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  • Ryan Higa

    Ryan Higa, better known on YouTube as Nigahiga for his channel of the same name, is a Japanese-American YouTube star. Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi established the channel in 2006 by posting videos of themselves lip-syncing to songs by popular musicians. They quickly moved to comedy videos, and a series of 'How to be' videos on so-called 'advice' on how to become a ninja, gangster, or geek became extremely popular among his admirers. Higa, a natural comic, produces, directs, writes for, and participates in his videos, which frequently feature Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago as special guests. When it comes to the numbers, Higa has had a tumultuous YouTube career. He has nearly 18 million members to his major channel, Nagahiga, and 4.4 million subscribers to his second channel, HigaTV, which usually provides behind-the-scenes footage from his regular channel's videos. He was the first YouTuber to surpass three million subscribers, and he once had more than Taylor Swift, the famous pop singer. In 2015, he was ranked second in Variety magazine's #Famechangers Digital Star poll.

    Ryan Higa

  • Rachel Brockman

    Lip sync and hand dance performer who rose to fame through the use of her rachel.brockman TikTok account. Her performances have earned her over 2 million fans and more than 44 million likes in total.

    Rachel Brockman

  • Naethan Apollo

    Creator of TikTok and singer known for his hilarious love songs. He frequently performs duets with various musicians. His TikTok account, naethan apollo, has over 900,000 followers.

    Naethan Apollo

  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

    American actress best known for her portrayal of Lily Tucker-Pritchett, the adopted daughter on the television sitcom Modern Family.

    Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

  • Jonah KittiesMama

    Jonah is well-known as one of the three siblings that appear on the renowned KittiesMama YouTube channel. He also has a successful Instagram account with over 120,000 followers. More than 2.3 million people have subscribed to the KittiesMama YouTube channel.

    Jonah KittiesMama

  • Kim Hyuna

    Kim Hyuna is a singer, composer, dancer, and model from South Korea. She rose to fame as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls in the late 2000s. With the track "Change," she made her solo debut in 2010. It was a hit, reaching the number two spot on the Gaon Digital Chart. She went on to release her debut extended play, Bubble Pop!, the following year, inspired by the enthusiastic reception. The album's title single was a major smash, selling over 2.5 million copies worldwide. This song also made her the first female K-pop solo artist to have a single YouTube video achieve 100 million views. She was a part of the female group 4Minute for numerous years in addition to being a solo performer. She recorded two albums with this group: Diamond and 4Minutes Left. Despite her disinterest in acting, Kim Hyuna made her cinematic debut in the 2010 film Midnight FM, in which she had a cameo role.

    Kim Hyuna

  • Carole Baskin

    Animal rights activist known for being the chief executive officer of the non-profit animal sanctuary Big Cat Rescue. In 2020, she appeared in the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King.

    Carole Baskin

  • Nikki Baker

    Nikki Baker is a YouTube sensation who rose to fame because to her and her companion John Dahl's humorous prank films and vlogs. The pair is in charge of a number of channels with a variety of topics. Pranksters in Love, their main channel, very much sums up what the duo is all about! Nikki and John are fun-loving, eccentric, and plain odd, and they do the strangest things in front of the camera to aggravate one other and share their antics with the world. Their antics have gained them over 1.5 million admirers and established them as the world's most famous YouTube pair! They have a vlog channel in addition to their main channel where they capture their daily lives. And, to be honest, even this couple's everyday lives are interesting! Nikki has a personal vlog channel, Your Favorite Nikki, where she provides lessons, comedy routines, story-time videos, mom things, and more in addition to the channels she runs with John.

    Nikki Baker

  • Dennis Roady

    global travel For his popular videos on the Roman Atwood, Vitalyzdtv, and Dennis Roady channels, YouTube prankster best known. He wants to inspire people with his good actions and shock the world with his practical jokes. In the YouTube Red series Fight of the Living Dead, he played the lead role. Over 950,000 people have subscribed to his channel because to his engaging material.

    Dennis Roady

  • Alexis G. Zall

    Actress and YouTube sensation recognized for posting unashamedly bizarre films on her own channel, which has more than 1 million subscribers. She voiced Lois Lane on the television series DC Super Hero Girls and had an appearance in Ouija: Origin of Evil in 2016. She also portrayed Bec on the Zac and Mia TV series.

    Alexis G. Zall

  • Queen Key

    Queen Key is an American rapper who has a string of hit tracks under his belt, including "Hit A Lic," "Killa," "Baked as a Pie," and "Take Money." Queen Key was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois, and began singing and rapping at the age of six. She was born Ke'Asha McClure and changed her name to Queen Key in high school. When she was a teenager, she began rapping as a pastime. With the passage of time, she began to take music more seriously, eventually deciding to pursue a professional rapping career. Key has established herself as one of the few young female rappers in a male-dominated industry. She has carved out a name for herself in the music industry because to her incredible vocal and dancing abilities. She makes music mostly for ladies, therefore it's no surprise that the majority of her followers are young women. She also has a YouTube page where she publishes her singles and music videos on a regular basis. She also uses VidLab to create videos, which she then shares on Instagram, where she has thousands of followers. Key appears to be a bold and confident woman on a personal level. She is a woman with a lot of ambition and a lot of optimism in her life.

    Queen Key

  • Dina Tokio

    Runs the website Days of Doll in the UK and is a fashion blogger, YouTuber, stylist, and designer. She belongs to a community of bloggers that are Hijabi. Her self-titled YouTube channel, which has had over 136 million views, offers vlogs, challenges, and hauls.

    Dina Tokio