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  • Jacob Sartorius

    Very few people in this world are gifted with multiple talents and the ability to attract a wide fan following on social media and other media channels. Jacob Sartorius is one such kid prodigy who has become an internet star. He was born with a lovely voice and showed an early interest in music. Looking at his interest, his adoptive parents gave him all the requisite encouragement to grow to be a successful artist. He began singing when he was seven years old. Jacob, in addition to being a vocalist, developed a passion in humor and became a child standup comedian. His appearances at a few small events in his area gained him a reputation as a talented performer. Some record labels took notice of his talent and signed him. Some of his musicals became quite popular among youngsters and teenagers of his generation. His celebrity, however, made him a target of online and actual bullying by his detractors. As a result, he was unable to continue his work as an artist for a period of time.

    Jacob Sartorius

  • Mama Bee

    In its various guises, social media has the capacity to elevate a commonplace, family-next-door person to a level of celebrity that is unfathomable. That's exactly what occurred to the 'Eh Bee Family' (pronounced A B), consisting of the father, mother, son, and daughter. They're part of one of the most well-known and successful social media families, with members who have conquered many platforms and manage to attract followers wherever they go. Mama Bee, also known as Rosana Burgos, is the matriarch of the 'Eh Bee Family,' and one of the cornerstones of the prosperity that she and her family have built together. Mama Bee enthusiastically participated in the enterprises, becoming an integral component of the chemistry that generated magic everywhere, from Vine to YouTube, even though it was her husband's idea.

    Mama Bee

  • Jeydon Wale

    Jeydon is well known for playing the character Hunter, but he's also a fantastic guitarist. He claims music is the consolation of his life since it allows him to express suppressed emotions. YouTube came as a blessing into his troubled life, with many of his hip-hop and acoustic music videos gaining thousands of views. Jeydon's YouTube channel now has over 850,000 followers and 74 million views. Through his vlogs, he continues to keep his fans up to date on what's going on in his life. He has been an inspiration to many despondent young people all around the world with his YouTube channel, which is aimed to make people smile and remind viewers of their strength, value, and independence. With 561K and 404K followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively, he has a sizable fan base.

    Jeydon Wale

  • Mahatma Gandhi

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian lawyer who rose to prominence as the leading figure in the country's independence struggle. Mahatma Gandhi, as he was better known, not only led India to independence from British domination, but also inspired civil rights and liberation movements in numerous other nations. He is well known for his use of peaceful civil disobedience, including as leading Indians in the Dandi Salt March to protest the British-imposed salt tariff and launching the Quit India Movement, which demanded "an orderly British exit" from India. He was nurtured by parents who emphasized religious tolerance, simplicity, and strong moral principles. He was born into a devout household in British India. He studied law in England as a young man before moving to South Africa to work. He saw a lot of prejudice and bigotry there, which irritated him a lot. He lived in South Africa for more than two decades, during which time he acquired a strong sense of social justice and spearheaded various social activities. When he returned to India, he got involved in the Indian Independence Movement, eventually leading to the country's independence from British domination. He was also a social activist who worked to promote women's rights, religious tolerance, and poverty alleviation.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Akira Akbar

    Monica Rambeau was a character in the superhero film Captain Marvel. She has previously been on the series This Is Us and Grey's Anatomy as a guest star.

    Akira Akbar

  • Kelly Ripa

    Regis Philbin's former TV sidekick who eventually teamed up with Michael Strahan in Hope & Faith.

    Kelly Ripa

  • Quadecax8

    Ben is a footballer, singer, and YouTuber who manages the Quadeca channel, which has over 550,000 subscribers. Rap songs, rap battles, rap player reviews, and parodies have all been part of his material.


  • Wyatt Nash

    Wyatt Nash is a popular American television personality and an actor. Born and raised in Tennessee, USA, he was expecting a career in medicine and later came down to Los Angeles to forge a career in acting. He started his road to fame with the 22nd season of the popular American survival reality show ˜Survivor' and finished in the seventh place. But somehow, the show got him into the eyes of the mainstream entertainment industry and following that, Wyatt made his debut in the television with a recurring role in the drama show ˜Hollywood Heights. He followed it up with some short films along with a few guest appearances on shows such as ˜Mistresses' and ˜1600 Penn.' In 2013, he appeared on the successful teen drama mystery thriller series ˜Pretty Little Liars' and played a small role as <a title='Nigel Wright' href='/famous/nigel-wright.htm'>Nigel Wright</a>, which brought him a significant media attention. In the more recent years, Wyatt has been appearing in TV movies such as ˜Petals on the Wind,' ˜The Bridge,' ˜The Bridge 2' and ˜Like Cats & Dogs.'

    Wyatt Nash

  • Sting

    Multi-instrumentalist and singer for The Police, known for such hits as "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and "Message in a Bottle." He also became a successful solo artist, releasing his first album The Dream of the Blue Turtles in 1985, followed by ten more albums the next two decades.  


  • Blake Richardson

    Blake Richardson is an English vocalist and guitarist who is presently affiliated with the pop-rock group New Hope Club. A native of Cheshire County, Richardson grew up with musical aspirations. He has cited McFly, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars as some of the groups and musicians he was inspired by. When he was 13 years old, he became active on YouTube and began to upload his covers of various artists. He gained a modest following and in late 2015, he joined George Smith and Reece Bibby to form New Hope Club. Subsequently, they set up a YouTube channel where they started posting the covers of the songs by The Vamps, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. They released their debut Extended Play, ˜Welcome to the Club', in May 2017. They are currently signed with Steady Records. A testament to their growing popularity is the fact that a couple of their songs were featured in the 2018 film ˜Early Man'.

    Blake Richardson

  • Woody Mabbott

    Social media celebrity with over 270,000 TikTok followers, well known for his hilarious lip sync and transition videos to famous songs. He is also well-known on Instagram.

    Woody Mabbott

  • Nathaniel Potvin

    Nathaniel James Potvin is an actor and hip-hop dancer from the United States. He is best recognized for his role as Ryan Walker in the Disney XD and Disney Channel animated series Mech-X4. He had been dancing since he was a toddler, but he only began acting when he was compelled to take a theatre class when he was 11 years old. He then enrolled in an acting class at the same studio where he used to take dance classes, and his current talent manager saw him. He made his screen debut in the indie short film Palms in 2012, playing the character Solomon Dorsey. Potvin then appeared in a number of TV episodes, including 'The Middle,' 'The Haunted Hathaways,' 'Love That Girl!,' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and 'Girl Meets World.' He was cast as the protagonist Ryan Walker, a technopath who acts as the pilot of the eponymous machine, in Mech-X4 in 2016.

    Nathaniel Potvin