and 26k on Facebook. She currently lives with her family in North Carolina.

    Skylynn Floyd

  • Adriana Lima

    Adriana Francesca Lima is a Brazilian model and actress who is famous as the ˜Victoria's Secret Angel'. Her understanding of professionalism and incredible physical appeal has earned her the right to be counted among the best in her profession. Lima's modeling career began at a young age in the elementary school, which proved to be a stepping stone in her modeling career. She was also the spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009 and appeared in the company's first calendar. She also did an ad-campaign for Swatch, which gave her additional recognition. Lima has appeared in several international editions of Vogue and Marie Claire. As a runway model, she has done the catwalks for designers like Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang and Valentino. Lima became a GUESS? girl in 2000 and appeared in their fall ad campaign the very same year. In 2012, Lima earned the fourth position on the Forbes top- earning models list, estimated to earn $7.3 million in one year. She is married to a Serbian basketball player Marco Jaric, and has two daughters with him.

    Adriana Lima

  • Jerome Jarre

    Jerome Jarre is an internet personality who shot to fame due to his videos posted on the popular website ˜Vine'. At the age of 19, he decided to opt out of studies and focus on making vines and getting the attention of internet users. Luckily for him, his plans succeeded and his ˜Vine' posts catapulted him to immense fame. His popularity on the internet landed him on the couch of the famous American talk show ˜Ellen De Generes Show' and soon a lot of opportunities came knocking at his door. Jerome Jarre was asked to cover several world famous events such as the ˜86th Academy Awards' and ˜Cannes Film Festival'. He even made vines with several renowned celebrities, including actors like Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller and others.

    Jerome Jarre

  • Mark Henry

    Mark Henry is an American powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and professional wrestler. Labelled as the World's Strongest Teenager and later as the World's Strongest Man, Henry is a two time Olympian and a gold, silver and bronze medallist at Pan American Games. His intimidating size and power earned him a spot in American Powerlifting circle early in life from where he never looked back. Henry went on to become WDFPF record holder in squat, deadlift, raw deadlift and total. He is credited for the biggest raw squat and raw powerlifting total ever performed by a drug tested athlete. After breaking records in powerlifting, Henry made an easy switch to weightlifting; he was a two-time Olympic Festival Champion and three-time US National Weightlifting Champion. In 1996, he joined WWE. As a wrestler, he won the World Heavyweight Champion title, WWF European Championship and ECW Championship. Though injuries have played a spoilsport for Mark Henry, his established persona of a ruthless and powerful man terrifies his opponents till date.

    Mark Henry

  • Philippe Coutinho

    Philippe Coutinho Correia is a Brazilian professional footballer, who presently plays for the Brazilian national football team and for the Spanish club ˜Futbol Club Barcelona,' better known as ˜FC Barcelona,' or ˜Barcelona.' His playing position is that of an attacking midfielder/winger. After displaying his talent in football as a kid, he was enrolled at a local football academy. He joined the youth wing of the Brazilian football club ˜Vasco da Gama' and excelled there. He was signed by Italian football club ˜Internazionale,' in 2008, only to be loaned back to ˜Vasco' due to him being underage. In 2010, he made his senior debut for Brazil and for ˜Internazionale.' ˜Internazionale' loaned him to ˜Espanyol' in 2012. He signed with the ˜Premier League' club ˜Liverpool' in January 2013 and gradually earned the epithet ˜Little Magician,' for his dribbling, passing, and long-range striking skills, coupled with his vision. He was included in the ˜PFA Premier League Team of the Year' in 2014“2015 and was named as the ˜Liverpool FC Fans' Player of the Year' in 2014“2015 and 2015“2016. He joined ˜Barcelona' in January 2018.

    Philippe Coutinho

  • George H.W. Bush

    George Herbert Walker was the former President of the United States, who was in the office from 1989 to 1993. He was born in Massachusetts into a political and affluent family. His father, Prescott Sheldon Bush, was a Senator from Connecticut and his mother, Dorothy Bush, hailed from a prominent family. George H.W. Bush joined the US Navy during the Second World War and after coming back he graduated from Yale University with a B.A. degree in economics. He rejected the offer of joining his father's firm and instead shifted to Texas and worked as an oil field supplies salesman. Within a decade he became a millionaire and then entered politics. George H.W. Bush occupied a number of important positions during his political career. He was elected to the House of Representatives from the 7th District of Texas, was appointed as Ambassador to the United Nations, became the Director of Central Intelligence and served as the Vice President of United States during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In 1988, he was elected as the Republican Party's candidate for the office of U.S President. He defeated Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis and became the 41st President of the United States. Although he became quite popular as a President for his stand against international terrorism and for portraying a strong picture of the nation to the world, he lost the next election in 1993.

    George H.W. Bush

  • Mitchell Hladchuk

    Initially known as a vlogger on his main self-titled YouTube channel, he would find more success upon starting a secondary YouTube channel called MitchellReacts where he publishes reaction videos to content created by internet personalities. The channel has accumulated over 800,000 subscribers.

    Mitchell Hladchuk

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