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  • Abraham Lincoln

    Turn the pages of America's political history, and you are sure to find one man who clearly outshines all others and manages to attract the attention and interest of all, till date, - Abraham Lincoln! Nicknamed ˜Honest Abe' or ˜Father Abraham', Lincoln was, by far, one of the most powerful and greatest Presidents' that America has ever witnessed. Rising from a modest and humble beginning, it was his sheer determination and honest effort that led him to the nation's highest office. An astute politician and proficient lawyer, he played a vital role in unification of the states and led from the front for the cause of abolishing slavery from the country, eventually giving people equal rights, irrespective of caste, color or creed. He not only envisioned but actually brought to the forefront a truly democratic government which was led by the concept of ˜by the people, of the people and for the people'. What's more, Lincoln led the country when it faced its greatest constitutional, military and moral crises. He not only turned up victorious but also was effective in strengthening the national government and modernizing the economy. He was a saviour of the Union and an emancipator for the slaves. However, just as astonishing was his rise to the top-notch position and his eventual governance, his death was equally bewildering as he became the first U.S President ever to be assassinated. Though in his life Abraham Lincoln has been felicitated with no awards and honors, as there did not exist any awards then, he has till date retained a spot in the Top Three Presidents since 1940s. As for the presidential ranking polls conducted since 1948, Lincoln has been rated at the very top in the majority of polls.

    Abraham Lincoln

  • Gucci Mane

    Radric Delantic Davis professionally known as Gucci Mane is an American hip hop singer and recording artist who has pioneered ˜trap music'”a subgenre of hip hop. His actual name is Radric Delantic Davis and Gucci Mane is his stage name. He took to writing verses during his childhood, began experimenting with rap music when he was 14 years old. He released an album named ˜Trap House' on his own that featured the number Icy in which his colleague and rapper Young Jeezy lent his vocals. Though the song was well received by music buffs and enthusiasts, the promising rappers' collaboration fell apart as they had an ugly spat over the copyrights to the single. Soon after, Gucci was indicted with murder after one of his colleagues used a firearm against a motley group who were allegedly attempting to usurp his brand ˜So Icy'. While Gucci was still on trial, he was yet again slapped with charges of battering the promoter of a nightclub. Following the dismissal of the murder case due to insufficient evidence, he was eventually released from jail after serving a six-month sentence for mugging. Shortly after, he unveiled his second album ˜Hard to Kill' which was followed by the release of a string of indie albums and studio recordings in the subsequent years. Gucci has recorded and made public countless mixed tapes as well as featured in a couple of movies in his professional career so far.

    Gucci Mane

  • Edwin Joel

    Edwin Joel, born as Edwin Joel Honoret, is a singer, dancer, and YouTube content creator. He is best known for being a member of the boy band PRETTYMUCH along with Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter, Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu. He holds a YouTube channel on which he posts covers. He has also broadcast on YouNow under the name Edwin Honoret. Joel is also a partner with AwesomenessTV. Although his group PRETTYMUCH hasn't released much music yet, the boys have been seen frequently rehearsing at several places. Joel is quite popular online and regularly updates his social media accounts with new content. He is a guy who loves to make people around him smile and also likes to give useful advice to those in need. On a personal note, he is in a relationship with an Instagram model. Joel, who is active on Twitter and Instagram, has hundreds of thousands of followers on these social networking websites.

    Edwin Joel

  • Mosthatedd.aniyah

    Mosthatedd.aniyah is a musical.ly star, who has earned a number of fans for her graceful dance moves. She is equally popular for her Dubsmash videos, which she posts on social media platforms. Viewers usually see her dancing to the tunes composed by Curly Head Monty, another musical.ly star. Aniyah also prefers to use electronic music and hip-hop beats for her videos. She has taken part in many musical.ly battles, competing with other popular social media stars. She also owns a YouTube channel named ˜Its Ya Girl Niyah,' and has posted a few videos on it.


  • Tara Strong

    Tara Strong, born as Tara Lyn Charendoff, is a Canadian-American voice actress and businesswoman. She is famous for giving voice to characters in animated movies and video games as well as for performing in live-action productions. She is best known for voicing ˜Timmy Turner' in the TV series ˜The Fairly OddParents,' ˜Raven' in ˜Teen Titans,' ˜Bubbles' in ˜The Powerpuff Girls,' ˜Batgirl' in ˜The New Batman Adventures,' ˜Princess Clara' in ˜Drawn Together' and ˜Twilight Sparkle' in ˜My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,' to name a few. The versatile voice actress has also done voice work in numerous video games, the popular ones being ˜Rikku' in Final Fantasy X and X-2, ˜Harley Quinn' in ˜Batman: Arkham City,' ˜Rachel' in ˜Ninja Gaiden' and ˜Harley Quinn' in Lego Dimensions. Her live action performances include ˜Angela' in Street Legal, ˜Elizabeth' in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, ˜Gwen' in Sabrina Goes to Rome and ˜Miss Collins' in Big Time Rush, to name a few. Her praiseworthy portrayals have earned her several awards and nominations.

    Tara Strong

  • JustKryptic

    YouTube personality who is widely known for his JustKryptic channel. He has gained over 300,000 subscribers who tune in for his litany of vlogs, including challenges, original gaming comedic sketches, pop culture commentaries, and more. In 2018, he'd begin posting music to SoundCloud under the same name. 


  • Josh Brolin

    Josh James Brolin is an American actor who has performed both in the big screen and television in a career spanning over three decades. His debut film ˜The Goonies' where he essayed the role of Brandon "Brand" Walsh under the direction of Richard Donner was a box-office hit garnering over $60 million. He made his television debut with ˜Private Eye', a historical crime drama series. He took a long gap from film acting after his second film ˜Thrashin' '. He earned recognition playing James Butler Hickok in the television series, ˜The Young Riders'. His real breakthrough came with the film ˜Flirting With Disaster' after which he performed successfully in several films. Post 2000 he has stupendously performed in several villainous characters in films including ˜Grindhouse' (Segment: ˜Planet Terror'), ˜American Gangster', ˜Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' and ˜Milk'. His other notable films are ˜Hollow Man', ˜No Country for Old Men', ˜Men in Black 3' and ˜W'. He received ˜Academy Award' nomination for best supporting actor and ˜Screen Actors Guild Award' nomination for his outstanding performance as Dan White in ˜Gus van Sant's ˜Milk'.

    Josh Brolin

  • Mike Posner

    Mike Posner, born as Michael Robert Henrion Posner, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and poet. He is known for releasing the popular studio albums ˜31 Minutes to Takeoff' and ˜At Night, Alone' and the mixtapes ˜A Matter of Time', ˜The Layover,' and ˜One Foot Out the Door'. As a lead singer, he has released several singles, such as ˜Cooler than Me,' ˜Bow Chicka Wow Wow', ˜Please Don't Go', and ˜I Took a Pill in Ibiza', to name a few. The American singer has released numerous songs as a featured artist as well. Posner, who has released two EPs, two studio albums, six singles, and ten music videos till date, is also a well-known songwriter. He has written songs for many popular artists like Justin Bieber, Labrinth, Maroon 5, Nick Jonas, Big Sean, Nelly, Austin Mahone, and others. Some of the famous songs written by him are ˜Windows Down', ˜Boyfriend', ˜Beneath Your Beautiful', ˜Say Somethin' and ˜Sugar.' Posner is also a part of the R&B and hip-hop duo Mansionz. Talking about his awards and accolades, the American artiste has earned numerous nominations for prestigious awards like MTV Video Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

    Mike Posner

  • Ella Mendelsohn

    Popular TikTok star who is best known for her ellamendelsohn TikTok account where she posts dance and lip-sync videos. She has accumulated over 1 million followers on the platform. 

    Ella Mendelsohn

  • Bill Russell

    Regarded as one of the best ever players in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA), William Felton Bill Russell is a retired professional basketball player who was the centerpiece of the Boston's Celtics dynasty for a period of 13 years. He was very famous for his shot-blocking and man-to-man defense which led his team to many victories in major tournaments. The talented player had grown up in a neighbourhood notorious for its rampant racism. Basketball provided him a means of rising above this issue and he got the chance as a professional player to prove his mettle. He was also much respected for his ability to inspire and motivate his team members to improve their playing techniques and give their best performances. Equally skilled at grabbing rebounds, he is just one of the only two players to have made more than 50 rebounds in a single game and has had a dozen consecutive seasons of 1,000 or more rebounds. Russell's superstardom is special not just because of his amazing performances, what makes his success even more special is the fact that he was the first African American player in NBA history to achieve such glory, and he was also the first African American to become an NBA coach.

    Bill Russell

  • Abigail Ratchford

    Abigail Ratchford is popularly known as a Glamour Model. She is a well-known swimsuit and lingerie model in the fashion world. She came into spotlight around the start of the year 2013 when her photos on Facebook started garnering attentionfor her beauty, from various sectors of the fashion world. She used social media to get the attention of popular magazines like Maxim, Esquire, Zoo, and many others that promoted men's interests. This also helped her in auditioning for different feature films and TV shows. She has appeared in episode 8 of popular TV show, Parks and Recreation.Abigail has been nicknamed as ˜The Sweetheart' by the celebrity gossip outlet TMZ. She is of Irish, German, and French descent. She was rumored to be dating Jamie Lovine in 2014.

    Abigail Ratchford

  • Charles Darwin

    The evolution of homo sapiens from apes, a form of animal, is a concept that is widely recognized today but back in the 19th century when Charles Darwin first introduced his revolutionary theory of evolution, he was rebuked while his work was admonished. His never-heard-of concept faced the glaring eyes of the world and the Church and remained unaccepted until long after, when it was deemed to be the new orthodoxy. The DNA studies proclaimed his evidence to be true and rebuffed the religious view that prevailed until then that all of nature was born of God. Born in an affluent family of Shrewsbury, Charles Robert Darwin planned to follow a medical career but soon gave up the same to pursue his burning passion for being a naturalist. With years of dedicated study, he established the concept that all species descended from common ancestors and that the branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process which he termed natural selection. It was his five years voyage on the HMS Beagle that transformed his life completely, establishing him as an eminent geologist. It was in 1858 that he came up with his most recognized work ˜On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection'. To know in details about the life and works of this influential figure of human history, browse through the following lines.

    Charles Darwin

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