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  • Colby Brock

    Colby Brock is the charming teenager who posts interesting YouTube videos with his best buddy and Vine Star, <a title='Sam Golbach' href='/famous/sam-golbach.htm'>Sam Golbach</a>. They uploaded a video Following the Fat Guy which was based on a character in Seth MacFarlane's TV show ˜Family Guy'. There was a lot of controversy at first and the video was asked to be taken down as it was deemed offensive to people who have over-weight issues. Colby's friend Golbach explained later saying, We wanted to become known, so we thought the best way and the fastest way to do that was to be funny on Vine. Now their Vine page has over half a billion views and 1.6 million followers. They have moved on to making YouTube videos as their former platform Vine, has announced that the community is shutting down, although the Vines will be available for viewing and downloading by the owner of the respective page from January 2017.

    Colby Brock

  • Bryson Tiller

    Singer and rapper who, at 15 years old, began writing and recording his own music. He has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter. 

    Bryson Tiller

  • Jennifer Tran

    Ever wondered how this team of young kids is ruling the roost when it comes to the social media and its umpteen platforms. We all would not have even imagined how internet could prove so promising when it comes to boosting your career and earning name, fame and money. More astonishing is the fact that majority of the people who are treading the path of success through social media belong to the young tribe. And their instantaneous rise to success and acclaim has revolutionized the ways in which one can look to enhance their career and prominence. Jennifer Tran, a name which may not sound too familiar but is currently making headlines by her work on Instagram and Musical.ly is one such personality. She seems to have conquered world by her ingenious and novel talent. This pretty thirteen year old lass has already over 40,000 followers on Instagram and more than 1000 fans on musical.ly. You ought to check out her videos and the prolific work of hers and you bet you can't agree more with the words that have been spoken in this celebrity's glory.

    Jennifer Tran

  • Jilly Anais

    Jilly Anais is an upcoming American actress, singer and model. She took to onstage acting, singing, and dancing when she was just two years old. Jilly as a toddler started practicing as a ballerina, performing in numerous events for three years. She also developed a passion for the performing arts quite early on, registering as a member of the Ensemble Theater and performing as a lead artiste in numerous plays till the age of thirteen. She attended the Premier High School in North Houston where she continued to perform onstage as a member of the school's drama club. While still in high school, she demonstrated a flair for ˜Competitive Dance' and ˜Competitive Cheerleading' that enabled her to grab the highly sought-after solo spots. Jilly was a talented sportsperson, actively participating in the sporting disciplines of volleyball, basketball, and soccer and was also good at martial arts. She was only thirteen when she signed up with ˜Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency' and appeared in multiple commercials and advertisements. She took part in a beauty contest for the first time when she was fourteen and won the Miss Teen Houston crown. It was only after Anais shifted to Los Angeles that her professional career received a shot in the arm.

    Jilly Anais

  • River Bleu

    In a world of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, River Bleu stands out for her affinity for Vine. She is one of the biggest Vine stars out there at present whose Vine videos are liked by thousands. Bleu has thousands of fans and supporters in California, who religiously follow her and her videos. Even though she joined Vine as early as August 2013, she did not start regularly posting her own material until January 2014. Her videos consist of hilarious and funny content and also awesome singing and dancing material.

    River Bleu

  • Ben Hardy

    He'd previously appeared on an episode of Children in Need as himself, and was best recognized for his role as Peter Beale in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders. He starred in Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018.

    Ben Hardy

  • Shelley Hennig

    As all the fans of the super hit soap opera ˜Days of Our Lives' would testify, Shelley Catherine Hennig in the role of Stephanie Johnson definitely deserves her due share of credit for the show's success! The pretty and charismatic actress not only brought to life the character on the screen, but also managed to win quite a few awards and accolades for her performance including two Emmy nominations. The talented actress is also known for her portrayal of Malia Tate in ˜Teen Wolf.' Pretty and charismatic from a young age, she participated in many beauty contests as a teenager and was crowned the Miss Teen USA in 2004, becoming the first winner from Louisiana. This win effectively laid the foundation for her future career as the prize included a one year modeling contract with Trump Modeling Management and also a scholarship to The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. As a beauty queen she was required to make numerous guest appearances on television shows which not only exposed her to the acting world, but also gave her the confidence to pursue acting and modeling as a full-time career”an option the bright student hadn't seriously considered earlier.

    Shelley Hennig

  • Mishovy Silenosti

    Mishovy Silenosti hit the headlines with his YouTube channel, 'Mishovysilenosti,' which he created on August 27, 2012. He became famous overnight for his ˜Pokemon Go Song,' which he uploaded on his channel in July 2016. He is especially popular for spreading the culture of pop music among youngsters through his channel, and for the songs, which he has created on different games. The ˜Czech Minecraft Song' is one of the most famous. He achieved huge success in the Czech and Slovak media initially and soon had more than 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

    Mishovy Silenosti

  • Biz Betzing

    Internet celebrity, model, and actress who has a self-titled Instagram account where she posts photographs from her photo shoots.

    Biz Betzing

  • Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos is a social media star, promising singer, musician, and track producer best known for uploading his creations to a number of social media profiles that helped him attract a large base of followers. He started creating and recording electronic music from the year 2014 and gained widespread popularity within a short span of time by uploading his content to his Vine account. More than 1.4 million fans followed him earnestly on his Vine profile. Nearly 180k followers check him out regularly on his Instagram account and he also enjoys a massive following on his YouTube link titled ˜Alexander Demander'. He developed a passion for music quite early on in his life and mastered playing the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums when he was a teen. At the age of thirteen, he had seriously considered forming a ˜heavy metal' band but had to drop the idea owing to unavoidable circumstances. He had cherished hopes of making it as a veterinarian during his childhood but later on shifted his focus, concentrating totally on carving a career in music. He created the Vine account just out of cursorily while he was taking a break from his recording and producing work. It was only when his fan following crossed the 6-figure mark that he started focusing on making the account his chief automated social media profile.

    Alex Ramos

  • Dylan Mitchell

    Instagram and YouTube personality with more than 290,000 followers on the former network. He frequently makes videos with YouTube sensation <a title='Tanner Braungardt' href='/famous/tanner-braungardt.htm'>Tanner Braungardt</a>.

    Dylan Mitchell

  • Renee Elise Goldsberry

    Renee Elise Goldsberry is an American actress, singer and songwriter, best known for her role as Angelica Schuyler Church in the Broadway drama, ˜Hamilton', for which she won multiple awards, including a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album. Born in San Jose, California, Renee completed her master's degree in Music &Jazz and then plunged into show business with the support of her parents, who were talented musicians themselves. Her performance as attorney Evangeline Williamson in the series ˜One Life to Live' received positive reviews and she ended up winning a Soap Opera Digest Award. Her big screen debut in ˜Palco & Hirsch' was closely followed by her amazing performance, playing the lead role in the movie ˜All About You'. She also wrote the lyrics for the soundtrack of the film. She has performed for the soundtrack of many of her movies and has written the lyrics of many songs including the lyrics of the hit number ˜Everything but the Kitchen Sink'. Renee married Alexis Johnson and has a son named Benjamin and an adopted daughter named Brielle. She is an inspiration to women who need to find a balance between work and family. Her fans love her for her humble and positive outlook towards life.

    Renee Elise Goldsberry

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