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  • Miniminter

    British YouTube gamer who is known for his commentary and vlogs featuring the video game FIFA. Between his main channel and his second channel, mm7games, he has accumulated over 7 million subscribers. 


  • Rosie McClelland

    Rosie McClelland is a British child actress, model and television personality. Along with her cousin <a title='Sophia Grace Brownlee' href='/famous/sophia-brownlee.htm'>Sophia Grace Brownlee</a>, she makes up the duo popularly called "Sophia Grace & Rosie." The duo became famous after a YouTube video of them singinga cover version of Nicki Minaj's song ˜Super Bass' went viral. The girls appeared on ˜The Ellen DeGeneres Show' within a month and became regular guests on the show soon after. The two girls have appeared on many other TV shows including two episodes of ˜Sam & Cat' and two episodes of ˜The Xtra Factor.' They also hosted their own web series named ˜The Sophia Grace and Rosie Show.' Rosie and her cousin have also published two commercially successful illustrated children's books, ˜Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie' and ˜Showtime with Sophia Grace & Rosie.' Not only the books were well-received by fans and critics, the first one even reached No. 2 position on The New York Times Best Seller list of "Children's Picture Books." The two girls even starred in their own movie titled ˜Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure.'

    Rosie McClelland

  • Sophia Lucia

    Sophia Lucia is a child prodigy. She started to dance at the age of just two when she saw music videos on the television; she participated in her first dance competition at the age of just three. Looking at her talent and interest in dancing, her parents enrolled her in the San Diego Dance Centre in Poway, California. Having the assistance of some of the best dance teachers in America, Sophia started to master dance very quickly. Even before she reached the age of ten years, she had started to train for 35-40 hours a week. Rather than focusing on a single dance format, Sophia Lucia started focusing on multiple dance formats like Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. This was excruciating for a young girl who also had to attend school to complete her formal education. With the kind of progress she started showing at such a young age, many observers now reckon that she is one of the best dancing talents in the making. Despite the attention she got as a young and talented dancer, Sophia Lucia's fortunes stardom started to rise only when she started to appear on some of the popular television shows and social media channels like YouTube.

    Sophia Lucia

  • Eazy-E

    Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper fondly called the "The Godfather of Gangsta rap" by his fans. He was a popular solo performer who also performed in the hip hop group N.W.A. Known for his unique style of delivery, over-the-top lyrics, and raw sex appeal, Eazy-E was indeed a rap-star beyond comparison. Born into an impoverished family in Compton, California, his early dream was to make it big and become rich no matter what. He dropped out of school in his mid-teens and became involved in the drug business that was flourishing in his notoriously violent neighborhood. Charming and determined, he earned a lot of money through his illegal activities and eventually decided to embark on a more respectable career as a rapper. Naturally talented, he started recording songs and soon formed a partnership with his friend Jerry Heller to form Ruthless Records. Deeply influenced by the contemporary funk groups, rappers and comedians, he went on to develop his own unique style that made him much popular among the masses. He was enroute to becoming one of the most successful rappers ever when it was discovered that he suffered from AIDS. He breathed his last just weeks after his diagnosis, aged 31


  • Elizabeth I of England

    Elizabeth I was undisputedly one of the greatest monarchs of England who ruled the country from 1558 to 1603. Popularly known as the Virgin Queen, her 45 years of reign marked a glorious epoch in English history. Contrastingly, when Elizabeth took over as the Queen of England, the country was at its weakest self”economically bankrupt, religiously torn and politically endangered by the greater powers of France and Spain. Furthermore, her position itself was vulnerable given the fact that the world awaited her marriage and birth of her progenies to reinstate her husband/child as the actual ruler of the nation. Nevertheless, Elizabeth I had other plans. Instead of bowing down to the pressure, Elizabeth singularly ruled from the front. Her shrewd intelligence, sharp wit and headstrong determination helped her sail England through the tough times. She not just established the Church of England securing a compromise between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, but helped England bag one of the greatest military victories against Spain by defeating the Spanish Armada. It was also during Elizabethan era that English literature flourished at its best, led by the giants William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and Edmund Spenser. Overall, she was a legendary ruler who led England towards peace and stability.

    Elizabeth I of England

  • Nicholas Ireland

    Nicholas Ireland is a Vietnamese-American YouTuber. He is best known as one half of the duo behind the YouTube channel ˜Ireland Boys Productions', the other half being his brother Ricky. The duo posts fun pranks, epic fort videos, crazy food challenges, weird overnight challenges, etc. on their channel. Nicholas and his brother also run a second channel titled ˜Ireland Boys' on which they upload vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos and other fun content. Both of the YouTuber's channels are doing great and have substantial fan following. While his main channel has earned more than 1.7 million subscribers, his second channel holds over 980k subscribers. The social media influencer has a decent fan following on other social platforms as well. Nicholas, who often spends time filming with his brother, is a fun-loving guy. His primary goal in life is to entertain people and bring joy to them. In his free time, the YouTube star can be seen hanging out with his brother and good friends.

    Nicholas Ireland

  • Ruth Righi

    Actress who became known for starring in the titular role in Disney's Sydney to the Max. 

    Ruth Righi

  • Cameron Ocasio

    Cameron Ocasio is an American teen actor best known for appearing as Dice in Nickelodeon Production's comedy series ˜Sam & Cat'. He first acted in a stage play in 2010 and then went on to act in various movies, short films, and TV programs. His popular works include ˜Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', ˜Commando Crash', ˜A Gifted Man,' 'Sinister', 'Fool's Day' and 'The One'. Ocasio is a multi-talented young man and holds a black belt in martial arts. He loves animals, especially dogs, and this is the reason he currently has three pet dogs. He aspires to become a major star one day and is working hard to achieve his goals. At present, Ocasio is one of the most talented teen artists in Hollywood. His remarkable acting skills and charming personality make him stand out from the crowd. Despite his young age he is quite mature in his outlook and is fully committed to give his chosen profession his best shot.

    Cameron Ocasio

  • Kurt Hugo Schneider

    Yet to complete 30, Kurt Hugo Schneider is already a recognised American director, producer, singer and songwriter, most active on You Tube. He produces music videos for various artists, including Sam Tsui, with whom he grew up in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. He is a self taught musician and genus at chess, with a mathematics degree from Yale University. His flair for science and liberal arts was recognised while in college that resulted in his induction into the prestigious ˜Phi Beta Kappa'. Music was his first love right from college days and it was not long before he created his own production company, ˜Noodle House Studios' in 2009. In2011, he moved to Loss Angeles to pursue a career in music. His You Tube channel has over eight million subscribers and is believed to give him an over six figure income of around $ 2,000,000. There are plenty of success stories on You Tube, but Schneider is a bit different. In an era where everyone is looking to be in the lead, Schneider prefers to be the one organising the show from behind. In fact he is responsible for launching the careers of many upcoming stars and may be called the new generation Rick Rubin.

    Kurt Hugo Schneider

  • Kevin Love

    Star NBA power forward/center known for his three-point shot and tough rebounding. He spent the first six years of his NBA career with the Minnesota Timberwolves before a blockbuster trade sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. He won an Olympic gold medal with the U.S. national team in 2012 and an NBA Championship with the Cavaliers in 2016.

    Kevin Love

  • Liberty Poole

    After participating on the television show Love Island, she earned a following of 170,000 on Instagram. She frequently posts selfies and photographs with other cast members.

    Liberty Poole

  • Ignacia Antonia

    Chilean social media star who is famous for her Ignaciaa_Antonia Instagram account. She's also a member of the collaborative web group LIR team.

    Ignacia Antonia

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