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  • Skai Jackson

    Skai Jackson has been a part of the entertainment industry for her entire life. Starting off as a baby model, today she is a Disney actress and her growth can be witnessed through her social media platforms. Just 14 years old and this actress has 2.7 million followers on her ˜Instagram' account! Getting a lot of appreciation for acting, memes and her hair, she has inspired a Marvel character, Riri Williams, the new Iron Man. Confirming it, Mike Deodato Jr, comic book artist, tweeted Riri Williams was based on the beautiful young actress @Skai Jackson. Skai's love for fashion has grown with years and it can be clearly seen on her social media platforms, award functions or any red carpet event. Her future plans include owning a fashion line, or working with a major fashion company and getting into directing and producing. Doing few dramatic films also lines up in her wish list.

    Skai Jackson

  • Tobi Lerone

    Tobi Brown AKA Tobi Lerone is an English YouTuber who is also the part of the famous ˜Sidemen', a group of UK's top vloggers. He makes vlogs about football and gaming. Most of the games he streams other than his primary FIFA are, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fable and GTA 5. His YouTube channel contains remarkable gameplay videos and funny vlogs which Tobi has made with his friends. The guy has a reputation for his subtle comedy and has an eye for noticing people's quirks. He posts his vlogs on the main, TBJZL account and the gameplays in TBJZLPlays account. Tobi has mentioned that he likes to interact with the online community, and as a result he spends a lot of time on YouTube streaming content.

    Tobi Lerone

  • Dej Loaf

    Rapper, singer, and composer whose 2015 hit single "Try Me" received a Gold certification in the United States. She has appeared in songs by artists like Lil Durk, Kid Ink, and The Game.

    Dej Loaf

  • Kim Jonghyun

    Singer, dancer, and model best known as a vocalist for SM The Ballad and a member of the South Korean boy band SHINee.

    Kim Jonghyun

  • Matthew Healy

    Matthew Healy is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist for the Manchester-based Indie rock band 'The 1975.' To his pals, he is known as Truman Black Matty or simply Matty. His parents were both in the entertainment industry, thus he was exposed to music at a young age. Matthew and his band have created a reputation for themselves by performing live and releasing three popular albums in the UK, starting with jamming with his mates in college and playing in local pubs. Matthew is the main songwriter for his band, which creates a wide range of songs in various styles. They've toured Europe and the United States, as well as performing in London's Royal Albert Hall. The band now has a big following of young fans and has received awards at the UK's annual music Q' Awards and the Brit Awards. Individually, Healy is a big supporter of the British Humanist Association and has a large social media following. His distinct style sets him apart from other contemporary artists and has been the driving cause behind his band's success.

    Matthew Healy

  • Joel Berghult

    Joel Berghult, better known by his stage name Roomie, is a YouTuber, singer, and songwriter from Sweden. He has a YouTube channel called RoomieOfficial, where he posts covers, original songs, and various music videos. His channel has racked up 7.4 million subscribers and 313 million views to date. The singer/songwriter is also well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. His seductive voice and endearing demeanor have wowed his audience. Berghult develops lyrics in order to create songs that are both meaningful and unique. His music is fantastic since it is suited for children, adults, and the elderly. Music, according to Berghult, is a medium for bringing people together. It's a way of conveying feelings that can't be articulated in any other way. On a personal level, the Swedish actor is a bright, intelligent, and endearing young man. He will undoubtedly gain more recognition and acclaim in the future as a result of his singing and songwriting abilities.

    Joel Berghult

  • Leon Burns

    Leon Kida Burns is an American professional hip-hop dancer who won America's Favorite Dancer in the 13th season of "So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation." His stage names, Kida the Great and Lil Kida, have made him more well-known. Burns, a California native, grew up idolizing his father, who was also a talented dancer. He began dancing at a young age after receiving basic training from his older brother. He created a Vine account and began uploading six-second videos of his performances, quickly gaining a devoted following. His Instagram account has also been a huge hit. On the platform, he has over 1.7 million followers. On 'So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation,' Burns was crowned champion in 2016. He also performed with Usher at the 2016 BET Awards that year.

    Leon Burns

  • Jessica Ballinger

    Jessica Ballinger is an American social-media personality who is best known for her family vlog channel, 'Ballinger Family.' The channel was created by her husband, Chris, a popular vlogger and magician. The YouTuber couple is blessed with four adorable children. Jessica also owns her individual channel, which is another vlogging space. Her simplicity and her approachable attitude have played a major role in the popularity of her family channel. She and Chris are a perfect example of a happily married couple. Their videos highlight Jessica's journey as a loving girlfriend, a supportiv wife, and a dutiful mother.

    Jessica Ballinger

  • Hazel Busby

    On TLC's reality show OutDaughtered, she became recognized as one fifth of the Busby quintuplets. Her family had the first all-girl quints in the United States.

    Hazel Busby

  • Carolyn Borock

    Under the handle carolynborock, an Estonian social media sensation became a crowned TikTok creator. On the site, she has over 1.5 million followers. Her TikTok account features a lot of stuff related to the famous Roblox game.

    Carolyn Borock

  • Colin Duthie

    With films like "10 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Attractive Or Cute" and "10 Things Guys Do If They Like You," he built a large subscriber base on YouTube.

    Colin Duthie

  • Derek Baker

    Popular social media star who is best recognized for his bakerbanter TikTok account where he posts comedy, dance, and vlog style videos about his everyday life with Down Syndrome. He has gained over 1.4 million followers on the app. 

    Derek Baker