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  • Cardi B

    Gained fame as a cast member on the reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is a hip hop recording artist known for singles such as "Bodak Yellow" and "Foreva." Also a social media star, she has earned more than 29 million Instagram followers on her iamcardib account.  

    Cardi B

  • Rhett McLaughlin

    Rhett McLaughlin is an internet sensation and one half of the famous YouTube comedy duo ˜Rhett and Link,' the other half being his friend Charles Link Neal III. Rhett is well known for his comic timings, quirky acting, and his trendy fashion sense. He makes a powerful and distinguished style statement through his beard and hairstyle, often dyeing his hair in a variety of colors. Rhett and Link's multiple award-winning channels have a combined subscribership of over 20 million with over 4 billion total views! They are wildly popular for their comedic songs and viral low-budget local commercials. They like to call their profession as ˜INTERNETAINERS', a word they coined themselves. The duo also frequently appears on talk shows and radio shows.

    Rhett McLaughlin

  • Luke Perry

    Coy Luther "Luke" Perry III is a popular American actor. Performing since his mid-teens, he has been active in the industry for the last 35 years. After finishing school, Perry moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to pursue a career in acting as there wasn't any opportunity to do so in Ohio, his home state. The initial years of his professional life were filled with struggle. He had to do multiple off-the-wall jobs to support himself while taking acting lessons to get better at his chosen craft. He gave audition after audition until one day his persistence and hard work finally paid off. He appeared in an uncredited part in 1982 in the science fiction television series ˜Voyagers'. In 1990, he was cast as Dylan McKay, his breakthrough role, in the TV series ˜Beverly Hills, 90210'. Playing one of the main characters in an internationally popular show, Perry finally found some stability in his career. He made his big screen debut a year later in the Faye Dunaway and James Earl Jones starrer ˜Scorchers'. Since then, he has brought to life a wide range of characters, including Oliver Pike in ˜Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Billy Masterson in ˜The Fifth Element', and Rev. Jeremiah Cloutier in ˜Oz'. He is currently playing Fred Andrews in the mystery drama ˜Riverdale'.

    Luke Perry

  • Chase Hudson

    The suave and magnetic Chase Hudson is a social media influencer, better known as a ˜muser' owing to his great fan following on the highly used app called ˜musical.ly'. He has over 330K fans on the app and has 110K followers on ˜Instagram'. Chase Hudson is recognized by ˜yaboii.chase' on most of his social accounts. He also has 858 followers on ˜Twitter'. Well for Chase, quick moves and amusing facial expressions are all that it takes to earn thousands of fans on musical.ly. He is very athletic as well and loves sports; he not only crushes over his favorite sports, but has tried his hand at many of them too. What's amazing is that he is an excellent player of several sports!

    Chase Hudson

  • Ava Rose

    Social media star who has risen to fame for her avarxseee TikTok channel. She has garnered massive popularity for her lip-syncing and short scenes often with meme captions while modeling.

    Ava Rose

  • Georgia Productions

    Rising YouTube personality who became popular through her video called "Super Mario Bros in real life." She primarily publishes comedy vlog and Q&A videos. Georgia Productions is a YouTuber and Instagram star. On her self-titled YouTube channel, She posts a variety of content including comedy sketches, vlogs, and pranks, and earns thousands of followers in a short period of time. Besides this, in 2018 she launched her first book titled “The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary Apart from YouTube, she is a prominent Instagram star who attracts her thousands of fans by sharing her lifestyle, pictures in different outfits, travel photos, and short reel videos. Georgia was born on October 11, 1999, in Newcastle, Australia. She was raised in Australia and completed her education in Australia. She is 21 years old (as of 2021). Her original name is Georgia McCudden. vices in one go. Include daily updates or a weekly round-up that’s composed of concise information about the nature of your business. Whether you're in tech or the entertainment industry, craft interesting content that your customers will enjoy at first glance.

    Georgia Productions

  • Brandon Flynn

    Brandon Flynn is an American actor, best known for playing ˜Justin Foley' in the popular ˜Netflix' series, ˜13 Reasons Why.' Flynn worked in commercials and as a stage actor, before his claim to fame. He made his professional acting debut in TV series, ˜BrainDead,' as ˜Mike the intern' in 2016. He also appeared as himself in a short film, ˜Home Movies.' He made several appearances on TV in 2018, including the second season of ˜13 Reasons Why.' He portrayed ˜Johnny' in a short film called ˜Binge.' He also appeared in music video, ˜Lockjaw,' by ˜Cook Thugless' featuring Shyrley. In 2019, he will be seen playing ˜Ryan Peters' in season 3 of crime drama series, ˜True Detective.' He has also appeared in off- Broadway production of a musical skit called ˜Kid Victory.' Some of his other theater performances include ˜Alton,' ˜Henry V,' ˜Acting is believing,' and ˜Iwanna.' He is a staunch supporter of ˜LGBT' community.

    Brandon Flynn

  • Phora

    Hip-hop and west coast rap artist who released the 7 song EP Nights Like These on December 10, 2014 through the label Yours Truly. 


  • TheNewAdamb99

    TheNewAdamb99 or Adam Beales is a YouTuber from Ireland. He is known for posting DIY crafts, pranks, challenges, life hacks, vlogs and other amazing videos on his channel on YouTube. Raised alongside his younger brother Calum, Beales had a normal childhood while growing up. He initially never thought of becoming a YouTuber. It was his love for creativity and humor that eventually led him to the social platform. Although his earlier videos were posted just for viewers' entertainment, Beales currently uploads as a professional YouTuber whose aim is also to generate enough income from the platform. A not-so-funny guy according to himself, Beales tries his best to make his audience laugh. He often behaves crazy in front of the camera just to bring smiles on peoples' faces. On a personal note, the Irish guy is charming and joyful to the core. He is mischievous and is always up to something weird and crazy. When not filming, Beales spends his time travelling and enjoying with his parents and brother.


  • Lakota Johnson

    Quick rising TikTok personality who skyrocketed past 200,000 fans on the app in just one month. The lip-sync and dance videos posted to his lakotaaaaa account have earned him more than 1 million fans.

    Lakota Johnson

  • Hayden Byerly

    Hayden Byerly is an American actor best recognized for portraying the character of Jude Adams Foster on the ABC Family drama series ˜The Fosters'. He began his professional acting career as a child at the age of ten. Since then, he has appeared in a number of television programmes. His portrayal of Micah Watson in the series ˜Parenthood' garnered him rave reviews. The actor has also appeared in a feature movie. He has provided his voice to multiple video games including 'Lego Marvel's Avengers', ˜Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' and 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II'. On a personal note, Byerly is a very smart and charming guy. He is a family-oriented person and believes in taking out time for his dear ones. The American artiste also likes to enjoy his leisure time with his friends. He loves his fans dearly and connects with them through his accounts on the social networking platforms Twitter and Instagram which he updates regularly.

    Hayden Byerly

  • Amitabh Bachchan

    Amitabh Bachchan is a famous Indian actor, who started out by starring in Hindi movies, and gradually moved on to act in Malayalam and English movies. With stellar performances in movies like 'Deewar' and 'Zanjeer', he came to be known as the "angry young man" of Hindi cinema. He gained so much popularity during his career that famous French director, François Truffaut, named him a "one-man industry". Not only has he acted in serious action movies, but has also essayed a variety of roles, in comedies and dramas. The actor has displayed immense versatility and a glowing example of the same is his portrayal of a spurned lover, in the movie 'Parwana'. Though he did go through struggling times in his career, the talented actor managed to come back with solid performances in more recent times, with several hit films. He shares the honour of having received three 'National Film Awards', with Tamil and Hindi film actor Kamal Hassan, and Malayalam actor Mammootty. The Government of India has conferred upon him awards like the 'Padma Shri', 'Padma Bhushan' and 'Padma Vibhushan', for his exceptional contribution to world cinema. He is best known for his movies like ˜Sholay', ˜Amar Akbar Anthony', ˜Agneepath', 'Kabhie Kabhie', ˜Silsilay', ˜Muqaddar Ka Sikandar', ˜Lawaris', and ˜Satte Pe Satta'. More recently, he has received accolades for films like ˜Black', Baghban', ˜Sarkar', and ˜Paa'

    Amitabh Bachchan

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