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  • Lil Nas X

    Viral rapper with a big hit called "Old Town Road," which became the subject of memes and a viral social media challenge on TikTok, including the "Yeeshaw Challenge." In 2019, he released a remix featuring <a title='Billy Ray Cyrus' href='/famous/billy-ray-cyrus.htm'>Billy Ray Cyrus</a> that generated him further fame. His videos have earned over 600 million views on TikTok. 

    Lil Nas X

  • Lala lalaleluu

    Creator of lifestyle content that rose to prominence thanks to her TikTok account, lalaleluu. For her 4.3 million followers, she also generates engaging fan responses.

    Lala lalaleluu

  • Gerard Way

    Gerard Way is a dynamic American rock/ punk singer-songwriter, band member, musician and comic book writer/director. He founded the band ˜My Chemical Romance' in 2001, which had its fair share of stardom until it split in 2013. Like most of the children, Way was fond of comic books as a child. Fulfilling his passion, he created his own dark-humored mini-comic series ˜The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' and released the comic book ˜The Umbrella Academy' in 2007. Way went on to release his debut solo album in 2014 and named it ˜Hesitant Alien'. It peaked the ˜UK Rock Albums' chart and was labelled a platinum selling album. Gerard is also known for his association with the boy band ˜The Hormones'. He is the band's lead vocalist alongside guitarists Ian Fowles and Matt Gorney, drummer Jarrod Alexander and pianist James Dewees. Battling with a distraught childhood wasn't easy for the rock star and most of his teenage years were spent in isolation, depression and alcoholism. His only source of inspiration was his grandmother who taught him both music and art. With sheer perseverance and determination, he overcame a rotten past and is today known as a pioneer of punk and has made it a thriving genre in mainstream music.

    Gerard Way

  • Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart is a famous Hollywood actress, best-known for her role as ˜Bella Swan' in the blockbuster ˜Twilight' series, inspired by Stephanie Meyer's novels of the same name. Her character, although dull and dreary, went on to flock a legion of fans who were smitten by the tearjerker, vampire-human love saga. Contrary to her character in the film, Kristen Stewart is believed to be quite the opposite, with a penchant for humor, glamour and an interesting, fast-paced life. After the final installment of the ˜Twilight' series was filmed, she began to fade from the spotlight and the projects that were once dwarfed by her colossal ˜Twilight' films began to resurface. Her prolific acting skills from a very young age went on to inspire a number of young girls and teenagers alike. She was spotted by a talent scout and despite landing a small role in the Disney series, ˜The Thirteenth Year', she made her presence felt with a stunning, non-verbal performance. She then went on to earn a number of roles in films like, ˜The Safety of Objects', ˜Panic Room', ˜Cold Creek Manor', ˜Catch That Kid', ˜Undertow', ˜Into the Wild', ˜Snow White and the Huntsman' and ˜On the Road'. Scroll further for more interesting information.

    Kristen Stewart

  • Lilia Buckingham

    Lilia Buckingham is an American competitive dancer who is currently affiliated with MNR Dance Factory. A native Californian, Lilia became interested in the performing arts very early in her life. She garnered fame under unique circumstances and it is quite safe to say that she did not go looking for it. Through her mother, she became acquainted with several performers from the reality show ˜Dance Moms,' and they, in turn, posted pictures with Lilia on their social media accounts. Soon enough, she became a topic of conversation on the internet, with thousands wondering if she was a new contestant on the show. It did not matter that the girl, her family and even the performers themselves denied her involvement in the show. People continued to speculate until Lilia stopped posting on Instagram. During this period, Lilia was even stalked by another girl of her age. Since then, owing to her new-found online fame, she has appeared on shows such as ˜Good Morning America' and ˜Modern Family'. She has 12 thousand and 861 thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively and 23 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

    Lilia Buckingham

  • Kenneth San Jose

    Kenneth San Jose is a young American hip-hop dancer, singer, and actor who also has a strong social media presence. He has been naturally blessed with a lot of skills. He is a proficient singer and has sung many songs, alone, and also with his friends. At the young age of 12, he decided to learn dancing and embarked on a dancing career. He is a YouTuber as well, and launched his YouTube channel ˜Kenneth San Jose' on October 5, 2011, which had reached 112k subscribers and 7 million views as of June 2017. After signing with the MSA Agency, he became a part of the lilBEASTS dance crew and is a member of the HB Kids crew as well. He has worked with many top choreographers including <a title='Matt Steffanina' href='/famous/matt-steffanina.htm'>Matt Steffanina</a> and WildaBeast Adams, and has featured in the videos they have choreographed. Kenneth wants to learn more and develop himself in dancing, and be the best dancer in his age group. However, he is so talented that he also dances with partners who are double his age!

    Kenneth San Jose

  • Elle Fanning

    Mary Elle Fanning is a young American actress known for her roles in films, such as 'Phoebe in Wonderland' and 'The Neon Demon'. Born in Conyers, Georgia, Fanning is the younger sister of popular actress Dakota Fanning. She began acting from a very early age. Her first appearance was in the popular miniseries ˜Taken', which was produced by Steven Spielberg. Fanning played the younger version of her sister's character in the miniseries. Over the years, she started gaining roles independent of her sister, and at the age of nine, she appeared in 'Phoebe in Wonderland' in which she played the lead role. Her performance earned her a lot of appreciation and popularity. She has also acted in films, such as 'The Door in the Floor' and 'I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With'. With her beautiful looks and amazing acting skills, she soon established herself as an upcoming young actress. She won her first award at the age of thirteen! Her role in the American drama 'Somewhere' earned her a 'Young Hollywood Award' for Actress of the Year. Some of her latest films are 'Sidney Hall' and 'The Beguiled'.

    Elle Fanning

  • Sophie Grace

    Actress who is best recognized for being cast as Kristy Thomas in the Netflix series The Baby-Sitters Club (2020). She was cast on the show after beating out thousands of other in the nationwide search.

    Sophie Grace

  • Isla Ingham

    Isla Ingham is a British ˜YouTube' personality. She is the youngest member of the Ingham family, who have their own ˜YouTube' channel. Isla stepped into the ˜YouTube' scene when she was a toddler. Isla now regularly appears on the channel's vlogs and captivates her fans with her adorable laughter. She has two elder sisters who, too, appear with her in the vlogs. The family now has a second channel to give their fans an extra dose of entertainment. ˜The Ingham Family' is available on ˜Instagram' and ˜Twitter,' too.

    Isla Ingham

  • Leighton Meester

    Leighton Meester is an American model, actress, singer and songwriter. She is popularly known for her role of ˜Blair Waldorf' in the television drama series ˜Gossip Girl'. Leighton Meester began her career in the industry as a young girl. During her childhood, she was featured in a local stage production of ˜Wizard of Oz', following which her interest in acting grew. She began working through commercials and modelling. As part of modelling assignments, she has been associated with major brands like Herbal Essences, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo and Ralph Lauren. Though she began her career as a model, she later ventured into acting as well.She made her acting debut with series ˜Law & Order' and took up minor/ cameo roles in television series and feature films like ˜Country Song', ˜Monte Carlo', and 'Killer Movie'. Apart from acting, she has also recorded music and written songs in collaboration with several noted artists like Cobra Starship and singer Robin Thicke. Her songs have been listed as Billboard Top Hits. Leighton Meester has also done a Broadway performance in the stage production of ˜Of Mice and Men'.

    Leighton Meester

  • Jesse McCartney

    Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney is an American singer, songwriter, movie and stage actor. He is well-known for his long term association with Disney, for which he has made special appearances in sitcoms like ˜The Suite Life of Zack & Cody', ˜Hannah Montana' and done voiceovers for movies like ˜Tinker Bell', ˜Alvin and Chipmunks', etc. He is known for his famous debut album ˜Beautiful Souls' for which he got Grammys nominations and bagged Teen Choice Awards and Nickelodeon Award. He has in all come out with three albums until now: ˜Beautiful Souls', ˜Departure' and ˜Departure: Recharged'. He has worked in movies like: ˜Keith' and ˜Chernobyl Dairies'. McCartney showed his passion for acting since the age of seven when for the first time he acted in his local theater and from there on there was no looking back for him. He proclaims himself to be ambitious and once said in one of his interviews that he wants to go to the top and entertainment business is his life. He considers his songs to have a ˜blue-eyed soul' to it and has always considers singer James Taylor as his inspiration.

    Jesse McCartney

  • Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner was an American adult magazine publisher best known for being the founder of Playboy Enterprises. He is credited to have revolutionized the adult entertainment industry with the introduction of the ˜Playboy' magazine and eventually extended his enterprise to include television and internet ventures. When he published the first issue of the magazine, featuring Marilyn Monroe in 1953, he had no idea of how popular the publication would become. ˜Playboy' enjoyed instant success”the first issue sold more than 50,000 copies”catapulting both the magazine and its founder to widespread popularity. Before founding the immensely successful yet equally notorious magazine, Hefner had been a journalist for ˜Esquire' and had also served in the World War II. Born into a conservative family in Chicago, he studied psychology, creative writing and art in college and embarked on a career as a journalist. However, he left his job after being refused a raise and went on to found the adult magazine that would take the entertainment world by storm. Not surprisingly, Hefner epitomizes the lifestyle promoted by his magazine and has had a string of sexy models as his girlfriends. But his life was not just about sex; he was also a well-known political activist and a philanthropist who contributed generously to several causes.

    Hugh Hefner

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