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  • Camila Cabello

    Well, it goes without saying that the music industry of today has been taken by storm by the young stars and their brilliance seems to be incredibly overpowering. This teen bandwagon includes many famous personalities and Camila Cabello is one among them, who has emerged as a raging sensation from the time she has voiced her melodies out in public. Camila Cabello, the unsung superstar, whose name might be unfamiliar to some of us, has actually been stealing many hearts across the globe during recent times. Hailing from Cuba, the dark-haired girl is taking the world by storm with her electrifying tunes and moves. She is one of the members of the music band ˜Fifth Harmony', which came alive at the ˜X Factor', a famous music reality show. Camilla had auditioned at the musical show, however, could not make headway during the bootcamp and as a consequence, she teamed up with ˜Fifth Harmony'. The lovely lass performed a cover of ˜Skyscraper' on YouTube along with Demi Lovato, the popular American singer and actress which added to her growing repertoire. Demi is also one of those who had an immense impact on her. Her hotlist of influencers also includes legendary icons like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

    Camila Cabello

  • Alex Lange

    The young and suave member of ˜Team 10', Alex Lange, is winning thousands of hearts on the popular Instagram app. Fifteen-year-old Alex has pure zest for life. His Facebook page reads, I live life and capture some of it, which he does with a bright and optimistic attitude. Fans have followed his social media accounts from Instagram to Twitter, and he has built a solid fan base. He has more than 73.1K followers on Twitter and a lofty 1.2 million fans on Instagram. When he launched his YouTube channel he was met with similar fame and now has almost 60K subscribers to his channel. He is jointly seen in videos with his flat mates and ˜Team 10' gang. He shares space with AJ Mitchell, Alissa Violet, Jake Paul, Lucas Dobre, Marcus Dobre and Stan Gerards in the YouTube videos; he also features in some of their Vines.

    Alex Lange

  • Shari Franke

    Shari Franke is an American YouTuber, who appears frequently in the popular family YouTube channel ˜8 Passengers.' She also owns a self-titled YouTube channel on which she posts vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and story time videos. Since her channel is monitored by her parents, she exercises caution while choosing the content of her videos. She has done many makeup videos, which can be found on her personal channel as well as on her family YouTube channel. Shari's channel has gathered more than 100,000 subscribers. She plays an important role during the giveaway events, organized by her parents. Shari is the one who hands out various giveaways on behalf of her parents. The giveaways are often announced on the channel ˜8 Passengers.'

    Shari Franke

  • Thomas Barbusca

    Thomas Barbusca is an American actor and model. He began his career in the advertisement industry when he was a toddler. He states that his sister Brielle Barbusca, who is also an actor is his inspiration and motivated him to go for auditions and begin acting at a young age. Though he was born in New Jersey, he shifted to Los Angeles following his sister's work needs and continued to take up modelling assignments as well as television and feature film projects. Among the work that he has done, his performance has been noted in projects like ˜Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life', ˜The Mick' and ˜Wet Hot American Summer'.

    Thomas Barbusca

  • Christi Lukasiak

    Christina Lukasiak is an American TV reality star, most known for the show ˜Dance Moms'. Her daughter, Chloe, was a participant dancer on the show who later bagged the ˜Teen Choice Dance' award. Christi has been protective of her elder daughter throughout the show for which she has earned herself a huge fan base on social media. She has 1.9 million followers on ˜Instagram' and has 673,000 supporters on ˜Twitter'. Christi has an official ˜Facebook' page with almost 640 K fans. She presently resides at Pittsburg, California with her husband Marc Lukasiak. Christi is known mainly for her frank opinions on the show as well as her conversations that unknowingly spun into arguments with the show's dance academy owner and instructor, Abby Lee Miller. Even though she struggled with a difficult childhood, she does all she can to give both her daughters, Chloe, and Clara, the best. She tried her hand as an entrepreneur with a ˜Stretch N Grow' fitness class for children but later shut it down.

    Christi Lukasiak

  • Desi Perkins

    Desi Perkins is a former freelance makeup artist who rose to fame with her makeup and beauty video tutorials that she posts regularly on YouTube. She is also very popular on Instagram and is quite passionate about fashion. Being a professional vlogger can be very taxing, but not so for Desi Perkins! Her husband, Steven Perkins, is a pillar of support; he shoots all of her videos, takes photographs and works wonders behind the camera. Desi mostly focuses on posting videos about makeup and occasionally throws in videos about hair and fashion tips. The video that catapulted her to fame is the much in demand, ˜Eyebrow Tutorial' which has over 15 million views! She also gets inspiration from celebrities such as JLo, Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift. Initially she used to post different looks on Instagram and finally gave in to her followers' request to start her own YouTube channel and the rest is history! Being a freelance makeup artist was an added bonus that brought an extra something to her tutorials making them as popular as they are right now. The transition from Instagram to YouTube was a smooth one and it proved to be a very rewarding choice! Today she is one of the most sought-after makeup artists and millions follow her on various social media platforms. As of June 2017, she had 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.4 million followers on Instagram! She also hopes to have her own clothing line someday.

    Desi Perkins

  • Toby Turner

    Toby Turner is one of the most popular Internet celebrities with over 15 million subscriber and over 3.6 billion video views over his three YouTube channels. His comic timing is absolutely exceptional and one of the major reasons why he has such a huge fan following. He has also done a couple of popular television series and films that have increased his popularity in leaps and bounds. Apart from his main YouTube channel called, ˜Tobuscus', Toby also has another vlog channel called, ˜TobyTurner'. He is also like any other youth is an avid game player and has an entire channel dedicated to his online gaming. The name of that channel is, ˜TobyGames'. Turner is leaving no stone unturned in boosting his popularity and carving a niche for himself.

    Toby Turner

  • Buddy Valastro

    Buddy Valastro, born as Bartolo Valastro, Jr. is a well-known American celebrity chef, entrepreneur, television personality, and author with Italian roots. He is the face of the Buddy V's Ristorante as well as owner of the Carlo's Bakery. He is best known as the reality star of the television series ˜Cake Boss' and its spin-off ˜Kitchen Boss'. The popular chef has also done a cameo in the flick ˜Bridesmaids', where he appeared in a kitchen baking scene that depicted only his hands. Besides this, he has appeared in shows including ˜The Next Great Baker', ˜Buddy's Bakery Rescue', ˜Battle of the Cooks' and ˜Buddy's Family Vacation'. Valastro also got featured as a guest mentor in ˜Food Network Challenge' and as a guest judge in ˜The Apprentice'. Currently, he appears as a host in the shows ˜Battle of the Bakers' and ˜Bakers vs. Fakers' respectively. Valastro has also shown his talent as a writer and has released his book ˜Cake Boss, Stories and Recipes'.

    Buddy Valastro

  • Trinity Taylor

    Social media personality most famous for being the sister of the hip-hop and dance duo Taylor Girlz, featuring <a title='Ti Taylor' href='/famous/tgziam.htm'>Ti Taylor</a> and <a title='Daysha Taylor' href='/famous/daysha-taylor.htm'>Daysha Taylor</a>. She has become famous in her own right on Instagram, where her dance videos have earned her over 390,000 followers. 

    Trinity Taylor

  • Montana of 300

    Montana of 300, better known as Montana, is a promising American rap, drill, and hip-hop singer, and songwriter. He was born Walter Anthony Bradford, in a Chicago neighborhood, and witnessed poverty, violence, and racial tension while growing up. Many of his songs contain symbolism about survival, faith, and healing, weaved into powerful metaphors and dual-meanings that add an unprecedented spiritual tone to the rap genre. Long before he released his first solo album, he had a solid online support base. By 2006, he had garnered a strong online fan following for his remixes that were released primarily on ˜YouTube' and shared across social media platforms. Montana's fans love him for his ingenious rap style that borrows heavily from trap, drill, and R&B genres. His lyrics are also appreciated for their deep metaphors and striking themes that often deal with faith. His songs are mostly about overcoming challenges and maintaining perseverance in adverse circumstances. Montana has reportedly said that he wants his lyrics to reach out to people from all spheres and regions, instead of being stereotyped as rap forms typically associated with poor African“American neighborhoods in Chicago. He formed a band called ˜300,' inspired by the 2006 film of the same name. He often jams with other artists, especially with former band member Montelle Talley, better known as Talley of 300, and is prolific with his compositions.

    Montana of 300

  • Maine Mendoza

    Maine Mendoza is a Filipino actress and one of the highest-paid product endorsers in the Philippine television industry. She is best known for her debut role as ˜Yaya Dub' in the show ˜Eat Bulagas!' on the ˜GMA Network' and ˜GMA Pinoy TV'. She was paired with the immensely popular Alden Richards. It was an impromptu, comedy act and Mendoza became an overnight sensation because of her screen presence and comic timing. Mendoza was selected for the show because of her viral YouTube Dubsmash video that took inspiration from successful Filipino actress <a title='Kris Aquino' href='/famous/kris-aquino.htm'>Kris Aquino</a>. After Mendoza shared the video on her Facebook page, it went viral overnight and got more than a million views. Post her debut, Maine continued to pair up with Alden Richards and now, their act on the ˜Kalyeserye' segment on the ˜Eat Bulaga!' show was called ˜AlDub' “ a mix of Alden and Mendoza's character in the series, ˜Yaya Dub.' She appeared in popular television shows like ˜Princess in the Palace' in November 2015, and ˜Vampire Ang Daddy Ko' in December 2015. She also worked in ˜God Gave Me You,' and her first prime-time series, ˜Destined To Be Yours.' Mendoza and Alden Richards paired in the 2015 film ˜My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore' and again in the 2017 film ˜Imagine You & Me' for which she also wrote and sang the theme song.

    Maine Mendoza

  • Jessica Biel

    Jessica Biel is a celebrated model and actress of American origin. She started her modelling career at a very young age. After receiving a scholarship in a convention, she attended acting classes at Young Actor's Space. She came into the limelight as part of ˜7th Heaven' of WB series by portraying the character of Mary Camden. Though this role earned her huge popularity, yet she felt that the image of Mary Camden as a good girl would limit her acting ability. To break the image, she appeared partially clothed for the cover picture of Gear magazine. This act of Jessica created much uproar among her fans. She left the television series ˜7th Heaven' after performing in its sixth season. Her praiseworthy acting in the role of a teenager Casey Jackson in the film ˜Ulee's Gold' brought her instant fame. She even won the Best Supporting Young Actress for this film. The comedy film ˜Summer Catch' bears the proof of her brilliant acting ability. In spite of her stellar performance in ˜the Rules of Attraction', her film did not receive much success. Later, her acting in the horror film ˜The Texas Chainshaw Massacre' caught public's attention. She has also acted in suspense film and has proved herself as a serious actress.

    Jessica Biel

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