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  • Annie LeBlanc

    Bratayley's family vlog YouTube video made her popular as one of the three siblings. Musical.ly helped her gain prominence, and she now has over 13 million followers. Chicken Girls and A Girl Named Jo are two Brat online series in which she appears.

    Annie LeBlanc

  • Ava Kolker

    was well-known for playing Lily in Scary Movie 5. She made her television debut on Girl Meets World and later played Olive in Disney's Sydney to the Max.

    Ava Kolker

  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney was a showman in the truest sense of the word. A pioneering force in the world of animation, he transformed the entertainment industry completely, with his innovative ideas and creative visions. In his over four-decade long career, he changed the way the world looked at animation and was solely responsible for ushering the golden age of animation. Starting off as a mere animator, he soon turned into a business magnate, eventually becoming a major figure in the American animation industry. He co-founded the Walt Disney Production, along with his brother, which went on to become one of the best motion picture producers of the world. The cartoon characters that we love to see today, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, are all the brainchild of this artistic inventor. In addition to his contribution in the field of animation, he was the mastermind behind the conceptualization and final formulation of Disneyland, an innovative theme park for children and adults alike. Till date, no other person has singularly contributed to the animation industry as Walt Disney has. To know more about his life and profile, read on.

    Walt Disney

  • Haley Pham

    Haley Pham is a YouTuber and vlogger from the United States who is best known for her own YouTube channel. She started her YouTube account at a young age and quickly gained a large following. Her YouTube channel is all about beauty and lifestyle advice. On her YouTube channel, she covers a wide range of topics. There is a video of Pham talking about remodeling her room that may be seen online. You can see her here discussing the adjustments she made to her room. On the other hand, the young YouTuber has a video where she talks about her new hairstyle. Pham, unlike many YouTubers, does not specialize on a specific category in this fashion. Pham has a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in addition to YouTube.

    Haley Pham

  • Diego Velazquez

    He is most known for playing Billy Thunderman on the Nickelodeon sitcom The Thundermans, although he has also had appearances on Grimm and Leverage. He started playing the lead in the Brat online series Zoe Valentine in 2019.

    Diego Velazquez

  • Krutika TheMermaidScale

    On her verified themermaidscale account, TikTok content producer recognized for uploading numerous skits and lip sync performances. Her success on the platform has earned her over 15 million followers. On her YouTube page, she has also created hilarious short films, such as "Remove the third letter of your name for a game #shorts."

    Krutika TheMermaidScale

  • Conan Gray

    Singer who originally became well-known for his self-titled YouTube channel where he posted both original music and cover tunes. In addition to other songs including "The King" and "Comfort Crowd" in 2019, he also released the EP Sunset Season in 2018. In March 2020, he released Kid Krow, his first studio album, through Republic Records.

    Conan Gray

  • KD Da kid

    Hip-hop artist and rapper who went viral with the 2019 hit "Crayon Money." He managed to find an audience through his kddakid5 Instagram account and KD DaKid YouTube channel.

    KD Da kid

  • Lauren London

    Actress who co-starred with Tia Mowry in the TV show The Game as Kiera. She has a recurring role in Single Ladies as Shelley in 2011. On Baggage Claim, she played Sheree.

    Lauren London

  • Sam Dezz

    Sam Dezz is a young internet star who has gained popularity for his selfies that he posts on his Instagram account. Sam has earned more than 500,000 followers for his unedited pictures that he posts on his social media accounts. On YouTube too, Sam has gained a lot of prominence. His collaborations with fellow YouTube stars like Sunset Park, Andrew Davila and Moe Bradberry have amassed thousands of likes, thanks to all the crazy challenge and game videos. Sam has his separate YouTube channel, but has posted only two videos to date. He is of mixed origin and is a bi-lingual.

    Sam Dezz

  • Choi Soobin

    Rapper who is the head of TXT, BigHit Entertainment's newest boy band.

    Choi Soobin

  • Sebastian Topete

    Sebastian Topete is an internet sensation, famous for his compilations on musical.ly. He has gained prominence on different social media platforms for his lip-sync videos. He has also collaborated with many internet stars. But the collaboration that made him the talk of the town was the one with <a title='Danielle Cohn' href='/famous/danielle-cohn.htm'>Danielle Cohn</a>. They have lip-synced on various occasions for songs sung by artists, such as <a title='Kid Cudi' href='/famous/kid-cudi.htm'>Kid Cudi</a>, <a title='Lil Pump' href='/famous/lil-pump.htm'>Lil Pump</a> and Kalin and Myles. Sebastian is so popular among his fans that any news related to his personal life is often gobbled up by them. His musical.ly account has gained more than 210,000 followers and around one million likes.

    Sebastian Topete