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  • Raven-Symoné

    First gained fame as a child star, portraying Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show from 1989 to 1992. She then went on to star in the popular 2000s Disney series That's So Raven. The series earned a 2017 spin-off titled Raven's Home. She also starred in the 2003 TV movie The Cheetah Girls. 


  • Adalia Rose

    Adalia Rose is an American social media star. She became famous in recent times when her mother set up a website and a page on facebook to help her family keep a track of her progress. She hit the limelight when a serious and fatal disease afflicting her surfaced in the social media. Even after knowing that her days are numbered and she may not be able to get past her 13th birthday, she bubbles with life. She has created many videos which prove she has taken all the problems in her stride and is ready to enjoy life to its fullest. The videos have not only made her famous but have brought to the notice of many people how to cope with a situation from which recovery is almost impossible. She has a personal website called ˜The Rosebud Shop'.

    Adalia Rose

  • Dynamite Dylan

    Dylan Friedlinghaus is a YouTuber and singer from the United States. On his YouTube channel, "Dynamite Dylan," he is recognized for releasing music videos and vlogs. He originally became well-known for his toy and video game reviews, as well as song covers. With the release of his song video No Competition, which includes fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, he acquired international fame in 2017. Dylan was always interested in music since he was a child. During his high school years, he began to take singing more seriously and finally joined social media to show off his talents to the rest of the world. Dylan has been creating music and releasing it on numerous social media sites since then. He also enjoys shooting films and occasionally uploads vlogs to his YouTube page. Despite his youth, he has already made a name for himself on social media. Dylan is a lovely and kind young man who has a large following, particularly among young ladies, all across the world.

    Dynamite Dylan

  • Trinity Taylor

    Trinity Taylor is an American Instagram star, better known as the sister of the popular dance duo, 'Trinity Girlz.' Trinity has gained prominence majorly for her dance videos on Instagram and musical.ly. The sister duo has appeared in many of Trinity's dance videos. Trinity too has been featured on a couple of her sisters' music videos. On Instagram, she has already earned more than 300K followers. Trinity is also very popular for her slime making videos which she posts on her You Tube channel. She has a website to trade her handmade slimes. Trinity is also into selling ˜Taylor Girlz' merchandises on the site, iamtrinitytaylormerch.

    Trinity Taylor

  • Teyana Taylor

    Singer and actress who made her breakthrough in 2009 with the mixtape From a Planet Called Harlem. In 2012, she joined with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label.

    Teyana Taylor

  • Loco Laii

    Loco Laii is an Instagram star, TikTok star, and social media influencer from the United States. Her gymnastics, lip-syncing, and dancing videos have won her a following on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She was up in Alabama and has always been interested in dancing and gymnastics. She started using social media in 2016, and it didn't take long for her sites on multiple platforms to acquire traction. On her TikTok account, she has over 500 thousand admirers and more than 30 million hearts as of 2018. She has over 160 thousand Instagram followers. Loco Laii started her YouTube account in February 2017 and has over 1.3 million views and 25 thousand subscribers.

    Loco Laii

  • Natti Natasha

    Natalia Alexandra Gutirrez Batista is a Dominican Republic-born reggaeton and hip hop singer and actress. Her professional name, Natti Natasha, is more well-known. Natasha began singing at a young age in her hometown of Santiago de los Caballeros. She began taking singing classes and polishing her musical abilities at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago when she was eight years old. She developed a profound interest in and appreciation for artists like as Bob Marley, Jerry Rivera, Lauryn Hill, and Ivy Queen as she grew up. She began recording songs for pleasure when she was 14 years old. Natasha's first taste of fame came in 2012, when she was featured in Don Omar's Latin tropical pop song "Dutty Love." That same year, she released All About Me, her first and only extended play to date. She collaborated with a number of other musicians throughout the years until releasing her song, "Otra Cosa," in 2017. She has now released eight additional singles and acted in the television series 'Atlantic City Chronicles.' Natasha is currently affiliated to Pina Records, a Puerto Rican musical company.

    Natti Natasha

  • Evelyn Lozada

    Evelyn Lozada is an American television personality who is best known for being one of the primary cast members of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives. She is renowned for dating other players, including Antoine Walker and Carl Crawford, in addition to being the ex-wife of NFL star Chad Johnson. Lozada, on the other hand, isn't famous just because of her affiliation with athletes! She has built a name for herself by starring on reality television shows and launching her own company. When it comes to Lozada's personal style, the American beauty is elegant and sophisticated. She has high living standards yet a down-to-earth disposition. The socialite is well-known for her support of many humanitarian causes. Lozada now has millions of followers all around the world. She has over 3 million Instagram followers as a result of her active social media presence. Aside from that, her Twitter account has 1.23 million followers. She also has over 2 million likes on her official Facebook profile.

    Evelyn Lozada

  • Callum B

    He is a prominent YouTube challenge video maker with over 340,000 subscribers. "Kid Spends 24 HOURS in SEGWAY ELECTRIC SHOES!! - Challenge (Hard)" was one of his most popular videos. On his callumbyt Instagram feed, which has over 60,000 followers, he has advertised for XBOX.

    Callum B

  • Dylan Hawkins

    Creator of humorous video material who gained popularity after posting the video "100 Layer Super Glue Challenge Fail!!!

    Dylan Hawkins

  • JoeySalads

    On YouTube, there is a video content creator who is known for making funny prank films. He became a big Vine user and was active on musical.ly. JoeySalads was the moniker he gave to all of his social media accounts.


  • Lyssy Noel

    She describes herself as a YouTuber and is active on practically every social media platform. Her Lyssy Noel channel is largely dedicated to arcade videos, but she also has a LyssysLife channel where she shares vlogs, tutorials, and other content.

    Lyssy Noel

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