Famous birthday by date
  • Lea Elui Ginet

    Lea Elui Ginet is one of the star members of the largest global video community, musical.ly. She is also an Instagram star and upcoming YouTuber. Her graceful moves have already attracted more than a million subscribers to her channel making her one of the most liked musical.ly stars. Lea posts a variety of dance videos including belly dance, pole dance, and aerobics. One can find Lea on every social media platform, and her Instagram and Snapchat videos are fun to watch. Her belly dance video on Instagram has hit the most likes to date. Lea has contested in different internet dance competitions. Lea has more than thirty-five musical.ly videos and all of them are now available on iTunes and cloud.com.

    Lea Elui Ginet

  • Jaeden Lieberher

    Young, handsome and exuberant, Jaeden Lieberher is a well-known American film and television actor and model. He made his mark in Hollywood as a child artist and is well-known for films like ˜St. Vincent' and ˜It'. Although stepping into showbiz was not something he expected in the wildest of his dreams, his journey to stardom seemed to be destined. It all started with featuring in commercials after he happened to relocate to Los Angeles with his mother as an eight year old. Things fell in place and the little boy went on to make his film debut at nine sans any training or prior experience in acting. The rest as they say is history. One after another notable films followed that saw Jaeden playing lead roles with some big names of the industry including Bill Murray, Naomi Watts, Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone among others. He has featured in films of different genres like the comedy-drama ˜St. Vincent', science fiction film ˜Midnight Special', drama film ˜The Confirmation' and supernatural horror film ˜It' garnering both critical acclaim and popularity at such tender age. Jaeden has also forayed into television with series ˜American Dad!' and ˜Masters of Sex'.

    Jaeden Lieberher

  • Heidi D'Amelio

    Celebrity family member and public figure who is recognized for being the mother of popular TikTok creators Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. 

    Heidi D'Amelio

  • Liza Soberano

    Hope Elizabeth ˜Liza' Hanley Soberano is a Filipino-American actress and model best known for television series ˜Forevermore' and films ˜Just The Way You Are', ˜Everyday, I Love You' and ˜My Ex and Whys'. This pretty and charming diva, counted among the most beautiful actresses in the Philippines, started getting modeling offers when she was just 12. By the time she attained teenage she made her acting debut with the Philippine fantasy-drama, comedy anthology television series ˜Wansapanataym' in 2011. Her breakthrough came with the ABS-CBN aired Philippine romantic drama television series ˜Forevermore' (2014-2015) that established her hit pair with Filipino-Spanish actor and dancer Enrique Gil. The romantic reel pair, referred as LizQuen, was considered "Breakthrough Love Team of 2015" on Philippine primetime TV by ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. LizQuen then went on to feature in many other notable productions including in films ˜Just The Way You Are' (2015), ˜Everyday, I Love You' (2015), ˜My Ex and Whys' (2017), and TV series ˜Dolce Amore' (2016). She will be also seen starring along with Gil in the upcoming TV series ˜Bagani'. She will portray the popular Filipino comics' fictional superhero Darna in an upcoming Erik Matti film bearing same title.

    Liza Soberano

  • Kalin White

    Kalin White is better known as a member of the American pop duo, ˜Kalin and Myles', who released their first self-titled album in November 2015. They knew each other from school days but got serious about making music together after they met at a friend's place and Myles heard Kalin sing ˜Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston. Myles, who was already in the music business, was so impressed with Kalin's singing that he got in touch with him on Facebook to get him to sing together as a duo. Before this they were doing their individual productions of R&B and Hip Hop music on a small scale, more for fun. In 2011, their premiere song as a duo, ˜More Than Friends' was recorded in a single day and released the very next day, when they were still in school. The song was an instant success and after the favourable response to their maiden joint effort, they were motivated to put their individual careers on hold and begin uploading a number of joint videos that made them famous. Unfortunately, the duo did not last long and broke up in March 2016 to go their separate ways. After a short break, Kalin was back with his music and today he is an established singer and songwriter with his own debut album. He bears a positive outlook and recently expressed interest in acting as well. His massive following on social media is definitely an indicator that he is a budding star.

    Kalin White

  • Coco Jones

    Courtney ˜Coco' Jones is an American singer, songwriter and actress known for Disney Channel film, ˜Let It Shine', Radio Disney's ˜Next Big Thing', or N.B.T., her debut single ˜Holla at the DJ' and her extended play ˜Made Of'. A recording artist and Disney Channel regular, Coco, daughter of former National Football League defensive lineman, Mike Jones, and session vocalist, Javonda Jones, forayed into singing as a child. She gave her first stage performance with ˜America the Beautiful' at her kindergarten graduation at age six. She endeavoured into song writing and acting after getting introduced to casting heads for Disney at just nine years of age. She came up with self-titled debut CD, ˜Coco Jones' in 2010 and later her debut single ˜Holla at the DJ' and EP ˜Made Of'. She became an independent artist in early 2014 after being dropped from Hollywood Records. She began acting at 13 guest starring in American Disney Channel sketch comedy series ˜So Random!'. She rose to prominence playing the lead role of Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews in the 2012 Disney Channel musical television film ˜Let It Shine'. Other notable on-screen pursuits of Coco include Radio Disney's Next Big Thing, or N.B.T., television series ˜Good Luck Charlie' and films ˜Grandma's House' and ˜Flock of Four'.

    Coco Jones

  • Sir Isaac Newton

    An extraordinary genius and proficient physicist, mathematician, astronomer and alchemist, Sir Isaac Newton is considered to be the greatest and the most influential scientist who ever lived. One of the paramount contributors of the 17th century Scientific Revolution, he developed the principles of modern physics which he laid out in his book, ˜Philosophiae, Natrualis, Principia Mathematica'. Popularly known as Principia, the book highlighted the concepts of universal gravitation and laws of motions which remained at the forefront of science for centuries after. Furthermore, he worked on and developed the theory of color. He was the first to lay out the fact that color is an intrinsic property of light and that when reflected, scattered or transmitted, a white light decomposed into numerous colors that are visible in the spectrum or in the rainbow. He was responsible for building the first practical telescope. Newton also contributed to the study of power series, generalised the binomial theorem to non-integer exponents, and developed method for approximating the roots of a function. Apart from all the aforementioned, Newton made noteworthy and substantial contribution in the field of alchemy and theology as well. In his life, he held numerous significant positions such as serving as the Lucasian Professor of mathematics, President of the Royal Society and Warden and Master of the Mint. Thus, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Newton, single-handedly, achieved milestones in physics that laid the groundwork for future discoveries by scientists across the globe.

    Sir Isaac Newton

  • Rudan Custodio

    Rudan Custodio is a famous social media personality who gained popularity on YouNow and YouTube. He is famous for his live broadcasts on YouNow, where he shares with his fans various aspects of his life. On YouTube, he posts vlogs, skits, challenge videos with friends and dance routines among other things. His videos "Harlem Shake" and "Finding Alex from Target" became very popular among his fans. He is a singer as well as a dancer. He has released two singles so far, "Summer VacAye" and "Keep Your Head Up", both of which can be bought from iTunes. He is a founder member of the social media group 5quad. Primarily a group of famous YouNowers, they now have strong presence on most social media platforms. They also released their first EP, TRENZ, in late 2015. The group has been a part of DigiTour's SlayBells Ice tour in December 2015. In July and August of 2016, they even went on their own tour as part of "Tha Lights Global" group, along with Duhitzmark, Loren Beech, and FlaminGeos. Rudan was nominated for the 7th and 8th Shorty Awards for his social media presence.

    Rudan Custodio

  • Kris Bryant

    Kristopher Lee Bryant is one of the leading figures of the contemporary American baseball world. A third baseman as well as an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball, he is one of the most significant players of the country. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bryant began playing baseball during his school days. He played brilliantly during his sophomore year, which earned him the name of a first-team ˜All-American' by ˜Baseball America.' Currently playing for the Chicago Cubs, Bryant has earned several awards throughout his career, including ˜Baseball American College Player of the Year Award' ˜Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year', and ˜Dick Howser Trophy'. He made his major league debut in baseball at the age of 23 and won the National League Rookie of the Year Award the same year. With his excellent performances, it did not take him long to become a highly popular baseball player on the international scenario. A fast and rapid player, he poses a tough challenge to his opponents. Along with being one of the most talented players, Kris also carries an extremely good physique.

    Kris Bryant

  • Christopher O'Flyng

    Christopher O'Flyng, also known as Chris O'Flyng, is one of the most famous YouTube personalities. He is popular for his comedy videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. He is also famous for his cringe-worthy challenge videos. Contrasting to his happy-go-lucky image that he portrays on social media, Chris has shown his sensitive side too, by posting a few issue-based videos. He became prominent after he started posting videos, featuring his views on various issues like homosexuality, unsafe daredevil stunts and other youth-oriented issues. Ever since Chris stepped into the web world, many of his videos and clips have gone viral. Of late, he started showcasing his talent on other social media platforms too, like Instagram and Snapchat. All his channels have over 1.1 million subscribers and together, they have accumulated over 80 million views so far. He is an aspiring filmmaker and is currently working on developing a few stories.

    Christopher O'Flyng

  • Kate Elisabeth

    Kate Elisabeth is a British internet celebrity, best known for her YouTube videos. She usually posts beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle-related videos on her channel. She comes up with interesting content and uploads them every Sunday. She also collaborates with other popular social media personalities for more interesting videos. Through her YouTube videos Kate became popular on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. She is also active on the popular social shopping app, Depop, where she sells clothing at an affordable price. Kate Elisabeth currently lives in the United Kingdom and aspires to become the most popular English social media star.

    Kate Elisabeth

  • Aidan Zahn

    Musical.ly-famous digital content producer who came to prominence by uploading lip sync and acting videos. She has almost 60,000 musical.ly fans and over 3,000 Instagram followers.

    Aidan Zahn