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  • Danielle Cohn

    Danielle Cohn is an American social media sensation and model with huge following on, YouTube and Instagram. She has more than 670K followers on photo sharing website Instagram while more than 133K subscribers on YouTube. She was interested in music from a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents encouraged her to learn music. After achieving some expertise, she started to upload her videos on social media channels. She got a positive response to the videos and people recognized her talent as a musician. It generally takes a lot of time for people to taste success, but social media is making it very easy for people to get successful at a very young age. While learning music, she also started participating in beauty pageants. During the years 2013 and 2014, Cohn saw her popularity improve a bit when she stood as a fourth and second runner up in the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen competition. She is also a BMG model.

    Danielle Cohn

  • Victoria Waldrip

    Victoria Waldrip is an American social media star. She has accumulated more than a million followers on her Instagram account. She uses her Instagram account to post pictures and videos, through which she often flaunts high-end fashion brands and luxurious cars. She also owns a YouTube channel named ˜Woahh Vicky,' which has over 100,000 subscribers. Victoria is also controversy's favorite child. She once claimed that she belongs to the black community, which created a huge controversy. She was also arrested for physically assaulting a cop and for trespass. Victoria has had a beef with many of her fellow social media personalities and has also been criticized for the same.

    Victoria Waldrip

  • Oliver Moy

    Oliver Moy is a well-known social media figure in the United States. He rose to notoriety as a muser on, a global video-creation app. Oliver has also gotten a lot of attention on other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. He's also a vlogger with a self-titled YouTube channel. Among all of his vlogs, the '24 Hour Challenge In REFRIGERATOR!!' is his most popular. Oliver's siblings have appeared in several of his videos, as well as in their personal vlogs. Oliver is the owner of a merchandise website that distributes a portion of its sales to various charities and non-profits.

    Oliver Moy

  • Supa Peach

    Supa Peach is a multitalented artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She is most popular as a rapper. However, she considers herself an entertainer who can sing dance and act. She is also a model. In January 2016, she participated in the Lifetime television series ˜The Rap Game' along with four other contestants. In June 2016, she released a single called "Run It" where she performed as a singer as well as a dancer. Supa Peach was spotted with Grammy Nominated producer James Worthy in studio photos on social media platforms, which sparked the rumor of them working together. In August 2016, she released a new single titled "Pretty Gang", which was produced by James Worthy. She has participated on many talent shows and regularly performs at birthdays, parties and other events. She is a well-known YouTuber with over 176k subscriptions on her channel "SupaPeachworld" which has garnered over 40 million views on its videos. She has 611k followers on Instagram and 26k followers on Twitter.

    Supa Peach

  • Jade Weber

    It's remarkable that young people, some as young as 8 or 9, are acquiring a serious interest in modeling in this period of glamour. Jade Weber, an 11-year-old mini model, is one of a growing number of fresh, young talents that are beginning to become the talk of the fashion and glamour world. Miss Weber, on her path to become the next biggest fashion diva, is no stranger to the world of beauty and glamor. There's no disputing that she deserves more awards and titles than ever before, with a slew of advertisements under her belt even before she turned 13 years old! By her excellent on-screen presence and cheeky picture sessions, this beauty queen has surely raised the bar in the modeling world. Jade is on her way to becoming a household figure in the modelling profession, with her stunning blue eyes and blonde hair already generating waves in the fashion world.

    Jade Weber

  • Issey Moloney

    Social star best known for posting POV videos to her isseypovs TikTok account, which has amassed over 3.1 million fans. She has done POV videos focused on subjects such as ex-boyfriends, friends and family. 

    Issey Moloney

  • Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He is most popular for the powerful characters that he played in various TV shows. Cranston experimented with many career options before he discovered his passion for acting. In the initial days of his career, he performed small roles in TV shows. Having a deep and powerful voice, Cranston also lent his voice to many movies and TV shows. His role in the TV series ˜Malcolm in the Middle' spelt a big break for him. After its remarkable success, he played major roles in other shows too. He has won several ˜Emmy Awards' and a ˜Tony Award' for his outstanding performances. He has won an ˜Academy Award' nomination too, for his performance in the movie ˜Trumbo.' He is an avid baseball fan and is involved in humanitarian work. Cranston lives in South California with his wife and is still actively involved in his profession.

    Bryan Cranston

  • Jenna Fischer

    Jenna Fischer is an actress from the United States who has acted in a number of films and television series. She is best recognized for her role in the comedy The Office as Pam Beesly. Fischer's first performance was when she was just six years old. She used to act in the theatre when she was in college. Fischer began her acting career by appearing in minor roles in films and television series. She obtained a role in the sitcom "The Office" after a few years of struggling, which was a huge professional breakthrough. Jenna Fischer's name was established thanks to the sitcom, which ran for nine seasons. Fischer also attempted her hand at film direction with her mockumentary LolliLove. She has primarily starred in comedic films and television series throughout her career. She has written a book and continues to work in her field.

    Jenna Fischer

  • Haley Lu Richardson

    She went on to play Ellie Dennis in Recovery Road after her appearance as Tess Hamilton on the spooky adolescent drama Ravenswood. She has been cast in the 2019 film Five Feet Apart.

    Haley Lu Richardson

  • Devon Weetly

    As a cast member of Dhar Mann's online series, he catapulted to stardom as a television actor and social media figure. He's also popular on TikTok, where his official devonweetly account has over 1.7 million followers.

    Devon Weetly

  • Laura Prepon

    Laura Prepon is an American actress best known for playing Donna Pinciotti, the athletic, confident, and self-righteous feminist who is Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) love interest in the iconic Emmy award-winning sitcom 'That 70s Show,' which ran on Fox for eight seasons. Laura Prepon gained a big fan base among regular TV viewers thanks to the show, which launched the careers of famous movie actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. She starred in the ABC drama 'October Road' after the popularity of 'That 70s Show,' and is currently a familiar face in the Netflix original series 'Orange is the New Black.' Prepon is also recognized for her guest roles on popular American soap operas such as 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Medium,' 'House,' 'Castle,' 'Men at Work,' and 'The Killing Game,' among others. She was also the protagonist (Chelsea) in Chelsea Handler's novel 'Are You There Vodka?' on the small screen ('Are You There, Chelsea?'). Chelsea, it's me.' Other films in which she has appeared include Slackers, Lightning Bug, Come Early Morning, and Kitchen, to name a few. Prepon has contributed her voice to a number of animated TV shows, including American Dad! and King of the Hill, as well as the computer game Halo 2.

    Laura Prepon

  • Jack Dean

    JaackMaate is the internet alias of YouTube celebrity JaackMaate. He's known for his video blogs, fact videos, and "Jack's Chat With" web series. He's on YouNow and Twitter as well.

    Jack Dean