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  • Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson is professional wrestler turned actor known for his appearance in the fantasy adventure film, ˜The Mummy Returns'. A highly successful professional wrestler before making his foray into films, Johnson is also famous by his ring name, ˜The Rock'. Born into a family of wrestlers, it comes as no surprise that he too made a name for himself in the sport. Athletic and inclined towards sports from a young age, he used to participate in many sporting activities as a school student. He played football for his high school and was also a member of the school's track and field and wrestling teams. He was a promising footballer and received a full scholarship from the University of Miami to play defensive tackle. He was hopeful of making it big as a professional footballer when an injury put a full-stop to his football ambitions. Though disappointed, he did not let this incident demotivate him and instead decided to become a wrestler. His father, a professional wrestler himself, began training the young man. Eventually he made his WWF debut and established himself as a successful wrestler. Due to his popularity coupled with his rugged good looks he started receiving offers from Hollywood studios and he began his acting career with the movie, ˜The Mummy Returns'.

    Dwayne Johnson

  • David Beckham

    David Robert Joseph Beckham is a former English professional football player. During his playing days, he became one of the most famous footballers in the world owing to his successful stints at some of the most famous clubs in the world and also for his skills as a midfielder that elevated him above the levels of many of his contemporaries. Beckham started off as a footballer in his home town of London and played for some local clubs before he entered the training scheme for young players at Manchester United. At Manchester United, David Beckham tasted success as the club went on an unprecedented winning spree through the mid and late 1990s. He won the coveted ˜treble' with Manchester United and became one of their most famous players before going on to play for Real Madrid, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Major League Soccer team LA Galaxy in the United States. David Beckham was also an integral part of the supposed ˜Golden Generation' of England national football team and captained the team for a major part of his career; however the team did not taste the success that was expected of it. Beckham has also been one of the biggest faces in the endorsement industry and has consistently been ranked among the richest footballers in the world throughout his career.

    David Beckham

  • Aaron Melloul

    Aaron Melloul is a well-known social media personality in the United States. His 'Instagram' account has earned him notoriety for his eye-catching photos. Aaron has a sizable fan base on Musical.ly as well. This young man has a fantastic sense of humour, and his comedic timing is impeccable. His conversational style and clever quips have helped him gain a large fan base. Aaron is a rising skateboarding talent who often shares photos and videos from the sport. Aaron has been to a number of social media festivals and tours, all of which have helped him grow his social media following. In 2017, Aaron went on his first 'DigiTour.'

    Aaron Melloul

  • DcYoungFly

    John Whitfield, better known as DcYoungFly, is an American actor, rapper and internet star. He is known for his appearances on MTV's sketch comedy series ˜Wild 'n Out'. He is also popular as one of the hosts of the network's show ˜TRL'. Raised in the Adamsville neighborhood in Atlanta, DcYoungFly was not another regular school kid. He was a class clown who was always up to something mischievous. He got the name DC Young Fly because of his extreme love for DC Comics which he often reads, especially during his trips to the bathroom. The American rapper cum actor was also known for his Vine videos and had more than 800k followers on Vine. He is a popular YouTube personality and an Instagram sensation as well. On a personal note, DcYoungFly is in a serious relationship and is the father of a beautiful daughter.


  • Princess Charlotte

    The second child and first daughter of England's <a title='Prince William' href='/famous/prince-william.htm'>Prince William</a> and his wife <a title='Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge' href='/famous/kate-middleton.htm'>Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge</a>. Her name, which honors her paternal grandfather <a title='Prince Charles' href='/famous/prince-charles.htm'>Prince Charles</a>, her great-grandmother <a title='Queen Elizabeth II' href='/famous/elizabeth-ii.htm'>Queen Elizabeth II</a>, and her grandmother <a title='Princess Diana' href='/famous/princess-diana.htm'>Princess Diana</a>, was announced to the public one day after her birth.

    Princess Charlotte

  • Harris J

    British-Muslim recording artist who won the Awakening Talent Contest in 2013, leading him to sign a record deal with Awakening Records. Through Awakening, he released his first official music video for the song "Salam Alaikum" as part of his debut album Salam. 

    Harris J

  • BamBam

    Thai-born pop singer, rapper, and dancer Kunpimook Bhuwakul is best known for being a member of the South Korean boy band Got7. Got It?, Got Love, and Identify are among his band's hit singles.


  • Mr. Nightmare

    Tyler Ventura aka Mr. Nightmare is an American YouTuber. He is known for publishing audio and video horror stories and creepypastas on his channel. Based on real-life experiments and horror stories submitted by his viewers, his content is inspired by dark themes that are scary yet fascinating at the same time. The best part of the YouTuber's videos is that they are unique in their approach to horror. For a long time, Ventura never revealed his face in any of his videos. So, his identity remained anonymous for several months before he finally revealed his real name to his audiences. The most popular uploads on his channel are the True Real Life Scary Stories series and the Countdown series. Coming to the social status of Ventura's channel, it is one of the top horror channels on YouTube. With over 3.4 million subscribers and 423 million views, this channel is doing fabulously. The American YouTube star, who is also active on Instagram and Twitter, has lots of fans and followers on these social platforms as well.

    Mr. Nightmare

  • Paul George

    Paul Cliftonantho George is an American professional basketball player currently affiliated with the National Basketball Association (NBA) team Oklahoma City Thunder. He plays as a small forward, one of the five positions in a regulation basketball game. A native of California, he was raised in a family that encouraged athletic excellence. As a youth interested in playing basketball, he found his inspiration in Kobe Bryant. George received his first instruction in the game from his older sister. It was only in his freshman year in high school that he started playing organised basketball. He then went on to play for the varsity basketball team in the last three years of high school and later appeared in two seasons of college basketball. In the 2010 NBA draft, he was chosen by the Indiana Pacers as the 10th overall pick and he clinched the NBA All-Rookie Second Team honours in 2011. George played seven seasons for the Pacers, during which he was hailed as the NBA Most Improved Player in 2013 and was included in the NBA All-Star team four times. In July 2017, he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he also made it to the All-Star team. George was part of the gold-medal-winning US basketball delegation to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

    Paul George

  • Lily Allen

    Singer-songwriter who had an international hit with the album Alright, Still. In 2013, she released the single and accompanying video "Hard Out Here," which was criticized for being racist and exploitative.

    Lily Allen

  • Sam Tsui

    Sam (Samuel) Tsui is a famous American singer-songwriter and YouTuber, widely known for his covers of a number of chart toppers. With over 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Sam has earned quite a name for himself in the music industry. His most viewed videos include covers of hit songs by artists like Imagine Dragons, Adele, Taylor Swift, Nelly, Bruno Mars, and Rihanna. He has also written a couple of songs and medleys in addition to performing. In his singing videos, Sam has collaborated with several recognized faces and young, talented singers including Christina Grimmie, Alex Goot, Casey Breves, and Vidya Vox. He has appeared on several TV shows including the Ellen Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. His video with a medley of Bruno Mars and Katy Perry's songs is one of his most viewed ones, with over 15 million views. Sam has also released a number of studio albums like ˜The Covers', ˜Make It Up', and ˜Wildfire' amongst others.

    Sam Tsui

  • Farruko

    Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, better known as Farruko, is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. He is famous for releasing the album ˜El Talento Del Bloque' as well as for his collaborations with heavyweight artists like Jory, Daddy Yankee, and J Alvarez. He started his career in 2009 via Myspace that eventually helped him build a small but loyal fan base. His online popularity soon led to mainstream fame, making him a well-known singer. He today rules the entertainment industry and is credited as one of the top singers in the contemporary music world. Farruko has millions of fans worldwide and has been nominated for a few prestigious awards. In addition, he is massively popular on social media, especially on Instagram where he was over ten million followers. The Puerto Rican artiste, whose music falls under the genres of reggae, reggaeton, dancehall and Latin trap, has an unbeatable voice. His songs are incredible and so soothing to listen to. On a personal note, Farruko is a happily married man. He likes to spend his leisure time with his lady love.


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