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  • Ayden Mekus

    Actor who has appeared in short films and television shows such as The Lilac Thief and Mr. Strange. He has amassed a following base of over 50,000 followers on his personal Instagram account as a social media influencer.

    Ayden Mekus

  • Darius Dobre

    Marcus and Lucas Dobre's older brother, known online as Twinbotz, is an identical twin. They established the Dobre Brothers YouTube channel together, which swiftly surpassed 10 million subscribers.

    Darius Dobre

  • Vikram Barn

    Vikram is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers! He is young, intelligent and very witty. He is a member of both ˜Sidemen' and ˜The Pack' gaming crews. Known to be followed by people of all ages, he has a spectacular fan following on all three of his channels, all of them dedicated to gaming. His ˜Vikkstar123' account, where he generally uploads all kinds of gameplay along with his Sidemen Crew, has over 3.7 million subscribers. He also has another channel where he posts series of games, called ˜Vikkstar123HD' with a subscription of 2.8 million users, his third channel hasn't had much of activity lately, and it is called ˜CoDKarnage', dedicated mainly to ˜Call of Duty' gameplay. Many youngsters crush over this handsome YouTuber, giving him a fan following of 1.7 million followers on Instagram and a generous 1.3 million followers on Twitter; he has plenty of supporters on Facebook as well.

    Vikram Barn

  • Saucey Austin

    TikTok celebrity known for crafting videos that feature his curly hair and dance abilities, which he shares with his over 5 million fans. He's also recognized for his lifestyle films, which highlight his dog and family and have amassed over 149 million views. Next Step Talent has been representing him.

    Saucey Austin

  • Mel Joy

    Mel Joy is an American YouTuber who is known for her self-titled beauty channel as well as a second vlogging channel. Her posts range from beauty and fashion to humour, challenges, tags, and travel experiences, among other things. Joy, who has been obsessed with beauty since she was a child, first dreamed of joining YouTube when she was nine years old. She has now realized her dream and is on her path to attaining tremendous popularity on social media. Joy is a beauty and lifestyle guru that believes in delivering unique and helpful content with her audience. She is known for her great makeup videos, beauty hauls, and fashion material. The American beauty also likes to share funny and entertaining videos on her channels because she doesn't want her fans to grow bored. This is why her channels offer such a diverse selection of videos! On a personal level, Joy is a stunning young woman with amazing fashion sense. She is presently dating Gio2saucy, a popular social media celebrity.

    Mel Joy

  • Charli XCX

    She became famous under the artist moniker XCX after releasing the top-charting songs "!Franchesckaar!" and "Emelline" in 2008. Charlotte Emma Aitchison was born.

    Charli XCX

  • Sophia Mitchell

    Sophia Mitchell is an upcoming Irish model, dancer, YouTuber and Instagram star. She is better known as a sponsored model of the famous modelling agency ˜Models 1 London' who discovered her at an early age. She rose to fame from her activities on her YouTube channel, where she has a huge fan following. She has built up a reputation to be a very talented and multifaceted model, matured much ahead of her age. In fact, there has been a lot of debate online whether a girl, who is just 14 years old, should be exposed on social media the way Sophia was, two years ago when she appeared provocatively dressed on Instagram and Facebook. She has proved to the world that age is no criteria for working on the internet and she has established herself as a model and a star to reckon with. She aspires to have her own brand and franchise and maybe one day get into acting on the big screen. Sophia has the talent and the potential to make it big and we can be sure to see a lot more of her in show business and social media in the days to come.

    Sophia Mitchell

  • Katie Sigmond

    Comedy video creator on TikTok in addition to fitness, health and modeling influencer on Instagram who has earned more than 51 million total likes for the videos on the former platform.

    Katie Sigmond

  • Autumn Miller

    A young dancing prodigy who has grown up to be a talented teenager with loads of creativity, that's Autumn Miller for you. A California native, Autumn, or Autie, as she is known to her friends and fans, is a fearless dancer whose intense dance routines have flooded the internet to grab praise from every corner of the globe. A young dancer, Autie is on her way to create a multifaceted talent by taking up modeling along with dance as a choice of career. She has been associated with elite dance academies in California, have grown up working hard on intense routines and have transformed into a dance that others look up to. She has also started teaching dance classes at her old dance company. Her immense fame in social media may be due to the fact that despite being young, Autie never shied away from proving her mettle to the world.

    Autumn Miller

  • Jonas Blue

    Jonas Blue is a DJ, music producer, songwriter, and remix artist from the United Kingdom. His music is typically classified as tropical house, dance-pop, or EDM, and he is noted for his distinct sound. His first significant hit was a tropical house remix of Tracy Chapman's song "Fast Car." Since then, he has delivered a constant run of songs, partnering with a variety of European and North American musicians. His music has been defined as a mix of dance music and pop sensibility in the media. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists from the UK, North America, and Australia since breaking into the major music scene in 2015. Through his songs, he has introduced many new voices and offered a larger platform to numerous lesser-known artists. Almost all of his tracks are projected to earn platinum or multiplatinum status.

    Jonas Blue

  • Mark Lee

    NCT rapper for numerous units who rose to prominence in 2013 as a member of the SM Rookies training program.

    Mark Lee

  • Giancarlo Purch

    Giancarlo Purch, the man behind the Blazendary brand and YouTube channel, is an American entrepreneur. Purch's primary channel has over 1.3 million followers and is well recognized for his sneaker-related material and fashion vlogs. He also has a second channel called Blazendary Gaming, where he promises to post hilarious gaming videos. He has made a reputation for himself not only on YouTube but also in other places. Many individuals strive to follow in his footsteps and dress in the same way he does in terms of fashion. Purch has a sizable female fan base, particularly on Instagram. The American YouTuber is known for his unusual and fantastic fashion videos, and he is a really direct man. He creates videos that are 100 percent authentic, and his content never fails to please. He also enjoys using vlogs to share his own life tales. Purch is a wonderful man in every sense. He is a devoted and caring son. In his spare time, he enjoys shopping and traveling.

    Giancarlo Purch