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  • Trisha Paytas

    Trisha Paytas considers herself ˜a mix between Woody Allen and your local hooker'. It's quite an outrageous combination, one has to admit. But does she really live up to this bit of self-evaluation? More or less, for she is a strangely interesting bundle of contradictions. On one hand, you have the outrageously witty, bawdy, positive, charming version of her that made her a popular V-logger. On the other, there is this insecure, outspoken, paranoid side of hers that has earned her quite a lot of detractors. Love her or hate her, but you can't just ignore Trisha Paytas. And that itself is her USP. She can surprise you with her quick-witted quips; make cringe-worthy, controversial remarks that will make her seem like the proverbial blonde; and redeem herself later on. It's this odd combination of contrasting characteristics that made Trisha Paytas a YouTube celebrity “ a status that she has leveraged well, to a make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

    Trisha Paytas

  • Ethan Wacker

    Best known as a child actor on the show ˜Bizaardvark', this Disney star has all it takes to become the next mega television sensation. With great acting skills at such a young age, his experience working with Disney is certainly going to be an impetus for his future. Ethan is fourteen and already has around 125K followers on Instagram; his fans also follow him on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. He uploads regular videos ofhim along with his co-stars on the Disney set and also of himself alone. He is great friends with his entire crew and learns a lot from the senior cast members. With his cute and charming looks, this young lad has won the hearts of many children who take inspiration from his success.

    Ethan Wacker

  • Stephen Amell

    Stephen Amell is a Canadian film and TV actor, best known for his roles in films like ˜Closing the Ring', ˜Stay with Me', and ˜Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows'. His portrayal of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the television series ˜Arrow' made him popular, and earned him four awards. Through five seasons now, he portrays the lead role of a superhero. The show has found so much success that it has spawned a number of other series that make up the network's 'Arrowverse'. Recently in an interview, Amell said that if ˜Arrow' goes into season 6, then the superhero, the role he plays, should be humorous, and if the show goes beyond that, then he should be more socially conscious. During his school and college days, Amell had a keen interest in sports, and supported and campaigned for local sporting teams. He is also a wrestler and did a television program on wrestling, where he confronted Stardust. Amell has another side to his character”he loves getting involved in social activities and helps charities by fundraising for them.

    Stephen Amell

  • Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, more popularly known as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor, and one of the best-selling Latin recording artists in the world. His father is a popular Spanish singer but Enrique entered the music industry with the false surname of Martinez as he did not want to use his famous father's name to advance his own career. He began writing songs at the age of 15 but had to be secretive as his parents did not approve of it. He dropped out of university after the first year to concentrate on music. This turned out to be a masterstroke as his first album itself sold a half a million copies in its first week and he became a star overnight. He maintains a very fine balance between his Spanish and English songs, a task his contemporaries could not quite succeed at. Till date he has sold over 137 million records worldwide and has more than 70 No. 1 rankings on the various Billboard charts. Billboard has called him 'The King of Latin Pop' and 'The King of Dance'. He is also known for his charitable activities as he constantly donates and organises concerts in order to financially help the victims of natural disasters

    Enrique Iglesias

  • Marcel Cunningham

    YouTube gamer and vlogger, Marcel Cunningham, better known by his channel name BasicallyIDoWrk, has contributed immensely to YouTube's gameplay videos. He has over 2.7 million subscribers for the 440+ videos on his channel. He, along with his gaming crew and pals, uploads videos of different games. The idea struck him in 2012 and since then, his fans have been growing. Marcel loves his new job, which enables him to play video games and make a living of it. He is humorous and blunt; girls are crazy about him because of his wit, and boys envy his gaming stats and admire his talent. After becoming a star on YouTube, he has accumulated a huge fan following on other social media platforms too; on Instagram, he has over 110 K followers and on Twitter, he has more than 779 K supporters. He loves interacting with his fans and entertaining them.

    Marcel Cunningham

  • Mars

    Content creator for YouTube with a channel titled Mars who gained an audience by vlogging about being stricken with cancer. She has also recorded videos about makeup, fitness and various other vlogs. Her channel has earned over 80,000 subscribers. 


  • David Attenborough

    For six decades now, David Attenborough has been the voice of natural history programmes around the world. His contributions in broadcasting and wildlife film-making are unparalleled. His penchant for taking on new projects and turning them into universally acclaimed broadcasts is what makes him a legend in his field. Even his most vehement critics cite his programmes as the epitome of public service broadcasting. He is the first known broadcaster to have treated this subjects with a great deal of sincerity, researched latest discoveries, gained the trust of the scientific community, introduced innovative shots, focused on events, and consciously restricted his on-screen presence. Such is the impact of his wildlife series that he has been hailed as ˜the great communicator' and ˜the peerless educator'. However, he has received criticism about presenting a very false picture of idyllic wilderness, which draws attention away from the threat of encroachment that humans pose on wild flora and fauna. He cites overpopulation and creationism as the primary causes of environmental problems and the decline of wild life diversity.

    David Attenborough

  • Damian Gurrusquieta

    Vlogger and comedic personality on Instagram with an account titled elfamousdamian. He earned 160,000 followers by posting pictures and video from his everyday life as well as meme-inspired videos.

    Damian Gurrusquieta

  • Bepper

    Sarah, better known as Bepper, is a YouTuber best known for uploading a variety of Animal Jam-related videos on her channel. Raised with three brothers and one step-sister, Sarah and her siblings developed a passion for gaming at a very young age. She became an incredible fan of the game Animal Jam and later decided to share her passion for the game with the world. Today, the YouTube gamer has published over a hundred videos related to the game. From Animal Jam series and Animal Jam skits to Animal Jam updates and more, her channel contains everything that's concerned with the award-winning game. Talking about Bepper's popularity, her channel has more than 231k subscribers and over 40 million views as of now. The best part of her videos is that they are unique and completely entertaining. Since her channel is child-friendly, parents have no inhibitions in letting their young kids watch her videos.


  • Brenden LaTarte

    Online creator popular on a self-titled Instagram account in addition to being known for collaborating with his twin brother under the collective name LaTarte Twins. 

    Brenden LaTarte

  • Tyler LaTarte

    Popular on Instagram with a personal account, he is an aspiring actor and model who also collaborated with his twin brother on a Tik Tok account called LaTarteTwins. 

    Tyler LaTarte

  • Olivia Culpo

    Model and actress who won both Miss USA 2012 and Miss Universe 2012. She also won Miss Rhode Island 2012. She appears on the E! series Model Squad.

    Olivia Culpo

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