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  • Perrie Edwards

    Perrie Louise Edwards is a well-known pop singer, who is a member of the hit British girl band ˜Little Mix'; the other member of the band include <a title='Leigh-Anne Pinnock' href='/famous/leigh-anne-pinnock.htm'>Leigh-Anne Pinnock</a>, <a title='Jesy Nelson' href='/famous/jesy-nelson.htm'>Jesy Nelson</a> and <a title='Jade Thirlwall' href='/famous/jade-thirlwall.htm'>Jade Thirlwall</a>. Formed during the 8th season of the reality television music competition ˜The X Factor', the band became the first group to win the competition. After winning the title, the young singer shot to stardom and released her first album ˜DNA' along with her band mates. Today, Perrie Edwards has become one of the most successful pop singers in the nation. Apart from earning considerable name and fame, the blonde bombshell has managed to win the hearts of millions of people as well. As of May 2017, the pretty singer has accumulated 6.2m fans on Instagram and 18k fans on Twitter respectively. Coming to her personal lifestyle, Perrie Edwards is a simple yet lazy girl who loves dressing herself in the 1990s' outfits. The talented lady is one such star who is definitely meant to rule the future music world!

    Perrie Edwards

  • Isabela Moner

    Isabela Yolanda Moner is an American actress, singer, and dancer of Peruvian-American descent. Acting from the early age of seven, Moner has appeared on Broadway, TV shows, and films. She performed alongside Ricky Martin in a Broadway production of ˜Evita' in 2012. She became one of the latest additions to the Nickelodeon stable when she landed the role of CJ Martin on the popular children sitcom ˜100 Things to do Before High School'. Since then, she has been cast in a recurring role on the NBC's ˜Growing up Fisher', voiced the character of Kate in ˜Dora and Friends: Into the City', and is playing one of the protagonists in the upcoming film ˜Transformers: The Last Knight'. The website ˜teen.com' has termed her The Next Victoria Justice. She is quite active on various social media platforms. One of her long-time wishes came true when she launched her very own YouTube channel on July 12, 2012. The channel at present has 7.4 million views and 140 thousand subscribers.

    Isabela Moner

  • Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara is a Colombian-American actress and model who started her acting career as a co-host of a couple of Spanish-language television shows on Univisión. Steering through a lot of hardships to achieve success, Sofia proved that hard work and perseverance pay off in the end. She is most famous for playing the role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the ABC series 'Modern Family', which brought her numerous award nominations. She also did significant roles in movies like 'Chasing Papi', 'Four Brothers', 'Meet the Browns', 'Madea Goes to Jail', 'The Smurfs', 'Happy Feet Two', 'The Three Stooges', 'Machete Kills' and 'Hot Pursuit'. She has been the top-earning actress on US television for three years and ranked 32nd on the Forbes' list of most powerful women in the world. She has modeled for a number of brands and products, and has launched her own clothing line and jewelry collection. She is married to Joe Manganiello and currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her son from her first marriage, Manolo. She is a cancer survivor and has created a foundation to help families in Colombia cope with cancer.

    Sofia Vergara

  • Antonio Brown

    Antonio Brown is an American professional footballer who serves as the wide receiver and punt returner for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He is the son of the star Arena Football League player, Eddie Brown, but lived away from his father during his childhood and spent most of his teenage years without proper guidance and support. Despite this, he made his way into the college football team at Central Michigan University and was later selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers as their wide receiver. He left behind his peers in tough competition to become the star player for his team and went on to break numerous NFL records, as well set a host of new records. He is arguably the best wide receiver in NFL currently. He has been selected for Pro Bowl five times and has been named First Team All-Pro four times.

    Antonio Brown

  • Neo Romasanta

    Comedy, transition and lip-sync video creator for the app TikTok who has earned more than 1.4 million fans on his neocalun account. He has also called himself "neo the babe slayer."

    Neo Romasanta

  • Adande Thorne

    Adande Thorne, better known on social media as sWooZie, is a Trinidadian-American YouTuber, scriptwriter, animator, and director. He joined YouTube in 2006 and has been posting interesting gaming videos, story-time videos, and motivational content since then. As a professional gamer, he competed in the reality series WCG Ultimate Gamer as well as in Team Ninja's ˜Dead or Alive 4' in the Championship Gaming Series. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Thorne grew up in a town called Diego Martin and later moved to Orlando, Florida. He was educated at West Orange High School. Known for publishing 100% real story-time vlogs, the YouTuber is multitalented in every way. He has also acted in a handful of small and big screen projects. In 2016, he won the Streamy Award in the Animated category. Wildly popular on an international level, Thorne has got millions of fans on various social media platforms. As of now, he has over 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube and is considerably popular on Twitter as well.

    Adande Thorne

  • Charlie Navalua

    Charlie Navalua is an American YouTube personality notable for running a self-titled channel on YouTube on which he shares amusing content like reactions, challenges, and DIYs. He is also known for his contributions to his family channel titled ˜The Navalua Family channel' that he runs along with his siblings. The family channel features life hacks, product testing, DIYs, etc. Talking about the popularity of these channels, Navalua's personal channel has over 235k subscribers while his collaborative channel has more than 150k subscribers; the videos on these channels have been viewed over 15 million and 9 million times respectively. The American YouTuber is quite prominent on other social media platforms as well. He also loves using Snapchat whenever he is not shooting videos for his channels. On a personal note, he is a fun-loving family guy who loves doing crazy things with his siblings.

    Charlie Navalua

  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, best known for his development of alternating current electrical systems. He also made extraordinary contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and wireless radio communications. He was a child prodigy and possessed an eidetic memory with a futuristic vision for the mankind which is evident from most of his discoveries and researches. He was a trained electrical and mechanical engineer whose discoveries and inventions included the modern electric motor, wireless transmission of energy, basic laser and radar technology, the first neon and fluorescent illumination and the Tesla coil (widely used in radio, television sets, and other electronic equipment).Despite being a great inventor, his life was mostly shadowed by poverty because he was a terrible businessman. He was impractical with his money and had nobody to pass on his legacy to since he never got involved in a relationship with anyone. Although he was regarded as a generous and polite person by his friends, he had very limited social interaction with them because of his firm daily routine. He was a loner all his life and died penniless without the accolades that he would ultimately earn after his death. He was undoubtedly one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century whose discoveries in the field of electricity were way ahead of his time and continue to influence technology even today.

    Nikola Tesla

  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson is an American singer, reality TV star, actress, and businesswoman who achieved fame following the release of her debut studio album, ˜Sweet Kisses'. Born to a Baptist minister, who gave her a purity ring at the age of 12, she initially established an "anti-sex appeal" image which put her in stark contrast to contemporary stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. However, unsatisfied with the 4 million worldwide sales of her debut album, Columbia Records changed her image drastically in her next album, ˜Irresistible', which had her sing promiscuous songs and wear provocative clothing. Her new image failed to impress both fans and critics. In spite of that, following her marriage to Nick Lachey, her appearance in the MTV reality show ˜Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica' and the release of her new album ˜In This Skin' established her as a sex symbol. While this album eventually became her most successful work, her following albums and movies all failed commercially. Interestingly, she has been able to achieve success consistently as a businesswoman for her clothing line and accessories collection.

    Jessica Simpson

  • Memeulous

    Memeulous is a British YouTuber who has gained fame for posting satiric reviews and parody videos on his channel. Considered to be one of the most popular YouTubers, he has gained a massive following of millions. He is also famous for not revealing his face to his viewers till date. Thus no one has any idea what his real identity is. Normally fans only get to hear his voice in his videos, but if he does appear, he wears a cap on his head and a sunglass and a bandana to cover his face. In spite of that, his quality content has ensured that his channel had one of the fastest growths in recent years. Videos like ˜Harry Potter and the Noscoper's Stone', ˜Craziest Beef in Rap History - Little T vs Soph Aspin', and his monthly series ˜Last Month This Happened (LTMH)', are some of the most popular content on his channel. He considers making content on YouTube to be his full-time job. PewDiePie, Pyrocynical, and Stephen Tries are some of his favorite YouTubers.


  • Harper Beckham

    Harper Seven Beckham is daughter of famous Soccer player <a title='David' href='/famous/david-beckham.htm'>David</a> Beckham and <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a>. She has already got the paparazzi at her heels with her elaborate and trendy wardrobe. With all credit going to <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a> and her infinite sense of style and trends, she surely has little Harper walking her footsteps. With her adorable innocence and irresistible cuteness, this young angel already has a fan following of 89.3 K on ˜Instagram.' The youngest Beckham and only girl among the next generation of Beckhams is loved and pampered by her brothers. Obviously, her arrival brought great joy to the couple that had three boys before her. Victoria has shown the world that her fashion trends aren't limited to adults but also brings out the best in children. In a recent video uploaded by her father, Harper was gallantly singing Happy Birthday and wishing her mother lots of love. The video went viral and viewers couldn't get enough of her!

    Harper Beckham

  • HeyParis

    HeyParis is a Canadian "YouTuber" who is primarily known for her storytime videos. Her primary 'YouTube' channel focuses on her life experiences. She owns a second channel that is dedicated to content related to makeup and beauty. HeyParis is popular for her highly energetic videos. She is bold and has an opinion about everything. HeyParis has been subjected to criticism, too. Most 'YouTube' viewers have labeled her as a loud-mouthed vlogger. Some even claim that her storytime videos are fake. Unaffected by such haters, HeyParis still continues to display her positive spirit through her channels.