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  • Zoe LaVerne

    Zoe LaVerne is an American social-media personality. She is highly popular as a 'musical.ly' star. Zoe performs lip-syncs and posts comedy videos on 'musical.ly.' With more than 250 million 'musical.ly' hearts and a top style guru badge, Zoe is now a verified and crowned muser. She has collaborated with a few established "musers." Zoe is equally active and successful on 'Instagram,' where she has an impressive fan following. She also owns a self-titled 'YouTube' channel and co-owns another channel with her boyfriend. Zoe trades her merchandize line on various shopping sites.

    Zoe LaVerne

  • BeautyChickee

    Christina Marie Harris is an American YouTube star and social media influencer who runs the popular channel ˜BeautyChickee'. She posts makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and lifestyle hacks. She currently uploads new videos on her channel every Wednesday and Friday. She has more than 600k subscribers, most of who are fashion-conscious teenage girls and young women. The videos on her channel have collectively raked up millions of views. Christina Marie has impressive numbers of followers on her other social media pages as well. While she mostly posts beauty-related videos, she has started focusing a lot on personal vlogs recently. She is in a relationship and often collaborates with her partner on her videos.


  • Lukas Rieger

    Lukas Rieger is a German pop singer from Hannover whose music is exclusively in English. He got a start from ˜The Voice Kids Germany', a TV music talent show for children in the age group 8-14 years. Though he couldn't make it to the final round, the show gave him enough exposure and experience, and a better understanding of the music industry. Rieger began to build up a solid and loyal fan base on various social media platforms. Now he has a massively successful account on Musical.ly, the social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting, with over 2.6 million fans. His YouTube channel, launched on April 14, 2014, has 438k subscribers and 23 million views. He has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and more than 319k people have liked and follow his Facebook page. On 15 November 2014, he released his first single ˜Be My Baby'. His debut album, ˜Compass,' was released in 2016.

    Lukas Rieger

  • Logan Fabbro

    Logan Fabbro is a well-known Canadian actress, model, dancer, choreographer and television personality. She came into the limelight with her performance as Amamnda in the Canadian television show ˜The Next Step' that featured her progress through the regional, national and international dancing scenario. She went on to act in the film ˜The Next Step Live: The Movie' and has also been cast in the movie ˜Jazz Hands'. Born in a middle class Roman Catholic family, she has come a long way due to sheer hard work and dedication. Besides acting, she has participated as a member of the award winning dance troupe in the Canadian national competition and has represented her country at an international competition in Germany. She is active on social media and has a massive following of young fans who are inspired by her dancing skills. She has recently graduated from high school and is yet to decide on her subject for further studies. However, she is certain about continuing with her career in acting and dancing. Her skills have made her one of Canada's best dancers at the tender age of 19 and she has a truly bright future ahead of her.

    Logan Fabbro

  • Dolan Dark

    Dolan Dark is a well-known New Zealand YouTube montage producer. On his eponymous YouTube channel, he is most known for releasing gaming montage parodies, memes, and funny music remixes. He also has a channel called Dolan Darker, where he posts meme-related videos. Both channels are doing quite well, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The primary channel, Dolan Dark, has over 970k subscribers, while the secondary channel, Dolan Darker, has over 623k (as of September 2018). The stuff on his channels is really funny and engaging. Dolan Dark, whose real identity has yet to be disclosed on the internet, is one of New Zealand's most popular YouTubers. The social media sensation, who is buddies with fellow YouTube sensation PewDiePie, is a man of exceptional wit and humour. He never fails to make people laugh, which is what distinguishes each of his films!

    Dolan Dark

  • Rafael Nadal

    'Rafa', as he is popularly known among his enormous fan following, Rafael Nadal is a tennis player from Spain, who began playing when he was just three years old. With an innate talent in both football and tennis, he chose the latter as his career. He began playing in junior tennis championships, and moved on to professional tennis, with the 'ATP' tournaments. Known mainly for his prowess on the clay court, he was on the number one spot for quite some time, before suffering from serious knee injuries that affected his game. He shares the record of bagging two Grand Slam titles on different kinds of courts, with former Swedish player Mats Wilander. He is also the first tennis player to have won Grand Slam tournaments for ten years at a stretch. The earlier record was held by Roger Federer, Björn Borg, and Pete Sampras, for having won the titles for eight years at a go. Nadal is most famous for his on-field rivalry with Swiss player Roger Federer, Serbian Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray from Scotland. This professional player from Spain lays has 14 wins at the ˜Grand Slam' singles, 4 ˜Davis Cup' titles, an ˜Olympic' gold medal, and numerous ˜ATP' trophies to his credit

    Rafael Nadal

  • Sean Berdy

    Sean Lance Berdy is an American actor, comedian, and live performer, famous for his performance in the television series ˜Switched at Birth'. Deaf from birth himself, Sean was lauded for his portrayal of Emmett which gained him a nomination for the Teen Choice Award for TV Breakout Star. A talented live performer since he was a little boy, he is also well known for performing Michael Jackson's song ˜The Way You Make Me Feel' in American Sign Language (ASL). He is called the ˜Signing Ninja' because of the speed with which he signs in ASL. He debuted as a young deaf actor in the film ˜The Sandlot 2'. He was also featured in films like ˜The Bondage', ˜The Deaf Family' and ˜The Legend of the Mountain Man'. Determined to not let his deafness limit his career, he has stated, I see a need to continue breaking down barriers between the hearing and deaf communities and I'd like to take part in building bridges that close that gap.

    Sean Berdy

  • Michelle Keegan

    Michelle Keegan is an English actor, best known for her portrayal of ˜Tina McIntyre' in the ˜ITV' soap opera ˜Coronation Street.' She played the character for six years and gradually became a household name in the UK. Keegan has appeared in several other noteworthy TV series, too. She was ˜FHM's ˜Sexiest Woman in the World' in 2015.

    Michelle Keegan

  • Anderson Cooper

    Anderson Hays Cooper is an award winning journalist and television personality well known for his work with the television channel CNN. Cooper is famous for his high journalistic standards and has covered several major news events around the world. War reporting especially fascinates him as he is often puzzled by the philosophical thought of why some people survive hardships while others succumb to them. He was always interested in news reporting and journalism though he does not have an educational background in either. He became a self-taught journalist when he entered Myanmar with a fake press pass and made his own news coverage which he sold to a small channel. He traveled over several war ravaged regions of the world and filmed stories from Vietnam, Somalia, and Rwanda. He then accepted a position as a correspondent for ABC News and then began hosting the reality show ˜The Mole'. He switched over to CNN as his real interest lay in broadcast news. He has since then covered a number of important stories like the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the death of Pope John Paul II, the conflicts in Egypt and Syria, and more recently, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Sandy Hook shootings. Currently he hosts the television news show ˜Anderson Cooper 360°'.

    Anderson Cooper

  • Mario Gotze

    Attacking midfielder who lifted the German national team to a World Cup title in 2014 with his goal in the 113th minute of the championship game against Argentina. He helped Borussia Dortmund win Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012 and won three more league titles with Bayern Munich in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    Mario Gotze

  • Houssein South

    Houssein South is a singer-songwriter, muser, YouTube sensation, and social media celebrity from the United Kingdom. He is a future star for the next generation, with his natural talent and charm blending well with his extraordinary musical abilities. Houssein is a London native who comes from a wealthy family. He had been singing since he was a toddler, and at the age of nine, he appeared in the 2008 United Kingdom National Tour of the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which led to a two-year contract with the UK tour of The Sound of Music. Following the tours, Houssein was introduced to Vine, where he first gained notoriety. He successfully transitioned to musical.ly after the short video sharing service went down for good. He has now risen to become the most well-known muser in the United Kingdom. He's also active on a variety of other social media channels. He embarked on his first pop music tour in 2017 and released his debut single, "Higher."

    Houssein South

  • Tenser

    YouTube gamer who is known for his eponymous channel. He is particularly known for his gameplay and comedic sketch videos.


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