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  • Alessia Cara

    Alessia Cara is a popular Canadian singer of Italian descent, her specialty being Rhythm & Blue Pop with strong undertones of Jazz. Her first solo ˜Here' reached the top five in the US and top 20 in Canada. When she released her first official album ˜Know-it-all,' it peaked at the 19th spot on US Billboard 200. She is contractually signed to EP Entertainment and Def Jam recordings. Her 2016 single ˜Scars to Your Beautiful' reached the top ten on US Billboard Hot 100. With her down-to-earth personality, Cara comes across as someone who everybody can connect with, and this is one quality of hers which makes her extremely popular among the masses. She is way ahead of her generation in terms of maturity which reflects in the lyrics of her songs.

    Alessia Cara

  • Lil Kim

    Tiny rap icon who has racked up numerous platinum records and received a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for her contribution to the popular song "Lady Marmalade."

    Lil Kim

  • David Henrie

    He is well-known for his appearances as Larry on That's So Raven, Ted Mosby's kid on How I Met Your Mother, and Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.

    David Henrie

  • TheOrionSound

    TheOrionSound or Oli is a British YouTuber. He gained popularity for playing games like ˜Minecraft', ˜World of Warcraft', and ˜SIMS'. At the same time, his guitar and piano covers of popular songs are also extremely popular amongst his viewers. Initially starting the channel as a music channel, Oli ventured into gaming to share his passion for gaming and gameplay commentary. He is often seen collaborating with other YouTubers like LDShadowLady, SmallishBeans, SeaPeeKay, and Laurenzside. Some of the most popular videos on her channel are ˜Living As My Sim For 24 Hours', ˜Perfect Parenting! | Who's Your Daddy w/ LDShadowLady', and ˜Valentines Violence! | Ep. 14 | CrazyCraft 3.0 Roleplay' which have brought in millions of views. He refers to his subscribers as ˜Olipops'. The name has also become synonymous with his brand of merchandise as well. His YouTube avatar is a cartoon of him wearing a panda hat. That was drawn by LdshadowLady another youtuber he collabs with. It is based on his actual appearance in his videos where he proudly wears his now famous panda hat which he bought from China.


  • Tom Phelan

    Tom Phelan is an American YouTube personality who runs a channel titled ˜Boston Tom' on which he posts news, puns, games, sketches, vlogs, and other random content. He is also a part of the web series ˜Teens React' and has appeared in the series ˜Adults React' as well as its Nickelodeon spin-off called ˜React To That'. Born in New Jersey, Phelan grew up with his two brothers. He had never thought of becoming a YouTuber but was passionate about acting from his teen years. He loves the idea of filming and developing content and regards YouTube as one of the best things in his life. Till date, he has collaborated with a number of artistes including YouTube personalities like Brian Redmon. Phelan is very passionate towards his work and considers each day as an opportunity to do something new. He is handsome, funny, weird, and straightforward. He likes to make his audience laugh every now and then with his entertaining content.

    Tom Phelan

  • Natalie La Rose

    Natalie La Rose is a recording artist from the Netherlands who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20 to follow her ambition of becoming a celebrity and quickly rose through the ranks of the music industry. She is Surinamese and was born in Amsterdam. After a rough start in the United States, she met Flo Rida at the ESPY Awards and was encouraged to audition at his studio. This proved to be a watershed moment in her professional life. She obtained deals with his company, International Music Group (IMG), and Republic Records, and toured the world as a main singer with him. Her debut solo dance music, "Somebody," with Jeremih, was an instant international hit, reaching number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. Her second single, "Around the World," which featured Fetty Wap, was also a hit. She was awarded the EBBA prize in the Netherlands. She was nominated for Best Push Act and Best Dutch Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She is active on social media and has a sizable fan base. Her admirers are known as the "Rozers" or "Team La Rose." She remains a humble girl who has fought to make it in the entertainment industry, even after her triumph.

    Natalie La Rose

  • Vanessa Lynn

    Vanessa Lynn is an American social-media personality who is best known for her makeup tutorials, product reviews, and travel vlogs on 'YouTube.' She owns a self-titled 'YouTube' channel. Vanessa is popular for her quirky hairstyles and colored hair. She flaunts her unique style and hair colors on her 'Instagram' page. Vanessa also owns a collaborative channel with her boyfriend and fellow "YouTuber," Aspect Zavi.

    Vanessa Lynn

  • Justin Chambers

    Justin Willman Chambers is an American actor and former model best known for his role as Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy. Chambers was born in the state of Ohio. He studied acting at the HB Studio in New York. He worked as a model before becoming an actor, representing fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani. With a cameo appearance in the soap series 'Another World,' he made his acting debut. The next year, he appeared in the TV movie Harvest of Fire as a supporting character. He made his big screen debut in the comedic drama film Liberty Heights, in which he played a supporting role. The film was a critical and commercial flop, yet it was a critical success. When he started playing Dr. Alex Karev in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy, he gained a lot of attention. The series was a great hit and received a lot of positive feedback from critics. It received numerous nominations and awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes. Chambers was also nominated for an Actors Guild Award and a People's Choice Award for his performance. In his promising career, the gifted actor has also done main roles and voice roles.

    Justin Chambers

  • Jax Taylor

    Model-turned-reality-show star best known for his role on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules. He was cast in a spinoff series called Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, which premiered in 2017.

    Jax Taylor

  • Lisa Rinna

    Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place actress who rose to fame for her roles on the soap operas. She's also renowned for her appearance on the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' fifth season.

    Lisa Rinna

  • Tyson Kidd

    Canadian wrestler who won WWE tag team championships fighting alongside <a title='David Hart Smith' href='/famous/david-smith-wrestler.htm'>David Hart Smith</a> and <a title='Cesaro' href='/famous/antonio-cesaro.htm'>Cesaro</a> in 2010 and 2015, respectively. He also competed in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    Tyson Kidd

  • John Quincy Adams

    Prior to becoming the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams served in a variety of capacities in the public sector, including as an astute attorney, diplomat, senator, and capable Congressional representative. As a result of his political activities, he was given the moniker Old Man Eloquent. He has the distinction of becoming the first President of the United States whose father had previously served in the position. Because he was the son of John Adams, the second President of the United States, patriotism ran in his veins. Adams' disposition was one of a hermit, and he did not mingle much, despite his remarkable intellect. These behavioral qualities are said to have lost him his presidential reelection attempt, and as a result, his leadership was limited to a single term. He is acknowledged today as one of the greatest American diplomats and Secretaries of State the country has ever had. He is recognized as an amazing moral leader who helped create America's foreign policy and ushered in an age of economic progress while upholding the country's nationalist republican beliefs. To learn more about him, read his biography.

    John Quincy Adams

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