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  • jacksepticeye

    If you're an online gamer who visits YouTube to keep up with the newest gaming videos, you're probably familiar with Jacksepticeye, a well-known Irish social media personality, game pundit, and YouTube celebrity who has a self-titled YouTube channel. This well-known YouTuber, who refers to himself as the last remaining Bossatronio from the planet Bossatron (Spore), is well known for his comic Let's Play video game series as well as his infrequent vlogs on YouTube. Following his triumph in a PewDiePie shout-out competition in 2013, he gained a large following. He symbolizes the jacksepticeye channel with his companion and mascot, the Septic Eye or Septic Sam, a hypothetical figure in the form of a green eye with a blue iris and a tail who has become quite popular among jacksepticeye followers. With over 5.4 billion views and over 12 million followers, his YouTube channel is currently the 36th most subscribed on the video-sharing platform. His fame extends beyond YouTube, as seen by his Instagram account, which has over 3.3 million followers, and his Twitter account, which has over 2 million followers.


  • Gabbie Hanna

    YouTube sensation with over 6 million subscribers on his own channel. Her most popular entries include pranks, challenges, vlogs, story time videos, and rants. Her debut novel, Adultolescence, was released in September 2017.

    Gabbie Hanna

  • Chris Rock

    Chris Rock is an American standup comedian, actor, director, producer, singer, and writer. He started his professional career as a standup comedian at age of 19, by performing in numerous small nightclubs in New York City. Chris caught the eye of the legendary American comedian and actor, Eddie Murphy while he was presenting his act at a nightspot. Murphy offering Rock his debut movie role in the movie ˜Beverly Hills Cop II'. However, he received his first major break when he was picked up as a member of the cast for comedy series, ˜Saturday Night Live'. His career began to mirror versatility as he took to expanding his repertoire by penning the script for the film CB4, and featuring in his opening HBO series, Big Ass Jokes. He received much publicity for his role as a commentator for Comedy Central's talk show ˜Politically Incorrect' during the 1996 Presidential elections. His popularity and fame as an extraordinary standup performer peaked following appearances in a string of successful HBO comedy specials. Shortly after, his reputation began to fade and in order to revive his flagging career went back to delivering acts in small nightclubs covering controversial subjects such as race relations. He came back with a bang by bagging significant roles in TV serials and movies.

    Chris Rock

  • Remi Cruz

    Remi Cruz is a famous YouTube personality mainly known for her DIY content, make-up uploads and cookery tutorials. She is well known on YouTube for her channel ˜MissRemmyAshten' and her blog ˜Remlife'. Remi is a beauty guru with uploaded videos on beauty enhancingtips.She loves to dance and has uploads of herdancing videos on her YouTubechannels. Remi Cruz has become an inspiration for those facing body shaming. In her video on ˜Fat Shaming' she talks about how she overcame this problem and built her confidence and asks her fans to love themselves. She further quotes, ˜Believe you are a good person' and forgive body-shamers. Remi shares DIY ideas to create home décoraccessories.She loves collecting gadgets and loves Appleand Dell products. She uses a Dell laptop to create her for personal and professional use. Some of her notable videos are ˜DIY Popular Instagram Food', ˜Diy Holiday Gifts' And ˜Full Glo-Up Transformation “Yacht Birthday party'.

    Remi Cruz

  • Tae Caldwell

    Tae Caldwell is a comedic YouTuber from America who is best known as the co-creator of the challenge, prank, and vlog channel ˜Jazz and Tae,' which she runs alongside her girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, <a title='Jazmine Hood' href='/famous/jazmine-hood.htm'>Jazmine Hood</a>. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Caldwell is very skilled at developing entertaining and funny videos. Her sense of humor and creative mind helps her create unique content every time. She is also good at telling stories and vlogging. Openly lesbian, Caldwell is extremely outspoken and straightforward. She is proud of her sexuality and talks openly about homosexuality and other related topics on her channel. A firm believer in the concept of true love, Caldwell is romantic and soft-hearted. She is a caring partner and a responsible individual. She has an incredibly positive attitude towards life and believes in going with the flow. Whenever not vlogging, the YouTuber likes to spend some quality time with her partner and also helps her shoot videos for her solo channel.

    Tae Caldwell

  • Aaron Doh

    Vine, a social media network, offers some very honest, funny, and sometimes over-the-top 6-second videos that have catapulted hundreds of brilliant young people to stardom. Aaron Doh is one such artist; his quirky attitude and out-of-this-world comedic videos have helped to make Vine a better place for many! So what if the app is no longer available? On the famous website Vine, he became a big phenomenon. He gained a lot of fans after posting a lot of six-second videos of comical distorted face expressions up up and personal on the site. His Vine account grew to 2.2 million followers. With over 1.5 million followers on Musical.ly, he quickly became a popular figure. Aaron has grown in popularity among today's youth as a social media star, with 27,500 Twitter followers and 149,000 Instagram followers. His fans may also communicate with him on Snapchat and Facebook. It wasn't long before he got a couple of parts on American television, thanks to his extraordinary skill. He subsequently got famous on Musical.ly, where he now has over 2.7 million followers. To top it off, this young man has just recently begun his profession and has a plethora of possibilities ahead of him.

    Aaron Doh

  • LaToya Forever

    LaToya Forever is part of a group of young and brilliant people who have built a career out of creating and disseminating online material. She is a well-known YouTuber with a large following of young ladies and girls. Latoya Forever began her career while she was quite young. She used to be lonely because her family used to travel throughout the country during their time in the United States. She began spending time on the internet, sharing her thoughts and feelings, in order to involve herself. She began recording videos and posting them on the popular video sharing site YouTube, rather than simply blogging through text. Her initial posts resembled daily diary entries. When she created a YouTube channel named LaToya Forever, her enthusiasm for sharing her emotions quickly turned into a full-time job. Her nickname was derived from the channel's name. Her earliest videos were comedy acts and jokes intended to entertain herself and her followers. Some of the videos also depicted her and her family at a younger age. 'Shit Caribbean Moms say,' a popular video from her early career, discusses how Trinidadian mothers raise their children.

    LaToya Forever

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher is a renowned actor, model and producer. He has attributed his creative inspiration to his journeys to the source of creation (his visits to Kabalah centers). He calls himself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. He has been described as a hunky, young actor who is heading in all directions, at once. During his University days, he worked as college summer hire in the Cereal department of General Mills plant to earn money for his tuitions. He has displayed entrepreneurial skills by investing in the Italian restaurant ˜Dolce', and a Japanese- themed restaurant ˜Geisha House' located in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City. He has dabbled in sports, and was named the assistant coach for the freshman football team at Harvard- Westlake School in Los Angeles, for a year. He tried his hand at action movies, pairing up with Kevin Costner for the Movie Guardian. He underwent intensive physical training for his role as rescue swimmer.

    Ashton Kutcher

  • Isaiah Thomas

    Isaiah Thomas is a professional basketball player in the United States who now represents the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite his diminutive size (5 feet 9 inches), he has established himself as a capable point guard who has set several records over his seven-year career. He was a three-time Pac-10 all-conference pick while playing for the Washington Huskies during his collegiate career. While skipping his senior year of college to enter the NBA draft, he was selected by the Sacramento Kings and spent three seasons with them before joining the Phoenix Suns. He only appeared in a few games with the Suns before being dealt to the Boston Celtics in the middle of the season. His move to Boston was a blessing in disguise since he was able to form a strong bond with both manager Danny Ainge and coach Brad Stevens. He went on to lead his club to the Eastern Conference finals once and to the playoffs three times in a row. He was also chosen to the 'NBA All-Star' squad twice and the 'All-NBA Second Team' once during his time in Boston.

    Isaiah Thomas

  • Bea Miller

    Beatrice Annika "Bea" Miller is an American singer, songwriter and actress who got recognition at the age of 13 after competing on the reality TV music competition ˜The X Factor'. After finishing at the 9th place in the show, she signed a recording deal with Hollywood Records and Syco Music. In 2014, she won the hearts of her fans with her debut single, "Young Blood", which gained No. 64 spot on "Billboard 200". Her debut EP of the same name hit No.2 on the iTunes pop albums chart, while her first full-length album ˜Not an Apology' (2015) gained No.7 spot on Billboard. Bea Miller has went on tours with a number of famous personalities from the music industry; Demi Lovato in 2014, Fifth Harmony in 2015, and Selena Gomez and DNCE in 2016. While her achievements as a singer may overshadow her performances as an actress, she acted in off-Broadway shows before appearing on The X Factor. She also appeared on TV shows, movies, and did voice acting with Tom Hanks in the animated film Toy Story 3.

    Bea Miller

  • Garth Brooks

    In 2007, the Recording Industry Association of America awarded her the Best-Selling Solo Artist of the Century in the United States.

    Garth Brooks

  • Emo Philips

    Paraprosdokians and garden path phrases uttered in a meandering falsetto tone are common in this US comedy notable for the statement "I'm a fantastic lover, I'll bet." In 2003, he released "E=mo2 plus the Entire Live at the Hasty Pudding Theatre," his fourth comedy CD.

    Emo Philips