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  • Karina Garcia

    Karina Garcia is a YouTube sensation, vlogger, and social media celebrity from the United States. She is certainly deserving of all the attention she receives. Her YouTube videos on a variety of topics have made her a well-known YouTuber. Her films have an extra punch among her devoted fans because of her clear and easy-to-follow style. She has largely published movies about DIY and life tips thus far. Not only do many of them have various functions, but they are also simple to use in real life. Despite the fact that she began filming videos in 2015, the content of her videos has made them quite famous and garnered a large following. From nail gloss lipstick to period hacks, Karina is quite specific about the content of the videos she uploads to her YouTube channel. Not only are the films on DIYs, life hacks, and beauty hacks popular among youngsters, but so are the slimes released by Karina Garcia.

    Karina Garcia

  • Reed Woehrle

    Reed Woehrle is an American social media star, best known for his TikTok ( account, which has over 1,500 videos. He became popular on the social media platform by posting lip sync videos of popular raps and songs. After accumulating thousands of followers on TikTok, Reed started exploring other social media sites, such as YouTube and Instagram. His YouTube channel ˜ItsJustReed,' which he created on June 8, 2015, has collected more than 22,000 subscribers so far. His channel has a variety of videos, including hauls, vlogs, pranks, and story time. Reed is also popular on Instagram. He currently lives in California along with his parents, sister, and pet dog.

    Reed Woehrle

  • Klay Thompson

    Klay Alexander Thompson is an NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors. Thompson was born into the sport. He was introduced to basketball at a young age as the son of a basketball champion. Thompson's mother comes from a sporty family and hence backed him up in his athletic endeavors. Thompson played college basketball for three seasons at Washington State University, where he was a two-time Pac-10 first-team all-conference pick. Golden State selected him with the 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2011 NBA draft. Thompson's skill at the game may be measured by the fact that he has set multiple records throughout his career. He holds the NBA regular season and postseason records for most points scored in a quarter and three-pointers made in a single playoff game. He also holds the record for most three-pointers made in a game in the NBA playoffs. He guided the Warriors to their first NBA title since 1975 in 2015. In March 2015, he and teammate Stephen Curry set an NBA record with 525 three-pointers.

    Klay Thompson

  • Big Show

    Paul Donald Wight II, more popular by his ring name, Big Show, is an American actor and professional wrestler currently affiliated with the RAW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). A native of South Carolina, he was doing odd jobs when he met Danny Bonaduce, who later introduced him to Hulk Hogan. Wight's in-ring presence deeply impressed Hogan who mentioned his name to several of his colleagues, including World Championship Wrestling Vice President Eric Bischoff. In 1995, he made his professional wrestling debut in WCW under the ring name, The Giant. During his tenure in the promotion, he became part of the New World Order (nWo) stable, which virtually controlled the WCW content in the late 1990s. In February 1999, Wight left WCW for their biggest competitor, World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and adopted the ring name ˜Big Show.' In the ensuing years, Big Show emerged as one of the most successful and influential professional wrestlers in the history of sports entertainment. He has been the WCW World Heavyweight Champion twice, the WWF/WWE Champion twice, WWE's World Heavyweight Champion twice and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion once. Wight made his debut as an actor in the 1996 release ˜Reggie's Prayer' and has since appeared in various other films, including ˜The Waterboy', ˜MacGruber', and ˜Countdown.'

    Big Show

  • Bethany Hamilton

    Bethany Meilani Hamilton Dirks is an American professional surfer who lost an arm in a vicious shark and surprised everyone by making a victorious comeback to professional surfing after overcoming this harrowing experience. As someone who loved surfing from early childhood, she always wanted to become a professional surfer. Since her parents were also surfers they began training her even before she turned five, and she participated in her first surf competition, the Rell Sun Menehune event on Oahu, when she was eight. Winning the competition boosted her confidence and strengthened her love for the sport. Over the next few years she effortlessly moved up the rankings in Amateur surfing competition and was blossoming into a formidable competitor on the surfing scenario. She was just 13 when a leisurely morning surf turned into a nightmare when a shark attacked her, biting off the full length of her left arm. The gutsy girl survived the attack in spite of losing lots of blood. She was deeply traumatized by the event, but decided that she would not let it thwart her professional ambitions. The determined girl returned to surfing within weeks of the incident and became a source of inspiration and hope to millions around the world.

    Bethany Hamilton

  • Molly Burke

    Molly Burke is an internet star, motivational speaker, and disability rights campaigner from Canada. Molly Burke lost her vision as a child after being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of four. Despite going through many hardships and challenges, Molly grew up sharing her heart-warming stories. Molly Burke has spoken in front of crowds as large as 20,000 people all over the world. Malala Yousafzai, Demi Lovato, and Martin Luther King III, to mention a few, have all worked with her. She was named the main model for Dove's international ad campaign in 2017. Molly Burke is also quite well-liked on social media. Her YouTube channel, which she created herself, has over 1.4 million subscribers.

    Molly Burke

  • James Dean

    James Dean, the youthful and gorgeous protagonist of the drama film "Rebel Without a Cause," was a gifted actor who was tragically taken from us far too soon. At the time of his death, James was just 24 years old, but he had already accomplished far more in his short life than many others do in a lifetime. He became a cultural icon with his portrayal of a disillusioned adolescent in "Rebel Without a Cause." The 1950s were a period of enormous turmoil and chaos in American culture, with young people attempting to break free from the constraints imposed by their elders and society. Because he was released at such a young age, young people could easily identify with the character he played. Dean had a tough childhood himself and was able to communicate his heart's sorrow and tenderness on screen. He struggled to get over his mother's death and move on when she died of cancer when he was a small child. He went to college to study acting, which enraged his father and contributed to the youngster's problems. However, he quickly established himself as a natural actor and was acclaimed as a rising star. His life was cut short by an automobile accident, bringing a sudden end to a bright young life.

    James Dean

  • Suede Brooks

    Suede Brooks is living the dream life! What started as a coping mechanism to deal with bullying has changed her life in the best way possible. At the age of 15, she is not only a celebrated vlogger, but also a star model in the making. Her transition from an ambitious kid in the suburbs of Nevada to a starlet taking Los Angeles by storm may sound almost implausible, but it doesn't come as a surprise to most people who know her personally. For Brooks always had the quality that defines her ilk - the ability to hog the limelight without even trying.

    Suede Brooks

  • Alana Clements

    Content producer with a point of view who gained to prominence after posting a range of videos on her alanaclem TikTok account. On the app, her videos have earned over 1.3 million likes.

    Alana Clements

  • Yasmyn Switzer

    Instagram and YouTube star who uses her platforms to share her stories of teenage pregnancy and young motherhood. She has 27 million views on her YouTube channel.   

    Yasmyn Switzer

  • Nikki Glamour

    Nikki Glamour is a YouTube celebrity from the United States who is most known for her story time videos on her self-titled channel. Nikki also publishes make-up videos, haul films, and skin and hair care routines in addition to her vlogs and story time videos. Her sense of humour has helped her gain over 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She not only discusses her own experiences, but she also encourages her admirers to open up and voice their minds. Nikki, a cancer survivor, has spoken up on a variety of delicate topics, including workplace harassment, relationship trust issues, racism, and more.

    Nikki Glamour

  • Dani Harmer

    On the CBBC series The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns, and Tracy Beaker Survival Files, she plays Tracy Beaker. She's also renowned for starring in the sitcom Dani's House and its spinoff Dani's Castle.

    Dani Harmer