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  • Hailee Steinfeld

    Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress, model and singer, who in her short career so far has given many memorable performances. She first became famous for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in the movie ˜True Grit'. She was 13 years old at the time of the making of the movie, and little Hailee blew audiences away with her performance. Her strong and confident performance earned her numerous critical awards and many people already got a glimpse of the star she was about to become. There was no stopping Hailee from there on as she now has a successful acting and singing career for herself and has starred in major movies like the ˜Pitch Perfect 2' alongside huge Hollywood stars like Anna Kendrick. Hailee also has a successful singing career and has double platinum hits in Australia and Triple Platinum hits in Canada as well.

    Hailee Steinfeld

  • Jack Griffo

    Jack Griffo is an actor and singer from the United States who has been in a number of television shows and films. He has been a part of the television series 'The Thudermans' since 2013, playing the lead character of Max Thunderman. Griffo also has a YouTube page where he uploads cover versions of popular songs. His social media following is massive, and it continues to expand every day. During his career, the young actor has been nominated for the Kids' Choice Awards four times. Griffo is a role model for many youths and young people, and he also represents a variety of clothing and lifestyle products. Jack has also appeared in films such as 'Sound of My Voice,' 'What I Did Last Summer: First Kiss,' and 'American Hero,' among others. Jack is also a vocalist in addition to being an actor. In 2011, he collaborated with his friend Kelsey on a record called "Hold Me." On November 13, 2013, he released his first solo album, Slingshot.

    Jack Griffo

  • Sam Wilkinson

    Sam Wilkinson is a Social Media Personality, musician, comedian, model and Vine Star who shot to fame for his activities in social media platforms like Vine and Instagram. He is more renowned as Sammy Wilk among his social media fans. The photos and videos that he uploads on Instagram and Vine garner thousands of views. What commenced as a casual start with aiding and collaborating with his best buddies in uploading vines and comparing count of followers in each other's accounts gradually shaped up into a full-fledged career as a Vine star for Wilkinson. With time his fan base, followers and viewers increased along with an impressive amount of re-tweets on his posts as well. The first video that he uploaded on Vine in 2013 helped him garner over 200K followers in around a year. He also made a guest appearance in 2014 at the Magcon Boys tour that again aided him in augmenting his popularity and fan following. His immense popularity on Instagram is manifested in the form of more than 1.8 million followers in his account. His Vine account also boasts of having more than 728K followers and his Twitter account of around one million followers.

    Sam Wilkinson

  • Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Wrestler who trained under <a title='Rey Misterio, Sr.' href='/famous/rey-misterio.htm'>Rey Misterio, Sr.</a>, and developed a high flying style and the finishing move, the 619 Kick, to honor San Diego.

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

  • aimsey

    Twitch streamer and TikTok star known for streaming video games such as Minecraft and Among Us. They have gained over 700,000 followers on Twitch, and more than 3.6 million on TikTok. As a child, they appeared on British TV shows such as Torchwood, Casualty and Tess of the D'Urbervilles.


  • Ally Hills

    Ally Hills is an American YouTuber who often vlogs on issues related to the LGBT community. She is known for her self-titled channel where she uploads a wide range of videos, from comedy to music to LGBT-related content. Previously known by the online alias ˜ItsAllyHills,' she is a multitalented woman. She has good musical skills and develops amazing song covers. She is also known for her original EP, ˜The Province'. Hills is one of those women who are very open about their sexuality and are comfortable sharing details of their sex life with their audience. A proud member of the LGBT community, she is openly lesbian. A naturally witty personality, Hills is extremely funny and incorporates humor in all her YouTube videos. The best part of her content is that it is very informative for straight people as well and helps them understand the many issues faced by members of the LGBT community. Talking about her sense of style, the YouTuber is a chic and fashionable lady. She is charming and gorgeous to the core!

    Ally Hills

  • PJ Liguori

    In a nutshell, PJ Ligouri is a rising YouTuber with over a million subscribers and counting. However, this young man is also a filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer, musician, and comic in a broader sense. Mr. Ligouri, you have way too many feathers in your hat! All we know for sure is that PJ has gone to show that no mountain is too high to climb and that anything is possible if you have the desire to succeed! And that's exactly what Mr. Ligouri believes in- from viral short films to vlogging about everything that comes to mind, PJ's channels are nothing short of a blessing! With two trending channels, KickThePJ and PJTheKick, you can say goodbye to boredom because once you plunge into his channels, there's no coming back! Go ahead and watch one video to see for yourself—and be prepared to laugh uncontrollably!

    PJ Liguori

  • Tiffany Alvord

    Tiffany Alvord is an American singer-songwriter and YouTuber. She is often regarded as one of YouTube's original "home-grown celebrities". Besides having an impressive presence on YouTube, she also has an incredible fan following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Born and raised in California, Alvord has been writing songs since the age of ten. By the time she was 15, she had released her first song on YouTube. Today, she has become a household name whose singing and songwriting skills are admired by millions. As a result of her online fame, she has got the opportunity to work with several renowned brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Disney, Pandora, and Verizon, to name a few. Alvord is a multitalented personality who has been active in other unrelated fields as well. She is trained in gymnastics and is a great snowboarder. On a personal note, the singer-songwriter is an ambitious young woman. She has won numerous prestigious musical awards and has headlined tours in various countries across the world.

    Tiffany Alvord

  • Nick Mayorga

    He was one half of the popular YouTube video Whatever Time, and subsequently became a collaborator of the popular Free Time channel.

    Nick Mayorga

  • Kyrie Prince

    Damien Prince and Biannca Raines have a son named Kyrie Prince. Damien and Biannca are well-known YouTubers and influencers on social media. They have several YouTube channels, as well as a strong presence on other social media sites. Kyrie's mother became pregnant with him in early 2016, and she and Damien chose to document the pregnancy on video. They even documented Kyrie's birth on video. Millions of people have seen the original video. Kyrie has been in front of the cameras since he was a baby. He has an older brother and is expecting a sister in the near future. Kyrie's parents have had their fair share of scandals as social media gurus. They've been chastised for their parenting abilities, their way of life, and even their brains. Despite this, the Prince family continues to be one of the most popular family-related YouTube channels. On their 'The Prince Family' channel, they have over 2.2 million subscribers and around 300 million views, while their 'D&B Nation' channel has 3.2 million subscribers and about 200 million views.

    Kyrie Prince

  • Xime Ponch

    Xime Ponch is a Mexican social media celebrity with millions of followers across several platforms. Her YouTube channel, which has over 2.1 million followers, is her most well-known. She also has over 1.2 million and 64,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. She also has a separate Instagram account where she mostly uploads short video snippets. Xime got linked with companies such as Nestl' and Pai Pai MX as a result of her social media popularity. She became a member of the famous children's YouTube channel Los Bffies in 2018. The same year, she appeared on the cover of a Mexican adolescent magazine called Tu.

    Xime Ponch

  • Kyndall Harris

    Before becoming an immaBEAST dancer in Los Angeles, California, he was a member of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies junior dance squad in 2009. She appeared on Nickelodeon's Lip Sync Battle Shorties in 2016.

    Kyndall Harris