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  • Christina Grimmie

    YouTube celebrity who has shared renditions of Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato's songs on social media. In 2014, she participated on The Voice's sixth season.

    Christina Grimmie

  • Jessie Paege

    Jessie Paege is a rock musician and a fashionista who recently reached one million YouTube subscribers. She uploads videos on fashion, lifestyle, rock music, and DIY projects. While most young YouTubers are there for fun, Jessie, who has dealt with alienation as a teenager, makes it a point to share the crucial message that "it is acceptable to be yourself" through her videos. She grew up watching prominent YouTubers and still considers herself a member of the audience because she still watches a lot of videos on the platform. She performed live in 24 locations in August 2016 as part of Fullscreen's 6-week long "Girls Night In" tour, alongside YouTubers Alyson Stoner, Niki & Gabi, and Alisha Marie. She treasures the fact that she met a lot of YouTubers she admired when she first started her channel thanks to the trip. Her YouTube popularity led to parts in TV shows such as 'Guidance' and 'AwesomenessTV.' In the March 2016 edition of Nation-Alist Magazine, she was highlighted.

    Jessie Paege

  • Malina Weissman

    Malina Weissman is a German-born American actress. She has also had a successful modeling career. Weissman is most known for her roles as April O'Neil in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Violet Baudelaire on Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. She began modeling at the age of eight and has been in advertisements for a variety of well-known brands. Weissman later made his cinematic debut, playing characters that drew the audience's attention. She's also been in a number of TV programs as prominent roles. Weissman is well-known on social media, with a large following. She is a vivacious adolescent who hopes to one day conquer the entertainment world.

    Malina Weissman

  • Lewis Blissett

    Lewis Blissett is an English pop singer who rose to prominence in 2017 as one of the competitors on the reality show "The Voice Kids UK." Blissett, a native of Old Town, began singing at a young age. His school shared a video of him performing a copy of Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" on Facebook, which instantly went viral. In the third episode of the inaugural season of 'The Voice Kids UK,' he made his first appearance. Following that, he elected to join the team of English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott. In the semi-finals, he was eventually eliminated. He's been active on YouTube and Instagram since then, uploading renditions of many popular songs on a daily basis. He's also performed at a number of occasions.

    Lewis Blissett

  • Smooth Gio

    Social media personality who is famous for his smooth.gio Instagram account. He has earned over 50,000 followers there for his original sketch comedy vignettes, including pranks, challenges, and more. 

    Smooth Gio

  • Daniel Balderrama

    On his dann.y lux account, the curly-haired TikTok video maker and social media star is known for uploading dance and lip-sync performances. On the platform, he has over 500,000 followers. Multiple music videos have been released on his Dannylux YouTube channel.

    Daniel Balderrama

  • Anna Zak

    Anna Zak is an Israeli musical.ly star and model. With over 1.9 million followers, she has huge following on the musical.ly app. She has quite a following on other social media platforms such as Instagram where she has 691K followers. Once in a while we come across certain individual with that magical and dreamy face, and no matter what they do, they manage to conquer our hearts without even trying. Anna Zak is one such fresh face who has conquered the web by virtue of her beauty. She is quite talented too, especially in creating captivating Musical.lys, replete with groovy moves and ingenious steps. She has used her popularity in the short looped lip sync video platform to transition into a career of modeling that looks quite promising from the get go. Viewers seem very impressed with her gyrating moves, lips syncing perfectly with the lyrics and never missing a beat. She covers all popular musical genres from pop to hip hop to contemporary and excels at all of it.

    Anna Zak

  • Andrea Brillantes

    When Mabel Gorostiza and Byron Gorostiza were blessed with a baby girl on March 12, 2003, little did they know that they were holding the future star of the telly world! Today, one can tell without a doubt that Andrea Brillantes was born to be a star”born to act and born to marvel audience with her artistic skills. She was merely seven when she made her debut in the children's comedy show, ˜Goin' Bulilit'. With the passing years, her talent for acting and her charisma have only heightened. One look at her and anyone can feel that she is a diva in the making. Though Brillantes did several shows following her debut in 2010, her big break came with 2013's ˜Annaliza' where her portrayal of the titular role won her many accolades and an award too. Post the phenomenal success of ˜Annaliza', Brillantes starred in ˜Hawak Kamay' (which gained her the Yahoo! Celebrity Award Child Star of the Year award) and the remake version of ˜Pangako Sa Yo'. She did a few films as well for Star Cinema such as ˜MomZillas', ˜Crazy Beautiful You' and ˜Everyday I Love You'.

    Andrea Brillantes

  • Chrystiane Jowy

    Popular social media personality known for his _cjma TikTok account, which he uses to produce POV lip-sync videos. On the site, he has amassed over 8 million followers. He's created a number of point-of-view films in which he acts as if he's his own girlfriend and expresses affection. In addition, he has followed the practice of employing a ring light as a prop halo in his films.

    Chrystiane Jowy

  • Haminations

    YouTube personality well known for his Haminations channel. His own narrative telling and vlogging through his unique Adobe Animate cartoons have won him a lot of attention.


  • Stromae

    Paul Van Haver, who is more commonly known by his stage name Stromae, is a Belgian musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born in Brussels, he began his career at the age of 18, with a rap group named ˜Suspicion'. Later, while studying at the film school of Brussels, he decided to release his debut EP. After signing a 4-year record deal with ˜Because Music' and ˜Kilomaitre', he released his debut album ˜Cheese'. It did well commercially, topping the Belgian Albums Chart, and standing at the sixth position on the French Albums Chart. His second album ˜Racine carree' was an even greater success. It peaked at the first position on the French Albums chart as well as the US World Albums. It was also praised by critics. Stromae has sold over 8.5 million records worldwide till date. He has been nominated for five UK Music Video Awards and is the winner of several other awards, such as the NRJ Music Award and the MTV Europe Music Award.


  • JoJoe

    JoJoe is a social media sensation from the United States who is most known for his Vine compilations. After his Vine videos went viral, he rose to notoriety as an internet celebrity. JoJoe opened an Instagram account after his breakthrough on Vine and began posting funny videos and photos. His Instagram account has over 630,000 followers and features a number of funny videos. JoJoe frequently collaborates on entertaining videos with his friends and fellow social media personalities. He's also started a YouTube channel with the same name, which has yet to gain traction. He uploads unique web series on his YouTube channel in addition to short video snippets. JoJoe is extremely active on Facebook, where he frequently interacts with his admirers.