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  • Weston Koury

    The rapid spread of internet has made it possible for people to get famous at a very young age. Young and talented artists can use the power of the internet to get famous without getting associated with any agents or media agencies. One such young artist who has become famous early is Weston Koury. He used social media channels like Vine and YouTube to his advantage and became one of the most successful young musicians in USA. He was a born musician and started showing interest in music from the age of five. Looking at his interest, his parents brought him drums at the age of eight. He started practicing on drums daily and mastered singing and playing on some musical instruments. After getting some command over music, he started posting his music performances on social media channels.

    Weston Koury

  • Blue Ivy Carter

    Blue Ivy Carter is the first-born of pop icons, <a title='Jay-Z' href='/famous/jay-z.htm'>Jay-Z</a> and Beyoncé. Right from the time her birth was announced, Blue Ivy Carter became famous. She is one of the youngest and most celebrated kids, and has a fan following of her own. At such a small age, Blue Ivy is a fashion icon and makes headlines for her appearances alongside her parents. Known for her immaculate dressing sense, she is often compared to her diva mother, Beyoncé. She makes style statements with her girly, yet fresh fashion choices and is a favorite of the paparazzi. She will soon be launching a beauty line in association with her mother's company. The line will include beauty products, clothing and make-up accessories, mobile apps, and games. Blue Ivy Carter was also seen at the 2017 Grammy Awards with her father and grandmother, Tina Knowles.

    Blue Ivy Carter

  • Mia Dinoto

    Mia The Gymnast is a Musical.ly sensation from the USA. She is a Level 9 gymnast training Elite! She is also a popular YouTuber and Instagrammer with huge following on the online platforms. Capturing the limelight in the year 2016, Mia got substantial popularity with her performance at ˜Playlist Live' convention alongside Coral Girls. Coming to her social media popularity, besides being a well-recognized figure on Musical.ly, Mia is extremely popular on other social networking sites as well. The crown-verified Musical.ly star has considerable number of fans on YouTube and Instagram. Today, the teenager holds about 524k followers on Instagram. She also has over 294k subscribers on her YouTube channel ˜Mia the gymnast' which she created in 2015. On this channel, she uploads her gymnastics related videos, challenges, life stories, and comedy vlogs, to name a few. After becoming a star at a very tender age, the American child artiste is sure to earn more name and fame in the coming future and the credit for all this goes to her talent, passion, and hard work!

    Mia Dinoto

  • Sofia Wylie

    Sofia Wylie is an American actor and dancer, best known for playing Buffy Driscoll on Disney Channel's comedy-drama television series ˜Andi Mack.' Sofia is also famous for appearing in a couple of other TV series, such as ˜School of Rock' and ˜Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.' Her display of acting skills in television series earned her the opportunity to play the lead role in an Australian feature film titled ˜Back of the Net.' Apart from being known as an actress, Sofia is also widely known as an internet star. While her Twitter page has more than 25,000 followers, Sofia's Instagram page has collected a whopping 1.3 million followers. She even has a self-titled YouTube channel, which has more than 58,000 subscribers.

    Sofia Wylie

  • Craig Thompson

    Craig Thompson, more popularly known as Mini Ladd owns one of YouTube's greatest gaming channels. With over 3.6 million subscribers, he has a magnificent 565 million views for around 800 videos on his channel. He skilfully weaves humor into his game play and has attracted plenty of youngsters to follow him on other social accounts as well. On Instagram he has 1 million followers and 888K followers on Twitter. He frequently ˜tweets' and keeps his fans updated with his latest game plays and videos. He also does ˜Q&A' videos on his channel. He plays with his friends who go by the usernames ˜VanossGaming', ˜H2O Delirious', ˜BasicallyIDoWrk' and others, and uploads these videos to his page which has turned gaming into a mania. He has a good players' rating in several of the games that he uploads. His usual gaming videos are from the games COD, GMod, Dead Realm, and Gta5.

    Craig Thompson

  • Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard is a Belgian footballer who now plays for Chelsea F.C. and is a member of the Belgian national team. He plays in the midfield and is noted for his aggressive style of play. His opponents see him as "a great passer" and "a defender's nightmare," and he has gained their respect. He began playing football at a young age, sneaking onto the neighboring Royal Stade Brainois playing area without informing anybody at home one day. His parents first found out about it after the coach came to their house to commend the little boy's abilities. He quickly began practicing on a daily basis in order to become a professional player. Despite a devastating 5-0 loss in his first competitive game at the age of 10 against a ladies' team, he earned his way into Lille's first squad at the age of 16. With outstanding ball control and incredible pace, he ultimately secured a position in the Chelsea team and rose to the level of Ballon d'Or winners Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Eden Hazard

  • Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula One racing driver who is presently under a contract with a pro team, Mercedes AMG Petronas. In his debut season in 2007, Lewis lost the World Championship by just a single point, and that feat established him as one of the best racing talents to look out for. Just to put it simply, Lewis hasn't disappointed. He has gone on to become one of the top F1 racers in the world and in his highly successful career he has managed to win three World Championships. He is known as an all*rounder on the track and there is hardly an aspect of Formula 1 racing where he doesn't excel. He has been the most successful British Formula one driver of all times, with the most number of career points, and most number of victories in different circuits. He also has set the set the record for most wins in a single season without being victorious in the World Championship in 2016. Hamilton keeps growing as a racer and is already standing amongst the greatest Formula One drivers of all time and draws constant comparisons to the ace racer, Michael Schumacher.

    Lewis Hamilton

  • Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. Be it for his versatility or the discovery of the new acting process called ˜method acting', Cage is currently one of Hollywood's most talented actors. He hails from anupright background, where both, his mother and father, though separated, were well-respected achievers in their own fields. He is also related to Francis Ford Coppola, but changed his name so that he could create an identity of his own in Hollywood, devoid of any sort of family connections. He dropped out of high school, so that he could pursue a career in acting. His life as an actor began with teenage comedies like ˜Fast Times at Ridgemont High' and ˜Valley Girl'. Instead on piggy-backing off his uncle's accomplishments, he struggled for a few years on his own until he was cast in films like ˜The Cotton Club', ˜Birdy', ˜Moonstruck', ˜Vampire's Kiss', ˜Wild At Heart' and ˜Leaving Las Vegas'. He also caught the attention of the audience with his hair-raising performances in mainstream box-office hits such as, ˜Con Air', ˜City of Angels, ˜National Treasure', ˜The Weather Man', ˜Ghost Rider', ˜The Sorcerer's Apprentice', ˜Knowing' and ˜The Croods'. Acting aside, Cage is an avid collector of comics, owns a variety of exotic pets and is also an automobile buff.

    Nicolas Cage

  • Jeremy Renner

    Jeremy Renner is an actor from the United States who has been in films such as 'Dahmer' and 'Neo Ned.' He's also appeared in a number of high-profile films, including '28 Weeks Later,' 'S.W.A.T.,' 'The Town,' and 'The Hurt Locker.' The critics praised his performance as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor, The Avengers, and Captain America: Civil War. Because his parents split when he was young, the actor had a tumultuous childhood. His parents' divorce had an emotional impact on him, but he was able to get through it by focusing on the positive aspects of his life. He graduated from Modesto Junior College and Beyer High School. Before studying theater, he dabbled in a variety of fields such as criminology, computer technology, and psychology. His strength as an actor stems from his ability to fully inhabit the characters he portrays. His character's presentation is enhanced by his expressive eyes. Despite his success in the profession, Renner maintains a feeling of gratitude and humility. He is a gifted and dedicated artist who has received numerous honors for his work.

    Jeremy Renner

  • Jinxx

    Jeremy Miles Ferguson, or Jinxx, as he is more popularly known, is an American musician, songwriter, and composer presently associated with the rock band ˜Black Veil Brides'. For this Los-Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, music came calling early. He was taught to play guitar by his half-brother Travis when he was two years old, and gave his first on-stage performance alongside his father when he was eight. He joined ˜Black Veil Brides' in 2009 after serving as a member in the groups ˜The Drastics', ˜Amen', and ˜The Dreaming'. BVB released their first studio album, ˜We Stitch These Wounds', on July 20, 2010. It reached #1 spot on the ˜Billboard Independent Albums' chart. In 2011, Jinxx and his group released their first and only EP till date, ˜Rebels'. He and fellow band member Jake Pitts won the ˜Revolver's Golden Gods Awards' for best guitarists in 2012. He starred in the 2012 feature ˜Legion of the Black', the film adaptation of the group's third studio album ˜Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones'.


  • MK Cooper

    Mary Kate Cooper, popularly known as MK Cooper in social media, is a ˜musical.ly', YouTube and Instagram star. She is lovingly addressed as ˜MK' by millions of fans. Her amazing dance and lip-sync videos, posted on her channel, have earned her more than a million subscribers. MK belongs to a family of YouTube stars. Her brother David Cooper, who died in 2013, was also a YouTube personality. Annie LeBlanc, another YouTube star, is one of Cooper's cousins. MK has posted videos on other channels like ˜The Arrow Faction', ˜TruthPlusDare' and ˜OMMyGoshTV' that were created by the LeBlanc family. She is also a member of a famous YouTube channel and blogging site called ˜Bratayley'.

    MK Cooper

  • Lauren Cohan

    Lauren is an established British-American model and actress. She rose to fame with her role as Maggie Greene on the hit AMC thriller series ˜The Walking Dead' and her recurring appearance in the TV show ˜The Vampire Diaries'. She has also starred in ˜Supernatural', ˜Chuck' and ˜Death Race 2'. In one of her recent projects she worked under the banner of DC Comics, and played the role of Martha Wayne in DC's most publicized and anticipated superhero film ˜Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. Born in Philadelphia, Lauren always possessed an aptitude for drama. She studied Literature and Drama in college, and also co-founded her own college theatre group. She began her career in the fashion industry, endorsing products for mega brands and has also been a prominent model for international designers. She quickly started to settle in the entertainment industry and juggled work in the television and film industry. She has worked with some of the most ingenious minds spanning a decade of her career. She works in both the American and British film and television industry, and often has to avoid overlapping dates for filming in Los Angeles and London.

    Lauren Cohan

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