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  • Noah Schnapp

    Noah Schnapp is an actor from the United States who rose to prominence after starring as Will Bryers in the Netflix horror thriller Stranger Things. Schnapp was also well-known for his role as Charlie Brown in the film The Peanuts Movie. He began performing as a child artist when he was six years old, and after being encouraged by his acting coach, he began to take acting seriously as he grew older. He made his acting debut when he successfully auditioned for the role of Roger Donovan in Steven Spielberg's film Bridge of Spies. Noah played Will Byers, the key character in Season 1 of Stranger Things, and returned his role in Season 2. He also starred in We Only Know So Much, an independently produced film. Noah is currently starring in a couple films that are in the works.

    Noah Schnapp

  • JillianTubeHD

    JillianTubeHD is an American YouTuber and social media influencer who, as of March 2018, had over a million subscribers on her channel. Because her parents have chosen to keep their surname a secret for security reasons, she is only known as Jillian online. Jillian, the younger sister of YouTuber EvanTubeHD, "one of the platform's most successful and popular young creators," started her own channel in March 2013. Her debut video, however, was not uploaded until January 2016. Since then, her personal brand as a social media influencer has progressively expanded, and she has established her own following outside of her brother's celebrity. She primarily uploads challenge videos, vlogs, and piano recitals on her YouTube channel.


  • Gwen Stefani

    Gwen Rene Stefani is an actress, singer, and fashion designer from the United States. She is the lead singer for No Doubt, a rock band. Before opting to go solo, she sang with the band and published three albums. Her debut solo album, 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.,' was influenced by 1980s music. Hollaback Girl, the album's third single, was the first digital download to sell one million copies in the United States. Wind It Up, Four in the Morning, and the mega song The Sweet Escape were among the hits from her solo studio album The Sweet Escape. She has sold over forty million records worldwide, including her work with No Doubt. With her clothes and accessory companies, L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers, she has broadened her profession. She has been regarded as having a "brash alto" vocal talent, as stated by The Chicago Tribune. Publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and People have referred to her as "the next Madonna." Her attractiveness is complemented by her trendy clothing sense, which complements her red lips, platinum blond hair, and dark eyes. Stefani was named the fifty-fourth most successful musician and the thirty-seventh most successful Hot 100 artist of the previous decade by Billboard magazine.

    Gwen Stefani

  • A$AP Rocky

    Rapper from Harlem who rose to prominence after releasing the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape. Long. Live is his debut studio album. In 2013, ASAP debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, earning him a BET Award nomination for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. In 2015, he starred in the feature film Dope.

    A$AP Rocky

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Star Swedish striker who played for Paris Saint-Germain FC from 2012 until 2016, when he joined Manchester United. In 2018, he joined the LA Galaxy. He previously played for FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and Inter Milan.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Kenny Knox

    Kenny Knox is a Vine celebrity who has amassed a following of 1.5 million Vine followers because to his witty and young postings. Kenny has a YouTube channel that he started in 2014, although he doesn't update it as regularly as he does Vine and Instagram. He is currently one of the most well-known social marketing influencers, working with a company called Viralnation. On October 27, 2016, Twitter announced that Vine will be a stand-alone service that would allow users to create 6-second video clips but would not be linked to the Vine community website. Knowing this, Kenny added, "It's not about the statistics or the money; it's about everyone." They kept an eye out for me, and the app introduced me to some of my closest friends.

    Kenny Knox

  • Gino Cosculluela

    Isn't it thrilling to see kids do high-octane, crazy actions on stage? Their ability to slay every move with such confidence and expertise has earned them praise from all corners. Gino Cosculluela is one such outstanding dancer who is now dominating the spotlight. Gino needs no introduction if you've ever binge-watched dancing reality TV series. The dancing prodigy's ability has taken the entertainment business by storm. Gino Cosculluela is quietly but surely creating waves in Hollywood, and he appears to be on the verge of breaking out in the future years. Gino has already accomplished a great deal in this sector, despite the fact that he is just 18 years old. One thing is certain: this young guy is unstoppable and will achieve greatness.

    Gino Cosculluela

  • Geovanna Antoinette

    Geovanna Geo Antoinette Carreno-Kwan is a model, actress, and powerlifter who rose to fame on YouTube. She works with JustKiddingFilms as a producer and marketing/PR executive. Geovanna is the founder and proprietor of the famed Barbelle Brigade gym in Los Angeles. She appeared in short mini-series such as She Has a Boyfriend (as the Motorcycle girl) in 2013, Single by 30 (as Brianna) and Yellow Fever 2 (as Brianna) in 2016, and the JustKiddingFilms' series from 2010 to 2015. From 2014 to 2015, Geovanna appeared as a guest on 'Access Hollywood,' the 'Inside Edition' documentary in 2015, and 'MashBox,' in 2012. In 2014, she produced the short comedy 'Gun Fu' as well as the short film 'The Monster.' She and her husband worked together to build their own YouTube channel, Bart & Geo, where she advertises her gym. The pair uses this channel to broadcast live stream recordings of their everyday personal and business lives, such as vacations, shopping, dining out, and socializing with friends. For their maternity apparel brand radiance and Pip & Vine by Rosie Pope collections, Geovanna teamed with Kohls.

    Geovanna Antoinette

  • JSH Diy

    JSH Diy is a slime maker and social media influencer from the United States. He has his own YouTube channel, where he posts wonderful slime videos including slime tutorials, guides, recipes, DIYs, reviews, hacks, and more. This slime fanatic started his YouTube channel in 2016 and has amassed a sizable following in just two years. More than 737k individuals have subscribed to his channel as of today. It has a large number of videos with millions of views. JSH Diy is his parents' middle kid, and he uses his creativity and knowledge to make the most enticing slime films. The best part about his slime films is that they are comprehensive enough to teach slime fans how to build their own at home. The YouTuber's channel has it all, from slime latte art to memory foam! JSH Diy, who is also somewhat well-known on Instagram, is a highly bright and brilliant young man. He dislikes squandering his time on frivolous pursuits. Instead, he spends his free time working on something new involving slimes.

    JSH Diy

  • Tommy Lee

    Glam metal band Motley Crue's long-term drummer who played in Suite 19 in the late 1970s.

    Tommy Lee

  • Lil Tracy

    Jazz Lil Tracy is an American rapper and singer-songwriter whose real name is Ishmael Butler. He is most known for his singles "This Year" and "Checkmate," as well as his tracks "White Wine" and "Awful Things," the latter of which reached #79 on the Billboard Hot 100. He also collaborated with the late rapper Lil Peep on "White Wine" and "Awful Things." Lil Tracy, a well-known figure in today's "SoundCloud rap scene," decided to pursue a career in music as a young youngster. Cheryl Clemons and Ishmael Butler, both musicians, gave birth to him. His parents divorced when he was a child, and he had to deal with a lot of difficulties as a child. He was homeless as a youth and went to California at the age of 18 from Virginia. Lil Tracy started uploading his songs to the internet when he was 15 years old. He eventually developed his following on SoundCloud and went on to become a talented rapper with a sizable fan base. He is still making music and entertaining his fans with his vocal and creative abilities. On a personal level, the musician has grown into a better version of himself through time.

    Lil Tracy

  • Zoi Lerma

    Lip sync, dance, and comedy content creator who is recognized for her zoifishh TikTok account. Her videos have garnered more than 1.8 million followers on the platform.

    Zoi Lerma

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