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  • Jack Dylan Grazer

    Jack Dylan Grazer is an American actor known mainly for his performance in the movie version of <a title='Stephen King' href='/famous/stephen-king.htm'>Stephen King</a>'s novel ˜It.' He was born and raised in California, US. As his family members are from the film industry, he was exposed to the entertainment world from early childhood and he was encouraged to pursue acting. After appearing in some commercials, he made his acting debut with a TV series, followed by a horror comedy film, ˜Tales of Halloween.' His portrayal of ˜Eddie Kaspbrak' in the film ˜It,' and that of ˜Young Alex Riley' in TV comedy series ˜Me, Myself and I,' earned him a lot of appreciation. He enjoys making videos, and his documentary film on a school project won him a school award. He likes script writing and hopes to direct and produce films in future.

    Jack Dylan Grazer

  • Adam Jones

    As a member of the family pop rock band SM6, he came to prominence as a guitarist and vocalist. On his own Instagram account, he has more than 350,000 followers.

    Adam Jones

  • August Alsina

    August Anthony Alsina, Jr. is an American rhythm and blues singer and recording artist. He is associated with the American record label, ˜Def Jam Recordings'. Coming from a troubled family background he faced several hardships in his childhood which however could not deter him from his passion for music. While still in his teens, he came out with covers of songs by Musiq Soulchild and Lyfe Jennings and uploaded them on YouTube. The songs soon garnered thousands of views. As the situation in family deteriorated he got involved into drug dealings. However the incident of his brother's murder was an eye opener for him. It led him to channel his energy back to music again and he came out with a mix tape titled ˜The Product' (2012). One of its tracks ˜Sucka' featured American R&B singer Lloyd. The first single of ˜The Product 2' (2013), his second mixtape, titled ˜I Luv This Shit' climbed at # 13 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart and ranked #48 at the list of Hot 100. He furthered his fame with his 2014 debut studio album titled ˜Testimony' that climbed at #2 on the albums charts. Other notable musical endeavours of Alsina includes the 2013 EP titled ˜Downtown: Life Under The Gun' and 2015 album ˜This Thing Called Life'.

    August Alsina

  • Riley Hubatka

    Social media star who has garnered massive popularity for her self-titled TikTok channel. She has risen to fame for her comedic memes and clips. 

    Riley Hubatka

  • Kaia Gerber

    Kaia Gerber is an American model and actress, well-known in the international modelling scene. With her gorgeous head turner of a face and body, she has managed to achieve roaring success at a very young age. Having the scintillating former supermodel <a title='Cindy Crawford' href='/famous/cindy-crawford.htm'>Cindy Crawford</a> as mother cum guide definitely helped her, but it was her talent and dedication which paved way for her to become one of the most sought after American divas today. Kaia has been quite vocal about the influences her mother had on her. It was her mother's wish that Kaia must focus in her studies. And as a result, Kaia did well in studies and always scored good grades. The love for modelling hit her at a very young age. Her professional modelling career kicked off at the age of 10 with none other brand than ˜Versace'. She hasn't looked back ever since. With the support of her mother and father, who also happens to be a former model, she has constantly startled the world with her strong persona and ˜goddess like' face which apparently shares a lot of similarities with her mother's.

    Kaia Gerber

  • Kevin Bojorquez

    Kevin is a rising musical.ly star with millions of followers on ˜Musical.ly'. He enjoys a large fan following on the social networking site ˜Instagram' too. He has nearly 75 thousand fans on another internet platform, ˜Younow'. Here he interacts with his fans frequently and broadcasts videos. He once told one of his fans that he started lip-syncing accidentally and claimed he was the first one to start it. The fact about how lip-syncing started or who started first remains a mystery, but we can say that this is a new trend among teens and has gained much acceptance. There are teens who, actually take this more than just a pastime and become stars. Kevin is making sure that he leaves his mark; he has managed to create his own signature style that is adored by many of his fans. His geeky glasses and casual wear he has also given rise to a new fashion trend, which is being followed by many teens out there. We aren't sure about what Kevin chooses to be in future, but seems like he will continue winning hearts of many.

    Kevin Bojorquez

  • Charlie Sheen

    Carlos Irwin Estevez, popularly known as Charlie Sheen is an American movie and television actor. He was born and brought up in New York to the veteran actor Martin Sheen. He started acting at a very young age and appeared in ˜Super 8' movies. He started doing cameos in movies during the late 80's and it was finally in 2000 that he appeared in a meaty role on television in the series called ˜Spin City'. His performance was critically acclaimed and he received a Golden Globe for it. Soon after that he got the biggest role of his acting career in CBS's ˜Two and a Half Men'. He worked in the series for almost 8 years and received many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. The series had put him on the top of highest paid television actors's list. It was in 2011 that Sheen was dismissed from the show because of his erratic behavior, which was a result of his drugs and alcohol induced lifestyle, and Ashton Kutcher was hired in his place. Sheen had always been in the limelight for his alcoholism and drug abuse issues. He had been married twice and is known for abusing his women.

    Charlie Sheen

  • OMI

    Born Omar Pasley, but better known by his stage name Omi, he is a singer and songwriter of the urban pop genre managed by Clifton Dillion of Shang Records Label.


  • Shaun White

    Shaun White is an American professional snowboarder, skateboarder, actor, and musician. Over the years, he has won three ˜Olympic' gold medals for the US. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Shaun grew up loving snowboarding. Soon, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk discovered Shaun and befriended him. Under Tony's mentorship, Shaun grew up to become an extremely talented snowboarder and skateboarder. Since childhood, he had developed a keen interest in snowboarding, following in his elder brother's footsteps, and by the time he was 13, he had won several honors and medals in the game. In 2003, Shaun entered the ˜Winter X Games' and performed excellently, thereby gaining the attention of the entire country. He qualified for the 2006 ˜Winter Olympics' and earned a gold medal in the halfpipe event. He won the ˜Olympic' gold again in 2010. In the 2018 ˜Winter Olympics,' he won the third gold of his career. He also ventured into films and entertainment. He has appeared in films such as ˜Friends with Benefits' and ˜Cloud 9.' He also happens to be a guitarist and is associated with the band ˜Bad Things.'

    Shaun White

  • Stefan Kendal Gordy

    Better known as Redfoo, he co-founded the electro-house band LMFAO with his nephew <a title='SkyBlu' href='/famous/skyler-gordy.htm'>SkyBlu</a> in 2006. Their song, "Party Rock Anthem" was the third best-selling digital single of 2011. 

    Stefan Kendal Gordy

  • Natalie Juliet

    Natalie Juliet is a singer, LIKE star, TikTok star, and social media influencer. She has become famous for her content on LIKE, on which she has several thousands of fans and numerous likes. Juliet has been featured as a top 100 user on the app's United States leaderboard. On TikTok, she is a crowned user with more than 700 thousand fans and over 30 million hearts. Her popularity on both of these apps has found its way to other social media platforms as well. She has a decent number of followers on her Instagram page while her self-titled YouTube channel is also moderately popular.

    Natalie Juliet

  • Kyline Alcantara

    Young actress who landed numerous starring and supporting roles before she became a teenager. She is perhaps most well known for her role as Arlene in Annaliza.

    Kyline Alcantara

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