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  • Olivia Holt

    Olivia Hastings Holt is on a roll! Everything she touches turns into gold. To the uninitiated, here is a little introduction: this girl with the Midas touch is the face of entertainment kingpin Disney's Television network. Sounds rad? Well, guess what, even that is an understatement! At 19, Olivia is already a decade into her acting career, and besides starring roles in TV movies and shows, she has already announced her arrival in mainstream Hollywood cinema. And to top it off is the promise of a budding career as a musician - her discography already features a few hit singles and an eponymous Extended Play (EP). So, what's so special about Olivia that makes her so immensely popular? Talent? Luck? A bit of both? Let's start from the beginning - from the birth of a 10-year old star.

    Olivia Holt

  • Karli Reese

    Karli Reese is an American YouTube star who is part of a well-known family channel and also runs a popular self-titled channel. This teenager grew up in a family of YouTubers and began her career as a social media personality early in her life. She is the star of her family channel, Our Family Nest, where she appears alongside her parents and three brothers. The channel is quite popular and has accumulated over a million subscribers. Since 2014, Karli has also been running her own personal self-titled YouTube channel. She is a social media sensation as well and has impressive numbers of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. The multi-talented teenager is also a dancer, a gymnast, a singer, and a fashionista. She was very shy as a child but has gained confidence since beginning her YouTube career.

    Karli Reese

  • JJ Totah

    J. J. Totah is an American child actor who is fast proving to be Hollywood's most engaging and sought after young actor. His natural flair for acting and the ability to bring dynamic characters to life is admirable. Barely in his mid-teens, he already has an impressive resume under his belt. Apart from the long list of television shows and films, Totah is a complete rock star at stand-up comedy as well and has the ability to overshadow the most seasoned of performers while on stage. What makes him a cult figure is his lack of fear and overflowing confidence. Parroting a memorized script is not his style unlike many ˜veteran' performers. He, in fact, interacts with his audience and does hilarious impersonations impromptu, thus bringing in a touch of authenticity and genuineness to his role play. The fact that the teen sensation doesn't let the pressure of performing overpower him even for an iota of a second is simply unbelievable. He is truly an iconic performer and a promising talent that Hollywood takes pride in!

    JJ Totah

  • Neil Armstrong

    History was created when Armstrong put his left foot on the surface of Moon, thus becoming the first ever man to place his foot on someplace other than the Earth. He was and for centuries to come, will be regarded as the greatest American hero who created a landmark moment in human history. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, he soon took to being a test pilot and served as the same for a number of years before being selected as an astronaut. Interestingly, all his accomplishments would not have happened in the first place had his friend, Dick Day not placed his application for astronaut with the ones that arrived on time; Armstrong's application had arrived about a week after the deadline. Armstrong's first mission into the space was as command pilot of Gemini 8 in 1966. With this, he became the first civilian to fly in space. His second and last space flight occurred three years later in 1969 when he joined Aldrin and Collins aboard Apollo 11 for NASA's first manned mission to moon. Armstrong spent about two hours walking on the moon surface, collecting samples and conducting experiments. His fiery determination coupled with his heroic demeanour and unwavering team spirit made him a man of virtue and honor. To know in details about his life and profile, scroll further.

    Neil Armstrong

  • Jayla Marie

    ItsJayla Marie!I TRANSFORM TODAYS HOTTEST SONGS INTO MY OWN DOPE VERSION. I'm a Multi Talented Kid Artist! I'm Different! iRap, iSing, iDance, iAct! I Make Music For All Ages! This is what this 12-year-old rapper says in her YouTube Bio. We couldn't agree more! JaylaMarie is a young American Hip Hop and R&B performer. She is popular for her remix videos which she calls JMixes. She says music is her life and she could not wait to start performing. She started belting out perfect tunes from as early as when she was three years old! According to her parents, they did not take her seriously then but once they realized how passionate she was about music, they extended their unconditional support.Drawing her inspiration from the likes of Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg, she began rapping when she was around 10-11 years old.She has also participated in reality shows like˜The Rap Game' (S2).Her stellar performances speak volumes about her talents and have earned her the title of Princess of Hip Hop and R&B. Going by the way she is slaying her competitors in these shows, before long the princess is going to be a Queen and rule the world of hip hop!

    Jayla Marie

  • Jesse Williams

    Jesse Wesley Williams is an American model, actor, and activist. He is popular for portraying the character of Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC's hit series ˜Grey's Anatomy' and of Eric Medina in the TV series ˜Beyond the Break'. Besides this, he has acted in the movies ˜Lee Daniels' The Butler', ˜Money', ˜The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2' and ˜Brooklyn's Finest'. Coming to Williams' modelling projects, he has done modelling for many high end brands and companies, such as ˜Tommy Hilfiger', ˜L. L. Bean' and ˜Kenneth Cole Productions', to name a few. Note that the multi-faceted personality is not only a television and film star, but is a popular activist as well. Williams is one of the members of the board of directors at the civil rights think tank and advocacy group, The Advancement Project. He is also the executive producer of the multifaceted media project, Question Bridge: Black Males. Through all his contributions to the world of acting and activism, the American star has earned fans from all over the world.

    Jesse Williams

  • Yungblud

    Singer and guitarist who has won acclaim with his socially-conscious brand of protest music, which includes songs like "King Charles." His debut LP, 21st Century Liability, was released on Geffen Records in 2018. 


  • Louis Walsh

    This entertainment manager has the credit of shaping the careers of some of Ireland's big pop performers, like Boyzone and Westlife, who grew to fame in the 1990s. Besides, he is also the guiding force behind other singing sensations, such as Samantha Mumba, Girls Aloud, Johnny Logan and Shayne Ward. This showbiz maestro has earned himself respect and recognition by giving the music industry an impressive 28 number one hits through his singing discoveries. The cheeky Irishman has experienced his share of ups and downs before proving his instinct for great pop. A career which he started off as a teenager paid off after years of consistent hard work and perseverance. By managing shows as well as judging various talent shows, he has successfully portrayed the role of both a part professional and part celebrity. He is one of the three adjudicators on one of the biggest and most popular television talent shows in Europe “ The X Factor. He is said to be synonymous with this ever-increasingly well-known show. Among other reality shows where he has enjoyed media exposure by judging and mentoring contestants include ˜Popstars: The Rivals' and ˜Britain's Got Talent'.

    Louis Walsh

  • Jaden Rosa

    Jaden Rosa, often referred to by his username Kiddelarosa, is a popular Instagram personality and an upcoming rapper. He is associated with other social media celebrities such as <a title='River Bleu' href='/famous/river-bleu.htm'>River Bleu</a>, <a title='Noah Riley' href='/famous/noah-riley.htm'>Noah Riley</a>, and Malak Watson. He currently has over 160k followers on Instagram and has worked with several upcoming photographers, including Salvador Andres Cabezas. He also teamed up with Section 8 to release his own merchandise and continues to advertise for them. He recently branched from being a social media celebrity to become a singer and songwriter. He uses SoundCloud to upload his recordings and has released several originals under the name ˜YOUNGBOYMARGI'. His singles ˜Go' and ˜Red Bottoms' were produced by DJ Flipp and Yo Cam! He was inspired by the American rapper, Travis Scott, to get into music and has since moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to pursue his passion. He is also seen alongside TikTok star, Tyla Yaweh, and often performs along with him.

    Jaden Rosa

  • Ashley Strong

    Beauty and cosmetics influencer who rose to fame by posting selfies on her Strashme Instagram account. She has gone on to garner more than 500,000 followers on the platform. She won season one of the James Charles series Instant Influencer. 

    Ashley Strong

  • Amymarie Gaertner

    Amymarie Gaertner is a self-taught American dancer, choreographer, actress and social media star who gained popularity for showing her freestyle dancing moves in six-second-videos on the now defunct looping video hosting service Vine. Learning dance steps all by herself, she is able to dance to any tune she is given. She co-hosted the Halloween edition of 'Dancing with the Stars' in 2015. That year, she also acted in the episode 'A Sudden Duet!' from the web series 'Sanders Shorts' directed by fellow Viner and internet personality Thomas Sanders. Later on, she made couple more appearances on Thomas' eponymous comedy and music series. She played the role of Vanessa in the YouTube Red original movie 'Dance Camp' in 2016. In 2017, she acted as Elektra in an episode of 'The Boonies' and also appeared as Audrey March in three episodes of 'Guidance'. She was nominated for the 'Dancer of The Year award' at the '5th Annual Streamy Awards' in 2015 and was one of the Finalists in the Dance category of the '8th Annual Shorty Awards' in 2016.

    Amymarie Gaertner

  • Abbey Bankson

    Vlogger has a humorous YouTube channel that has garnered her a lot of attention. Her eponymous YouTube channel has over 250,000 followers and over 13 million views.

    Abbey Bankson

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