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  • WillNE

    WillNE is a YouTube vlogger who is well-known for his channel. His pop culture analysis, reaction videos, and personal vlog postings have garnered him a following there.


  • Jacob Cruikshank

    The web world has become a perfect medium to bring the young talents under the lime light and Jacob Cruikshank happens to be a teenager who has put this opportunity to the right use, following the footsteps of his elder brother. Jacob is already an internet sensation to the youngsters. He has launched his self-named YouTube channel Jacobcruik and enjoys over 500,000 subscribers. We can safely say that Jacob is going to be the next big name amongst the young YouTube vloggers. Jacob posts new videos on his vlog once or twice a week and his videos deal with various everyday incidents of his life, involving his elder brother, Lucas, as well as other family members and parents. He also posts a number of DIY videos on his vlog which are particularly funny. Jacob started his YouTube blog in the middle of the year 2013 and in the next 3 and half years he has successfully added a considerable number of subscribers to his channel. The huge number of views on his latest YouTube videos clearly shows how the popularity of this vlogger has sky rocketed in the last few years. Jacob is a member of a family of 10 and his videos give a clear idea about the life of this vlogger turned celebrity. Apart from his brother Lucas, he is also associated with reality star, Kylie Jenner, with whom he did a makeup tutorial video for his vlog.

    Jacob Cruikshank

  • Callum McGinley

    Callum McGinley is a YouTuber, who shot to fame with his YouTube channel, Callux. Fondly known as a prankster, Callum mostly uploads prank videos on his channel. His friends or fellow YouTubers generally film the footage for him while he attempts to prank unsuspecting members of the public for entertainment. Callum was interested in social media right from an early age. He soon turned his love for it into his profession by launching his own channel and has since then, only charted upwards. Callum's big ticket to stardom came when his prank videos on the channel fared extremely well, earning him increasing subscriptions. The number of the views per video on Callux is about 275 million and is continuously growing as you read. Callum uploads at least two videos every month. With more than 2.4 million subscribers today, Callum is truly one of the most popular YouTubers of the current generation.

    Callum McGinley

  • Grace Sharer

    Member of the internet's well-known Sharer family, which has grown into a brand owing to Stephen Sharer's efforts. After participating in videos on Stephen's channel, she became a prominent Instagram figure with 30,000 followers.

    Grace Sharer

  • Camden Scott

    Camden Scott is a well-known YouTuber who rose to prominence because to her channel NowThisIsLiving, which she co-founded with her ex-boyfriend Shannon Beveridge. Camden currently has her own personal YouTube channel, In Full Bloom with Cammie Scott, which is run by her girlfriend. She also has her own website where she chronicles her life events. Camden has amassed a sizable fan base because to her Friday updates on fitness, life, and other topics. Camden also has a sizable Instagram and Twitter following. Camden is not only a social media sensation, but he is also an entrepreneur who co-owns The Ripple Effect Co., an online company dedicated to selling items.

    Camden Scott

  • Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis is an American professional basketball player. He plays for the ˜New Orleans Pelicans' of the ˜National Basketball Association' (NBA). Davis has performed exceptionally well in basketball since high school. He plays in the power forward, and center positions. While in high school, Davis was noticed by selectors due to his agility and tall physique. Around the same time, he was selected for the ˜McDonald's All-American Game.' He attended the ˜University of Kentucky' and played for the ˜Kentucky Wildcats.' While playing for the university team, Davis was awarded the ˜US Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) National Freshman of the Year.' Davis was part of the US national basketball team that won a gold medal in the 2012 ˜Olympic Games.' He has broken several game records during the course of his six-year career.

    Anthony Davis

  • Alahna Ly

    Alahna Ly is a social media star, best known for posting eye-catching photos and videos on her official Instagram account. Thanks to her twerking videos and raunchy images, her Instagram account has managed to accumulate more than 600,000 followers. Apart from being a great poser, Alahna is also an amateur singer and dancer. Because of her dancing and singing skills, she has more than 65,000 fans on her musical.ly account. Not only does she post her songs on musical.ly, but she also uploads them on SoundCloud. Alahna has posted some of her original songs, such as ˜The Gold,' ˜Erase Me Out Of Your Phone' and ˜So What's Up' on SoundCloud. She has also uploaded cover versions of many famous songs belonging to musicians like Justin Bieber, Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Ella Henderson.

    Alahna Ly

  • Jude Demorest

    Jude Demorest is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and model. She is best known for her role in the TV series ˜Stars.' As a child, Demorest was passionate about music and dance. Her first experience in singing was with the church choir. Demorest is an all-round performer and is equally good in singing, acting, modeling, and songwriting. In the initial days of her career, Demorest played small TV roles. She performed as a backup dancer, too. Later, she began receiving significant offers. Her role in the series ˜Stars' has made her very popular with TV viewers in the US. She has co-written a few songs with her husband. Jude Demorest is a promising young talent and aims to reach greater heights in the entertainment industry.

    Jude Demorest

  • John Barrowman

    Actor who played the title role in the Broadway production of Sunset Boulevard. He is well recognized for his roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood on the BBC. He went on to play Malcolm Merlyn in the TV show Arrow.

    John Barrowman

  • Terrence Howard

    Terrence Howard is a popular American actor and singer who is especially known for his Oscar-nominated performance in the American drama film ˜Hustle & Flow'. Having made his TV debut with the 1992 miniseries ˜The Jacksons: An American Dream', he later played significant roles in successful films such as ˜Dead Presidents' and ˜Mr. Holland's Opus.' His most successful works are ˜Crash,' an American drama for which he won numerous awards and award nominations, and ˜Hustle & Flow,' another drama film, which again won him several awards along with a nomination for an Oscar as well. Having been born into a physically abusive and violent family, Howard had a horrible childhood where he often suffered physical abuse at the hands of his father. Despite this, he pursued his dreams, and after disconnecting himself from his parents, he moved to New York to pursue an acting career. After spending a few years appearing in small roles, he finally came to popularity with his role in ˜Dead Presidents.' Howard is also a skilled singer. He released his first studio album ˜Shine Through It' in 2008. With eleven tracks, all composed by himself, the album peaked at No. 31 in the US Billboard 200.

    Terrence Howard

  • Johnny Knoxville

    The daredevil who made his way into his audiences' hearts through his reckless antics and comedic actions, Johnny Knoxville is an actor who redefined reality television entertainment with the show ˜Jackass'. Born as Philip John Clapp, the energetic entertainer was destined for the spotlight. A crazy sense of humour runs in his family and his father used to play a lot of practical jokes on him which eventually influenced him to join the entertainment industry. He was a popular student in high school due to his odd sense of humour which endeared him to his fellow students. In spite of being a bright student he was not academically inclined and had no interest in going to college even though he had won a scholarship to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He moved to California to become an actor. After struggling to find work, he ended up doing commercials and wrote article ideas to magazines. It was during the filming of one such idea that the reality series ˜Jackass' was born. The success of the series ensured that the stuntman cum comedian got noticed and was soon invited to perform in other shows. He took his career further by appearing in a number of feature films, most notably, the Jackass franchise.

    Johnny Knoxville

  • Branson Tannerites

    Tannerites, a family vlog YouTube channel, features the oldest of seven children. Over 600,000 people have subscribed to the channel.

    Branson Tannerites