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  • Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper is an American actor and is currently one of the biggest stars of Hollywood, who has been a part of some of the most successful movies of the new millennium. Bradley Cooper initially showed an interest in journalism when he was in school and in fact worked for one of the evening papers in his hometown of Philadelphia; however, from the time that he joined university he developed a liking for the stage. Once he discovered that he had a natural liking for the stage he decided to get trained in the art of acting and since then he has never looked back. Cooper has made a career for himself as a noted actor in films, television shows and also the stage. Cooper shot to fame in 2005 following his role in the movie ˜Wedding Crashers' and since then his career has been one of constant ascent as he delivered such hits as the ˜Hangover' franchise and ˜American Hustle' among others. In 2014, he starred in the critically acclaimed and negatively criticised movie American Sniper which earned him rave reviews from critics as well as movie lovers who say Cooper in such an intense role for the first time.

    Bradley Cooper

  • January Jones

    January Jones is an established American film and television actress and model. She gained popularity with her role as Betty Draper in the American TV show ˜Mad Men' and has been cast in some of the most memorable films of the American film industry such as ˜Bandits', ˜Anger Management', ˜American Wedding' in her initial career. Born and brought up in South Dakota, she began her career as a model in New York and gradually acquired roles in television and movies after moving to Los Angeles. Initially she acted in supporting roles and guest appearances until she was cast as the lead. January was also rated amongst the hottest women in the ˜Maxim', a monthly magazine for men. After gathering international fame she made it to the front pages of several European and Asian magazines, including the British GQ magazine in 2009. With time, she became a versatile actress, signing roles that were more demanding. Her recent projects include ˜Seeking Justice', ˜X-Men: First Class' and ˜The Last Man on Earth'. Most of her performances have been critically acclaimed and have landed her nominations at the Golden Globe and Guild Screen Awards.

    January Jones

  • Marilyn Manson

    The musician who shot to fame with his controversial yet super hit album ˜Antichrist Superstar', Marilyn Manson is both highly popular and notorious among the masses. The singer known for his boldness and outrageous nature has earned as many detractors as his fans over the years with his politically incorrect lyrics and unconventional music. He had a difficult childhood as he was repeatedly molested by a neighbor. Growing up, he felt lonely and began to write poems and songs. For several years he struggled to make a living and in spite of being so talented, success evaded him. Eventually he got noticed and was able to launch his musical career. Born as Brian Hugh Warner, the American singer adopted the stage name Marilyn Manson when he began performing. From an early age he was eccentric and quirky. Even though his mother was religious, he harbored strong anti-Christian feelings which he expressed through his songs. His rebellious nature and refusal to adhere to religious norms endeared him to independent minded folks and irked the traditional ones. His weird dressing style added to his mystery and charm. He wore garish makeup and a stylized contact lens in one eye, with bright red lipstick lending him the creepy look that his fans love so much.

    Marilyn Manson

  • Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone is one of the top rated Indian model-turned-actress who has gained international fame & recognition. Born in Denmark and raised in India, Deepika aimed at becoming a World-class badminton player, like her father Prakash Padukone. However, her ambition for a sporting career soon faded as she found her real calling as a model. Having established her position as the supermodel of the country, walking high-profile ramp shows, gracing as the Calendar Girl for Kingfisher and doing a couple of ad films, it was only natural for Deepika to take the next leap and start her career as an actor. While Kannada film ˜Aishwariya' marked her debut as an actor, her first Hindi film was 'Om Shanti Om', which catapulted her to limelight. Over the years, she has established herself among the top actresses of Hindi cinema by giving some suprelative performances in movies, such as ˜Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani', ˜Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela', ˜Piku' and ˜Bajirao Mastani'. She has also ventured into the Hollywood with the action film ˜xXx: Return of Xander Cage'. Currently, she is amongst the highest-paid actress in the world.

    Deepika Padukone

  • Rashed Belhasa

    Rashed Belhasa is a popular social media celebrity and YouTuber, who has achieved fame and success at a very young age. Rashed first joined Instagram in May 2013 and thereafter created his own YouTube channel ˜Money Kicks.' He started off by posting a video titled ˜Legendary Sneaker Collection,' in which he showed off his expensive sneaker collection. His love for sneakers became well-known as many actors, sportspersons, and rappers appeared on his videos just to talk about his sneakers. His videos began to go viral as he started featuring major celebrities from all over the world. When his popularity grew, he became a subject of curiosity for the rest of the world as people wanted to know more about this newly emerged celebrity. As of now, he has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel with more than a billion views. Besides being a famous internet star, he is also known for raising a few exotic and dangerous animals like tigers. He is also popular for his impressive collection of automobiles, which includes some of the costliest cars in the world.

    Rashed Belhasa

  • Deadmau5

    Deadmau5 is a Canadian electronic DJ/dance artist and record producer. Blessed with excellent skills in electronics, he displays a variety of styles in his works, and uses different forms of electronic music. He has worked with several famous DJs and producers on a number of releases. Nominated for the Grammy Awards six times, deadmau5 is well known for his trademark helmet and popular live shows. In the initial years of his career, he had created the buzz for his brand of electronic music on the indie dance site ˜Beatport', and his works were included in compilation albums and DJ playlists. He then created ˜deadmau5.com' and started uploading songs to SectionZ from 2002. This dance-music superstar describes himself as being very unsocial with a huge anxiety disorder, and is the happiest when left all alone. Best known for the dance music hits ˜Ghosts 'n' Stuff,' ˜I Remember,' and ˜Strobe', he has tried his hand at everything in the electronic spectrum. He has been often described by the media as an incredibly humble and loyal individual, who just wants to do his best for his fans.


  • Ana Sobonja

    Ana.sobonja is a popular dance and lip sync artist who rose to prominence thanks to her ana.sobonja account. On the site, she has over a million followers.

    Ana Sobonja

  • Connor Yates

    Instagram personality and social media influencer who is recognized for having been a member of The Hype House collective. His affiliation with the crew led to him amassing more than 40,000 followers on his personal Instagram.

    Connor Yates

  • Anastasia Bezrukova

    Anastasia Dmitrievna Bezrukova is a well-known Russian child model and actress. At a very small age, she is known as one of the most beautiful young models in the world. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Anastasia started modeling at a very young age. By the time she celebrated her 10th birthday, she was already a popular figure in the international fashion scene. She has been part of photo shoots for some major fashion brands, such as ˜Moschino,' ˜Benetton,' and ˜Pinko' and has graced the cover of ˜Vogue Bambini,' the Italian kids' fashion magazine. In October 2015, she forayed into acting with the film ˜The Milky Way,' which saw her playing the lead role. Soon, she featured in a few music videos and another film, ˜After You're Gone.' She also excels in dance and gymnastics, which she learned for a film. She looks promising and looks forward to more modeling assignments. She has also been approached by reputed filmmakers and is considering a few film offers. Although she is currently a student, she aspires to become a successful actor someday. She is quite popular and already has more than 225,000 followers on ˜Instagram.' the photo sharing social media website.

    Anastasia Bezrukova

  • Tara Massicotte

    Tara Massicotte is a Canadian YouTuber, writer, blogger, and traveler. She is best known for her blogs, which she posts on the social networking site Tumblr. She is also famous for her YouTube videos. She started off by writing blogs in the microblogging and social networking site Tumblr. Her quirky style of writing hit the right notes with her readers and this became her stepping stone to success. As she was a keen traveler, she never missed an opportunity to go on trips. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in the American entertainment industry. After landing in Los Angeles, she created two YouTube channels, namely ˜Tara Michelle' and ˜Tara Michelle Vlogs.' Soon, she started gaining popularity and over a period of time, she became famous for her travel videos, makeup tutorials, fashion tutorials, and DIY videos. She eventually gained a huge fan following on other social media platforms as well, and is currently known as one of the most popular internet sensations.

    Tara Massicotte

  • Ms. Juicy Baby

    Ms. Juicy Baby is an African-American TV actress and radio personality best known for being a part of ˜The <a title='Rickey Smiley' href='/famous/rickey-smiley.htm'>Rickey Smiley</a> Morning Show' and a regular cast member of the Lifetime reality TV show, ˜Little Women: Atlanta'. Born with Pituitary Dwarfism, the 4 feet tall powerhouse didn't let her height get in the way of success. Starting her career on stage by acting on plays like ˜You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else' and ˜Doing The Right Thing With The Wrong Man', she went on to work on the famous stage production ˜Beauty Shop'. She is the owner of the clothing line ˜Juicy Gear' and started selling bobblehead figures which utter her famous signature phrases like "I'm the queen of Atlanta, boo!". However, her interests are not limited to commercial success and fame. She believes in giving back to the community and is the organizer of the ˜Back 2 School' event, known as ˜Shorty's Run The Runway'. The event has been a pioneer in motivating, and guiding children between the ages of 3 and18. It helps with building their self-confidence to handle their school life and provides school supplies for 2000 students.

    Ms. Juicy Baby

  • Ellosteph

    ElloSteph is a popular American YouTuber and LGBT rights activist. She is a self-proclaimed lesbian who started voicing her opinion through her blogs. In her blogs, she expressed her concern over discrimination against homosexuals. She said discrimination against homosexuals is still prevalent in the American society and that many people are homophobic. She works for a YouTube channel named ˜LGBTV,' and is mostly seen hosting a few shows on Monday. She is also associated with another popular channel ˜LGBTeens,' which too, fights for the rights of LGBT community. She has become a role model to many homosexuals around the world, as her display of sheer courage and fearlessness is often praised by many. ElloSteph has amassed thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is also popular on Tumblr and has many followers on the microblogging website. She was in a relationship with fellow social media star Madison Clark. She has also dated the popular Lesbian YouTuber Anna Campbell. ElloSteph and Anna Campbell were once known as the ˜most popular American lesbian couple.'


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