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  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a renowned American actor and producer known for his good looks and exceptional acting skills. Marking his entry through television in 1991 with ˜Santa Barbara', he went on to become an international star. He ventured into the film world through a horror flick ˜Critters 3' and continued with many more like ˜This Boy's Life', ˜Titanic', ˜The Man in the Iron Mask' and others. His participation in dramas like ˜Romeo + Juliet', ˜The Basket ball Dairies' and ˜Catch Me If You Can' brought him tremendous acclaim. It was ˜Titanic' that served as a milestone in turning around his overall image as an actor. He received his first Golden Globe Award post ˜Titanic'. He has touched upon various genres of cinema ranging from romance, historical and period drama, thriller and even science fiction. He has received some of the most coveted honors such as the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Drama, Musical or Comedy for his performance in the films ˜The Aviator' and ˜The Wolf of Wall Street', and the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie ˜The Revenant'. Apart from being a producer and an actor, he is also a philanthropist. His concern for the society and the environment is clearly evident from the donations he makes towards wildlife and environment conservational groups.

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Jayden Croes

    Jayden Croes is a popular face on the app ˜Musical.ly'. His fan list has thousands of people on it. The teenager has garnered 43.3K followers on Instagram and has got over 13,000 views and 1.6K fans on live webcast portal YouNow. In all he has about 80K fans. On his Twitter account the actor and dancer has stated- My favorite thing to do is to put a smile on people's faces! This is the reason why Jayden's videos have loads of energy and fun. He got verified on the musically application on the 3rd of May 2016.

    Jayden Croes

  • Patrick Simondac

    Patrick Simondac, popularly known as Patrick Starrr, is a professional make-up artist and YouTube celebrity. He is passionate about a lot of things, photography being one of them. The art of capturing images is a creative outlet for Patrick. The passion for photography prompted Starrr to try his luck as a make-up artist. He is extremely passionate about both photography and make-up and nurtures both with extraordinary vim. Patrick has innumerable followers in social networking sites. He boasts of make-up contracts with dominant beauty brands like Benefit and NYX. He usually collaborates with his peers Manny Mua (Gutierrez) and Christen Dominique for the videos on YouTube. Patrick is a confident and self-motivated person. After gauging through the success of Patrick it can be easily deduced that make-up is not restricted to girls alone. Patrick Simondac is definitely a personification of this major shift in the beauty world.

    Patrick Simondac

  • Jacob Whitesides

    Jacob Whitesides is a promising American singer and songwriter. The man puts his heart, soul and ˜life' into his songs “ he was named by Radio Disney as the ˜Next Big Thing' in featured artist in 2015. Same year, Spotify announced him as one of the Next Big Artists to look out for in 2016. His story to success is not an everyday phenomenon. Coming from a modest family, the warm-hearted Tennessee boy rose to become an immensely likeable and sensational singer. Though he had an affinity for sports, it was a concert that changed the life of this thirteen year old from a shy-modest kid to an exuberant and sociable teenager. Whitesides had imbibed his talent for music from his father but it was solely his dedication and hard work that helped him rise to the top. He became a multi-instrumentalist, experienced at guitar, ukulele, drums and electric lead. He poured his heart into his songs, which are by and large, heartfelt and relatable, sometimes breezy. Apart from having a strong musical sense, Whitesides has high business acumen as well. Instead of signing to a major label and handing over his career to a bigwig company, he opened his own recording company of which he became the CEO. He did not want to succumb to the handcuffed strictures of a traditional deal and wanted to carve a path for himself and have total control over his career, his music and his passion.

    Jacob Whitesides

  • Onision

    Onision (Gregory Daniel Jackson) is a YouTube personality, activist, comedian, musician, and ex- military officer. Before becoming a YouTuber, he served the United States Airforce as an airman but decided to quit his service because it was in conflict with his liberal views and ideologies. He joined You Tube in the month of January 2006 and posted his first video about DARTH WADER (a fictional character in Star Wars) helmet with voice changing functionality. Onision is popular among his fans as the composer of the song I'm A Banana which received more than 672K likes and over 56 million views. He mostly makes and uploads videos relating to controversial subjects like religion, rape, abortion, psychological problems, self-inflicted harm, women's rights, circumcision and veganism, trypophobia, emos, feet obsessions, gay marriage with some exceptions. His vlogs also showcase his personal life and his views on the aforesaid issues. Onision has appeared in many television channels like Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, MTV, Fox News and ABC.


  • Jack Dail

    Jack Dail is a popular Vine star and content creator. He first began to post content to Vine in late 2013. He has a wide network of social media friends. His interests are wide ranging. He plays a number of sports like basketball, lacrosse and baseball, and incorporates his interest in sport into the content that he creates. He has a very distinctive look, growing his hair long which complements his cute dimples. He has an easy and casual manner, and is able to reach out to a variety of viewers. His boy-next-door style is endearing, and he expresses his creativity and views in an understated yet expressive style.

    Jack Dail

  • Ava Jules

    Ava Jules is an American beauty vlogger who runs a self-titled YouTube channel. She has garnered widespread fame for her beauty and makeup tutorials, haul unboxings, product reviews, and personal vlogs. Passionate about makeup since her school days, Ava Jules has today emerged as one of the most popular teenage personalities in the beauty and fashion world. Acknowledged for her one-of-a-kind, creative, and detailed tutorials, tricks, and hacks, Jules is helping women around the world learn about the basics of makeup and fashion. Straightforward, honest, and friendly, the American beauty is an inspiration for many young girls. Besides makeup and fashion, Jules has other interests as well. She is currently a high school student who is managing her studies alongside her growing career as a YouTuber. She has one sister who she considers very close. She loves to shop for new outfits and beauty accessories in her free time.

    Ava Jules

  • Emma Blackery

    Today YouTube is an outlet for many talented minds to create some great content. Through this very same means Emma Blackery has woven a successful career for herself. She is a talented comedian, singer and songwriter, who regularly uploadsvlogs to her YouTube channel. The beautiful lady has gathered over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube owing to her melodious voice and candid vlogs. She even has a splendid 470K fan following on Twitter and 380K fan following on Instagram. Facebook has several pages dedicated to her, with her original page itself consisting of nearly 200K fans. With her music videos and home song demo videos, she has created around 250 videos crossing 117 million views. Well, that sums up her celebrity status! YouTubers Jason, Cherry and Luke, have also made collaborative vlogs with her.

    Emma Blackery

  • Alycia Tyre

    Alycia Tyre is a social media celebrity who has gained a huge fan following on her Instagram page and her YouTube channel. As a vlogger, she is better known by her username Sahlt and she calls her fan following the ˜Sahlt Squad'. The videos on her channel became immensely popular because her content resonated with the audience and her attitude to life and her lifestyle was very inspiring and motivational. She shares her beauty and fashion opinions as well as reviews with more than half a million subscribers on her flagship YouTube channel. Her relationship with fellow social media celebrity Klaus Bausch created quite a buzz among her followers before the couple split. Her next relationship also was in the forefront because it was another famous vlogger Yousef Erakat. The couple split later in the year. Her Instagram account, which boasts over 1 million followers, also adds to her celebrity image. Most of her posts garner a high number of views and comments.

    Alycia Tyre

  • Demi Moore

    Hollywood actress, Demi Moore, had very humble beginnings and she once worked as a pin-up-girl after she dropped out of high school. She had a very disturbed childhood, her birth father left her mother even before she was born and her stepfather committed suicide when she was sixteen. After the incident, young Demi's life was full of hardships and her mother embarrassed her with a record of drunken driving crimes and arson. With an unstable family, she was left to fend for herself and appeared on the cover of an adult magazine. Still determined to pave her way in the world of entertainment, she did many odd jobs and finally made her debut with the film, ˜Choices'. She later gained fame and recognition with her breakthrough role in the film, ˜St. Elmo's Fire'. She has an estimated net worth of $150 million and is one of the most accomplished and well known actresses in the Hollywood, becoming one of the highest paid actress after her acclaimed film, ˜Ghost'. To learn more interesting and intriguing facts about her childhood, personal life and professional achievements in the field of entertainment, scroll down and continue to read this biography.

    Demi Moore

  • Peaches

    Punk singer and electronic music producer who has self-produced a number of radical albums, including The Teaches of Peaches, Impeach My Bush, and I Feel Cream. She has contributed to the soundtracks of films such as Lost in Translation and Mean Girls and television series such as True Blood and The L Word.


  • Jayla Watson

    Jayla Watson, better known online as GlamAholic54 and Jayla Koriyan, is an American YouTuber. She posts beauty and fashion content on her channel Jayla Koriyan. She is also known for posting lifestyle videos and vlogs on her side channel Jayla Koriyan TV. Today, Watson has emerged as one of the most inspiring beauty and lifestyle vloggers on the social platform. Her makeup routines, fashion hauls, and hairstyle tips are quite popular among the YouTube audience. Besides her unbeatable skills and talent in the fields of fashion and beauty, the young fashionista is also adored for her appealing style of presenting the content. An elegant, pretty, and well-educated girl, Watson loves to travel a lot. This fact about her is well-documented in her YouTube videos. Watson also likes to shop a lot. The YouTube personality has a younger sister. She is currently in a relationship but hasn't revealed the name of her boyfriend as yet.

    Jayla Watson

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