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  • Jayden Bartels

    Jayden Bartels is best known as a dancer who has starred on television series such as Dance Moms and Dance-Off Juniors in addition to performing on stage. She is also a model, singer, and actor. She had previously worked as a model for LA Models. She was a member of The Movement Talent Agency and Millennium Dance Crew as a dancer. She has appeared in ads for El Monterey, Tide, Toys-R-Us, Pizza Hut, and other brands. She starred in two episodes of the WebTV show Clique Wars in 2015. Jayden has been in a number of musical theater shows, including The Little Mermaid, Newsies, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Shop of Horrors. Jayden auditioned for the Purpose Tour Children, Washington DC, in March 2016, and was chosen for the tour, where she danced on stage with Justin Bieber to "What About The Children," and posted a video to her YouTube account on May 1, 2016.

    Jayden Bartels

  • Lil Peep

    He was a rapper whose songs veered toward the dismal issues of despair and addiction, and he was most known for his digitally distributed releases Hellboy and Live Forever. In 2016, he co-founded the GOTHBOICLIQUE with Lil Tracy.

    Lil Peep

  • GeorgeNotFound

    YouTuber who made a name for himself by uploading Minecraft videos to his GeorgeNotFound channel, which has over 10 million followers. He formed the YouTube gaming collective Dream Team with prominent YouTube gamers such as Dream.


  • Paige Hyland

    Dancer who rose to prominence as a result of her appearance on Lifetime's Dance Moms. On season 2, episode 7, she came in first.

    Paige Hyland

  • Marc D'Amelio

    Famous as the father of social media stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. He has been featured on NBC News with his family, promoting his two daughters.

    Marc D'Amelio

  • Patrick Minor

    Patrick Minor is a YouTuber from the United States who is known for his reaction videos on his self-titled channel. His bond with fellow YouTuber Tanner Fox is also well-known. Minor has a great sense of humour, and his take on popular web stars is well worth listening to! His engaging vlogs are also a visual pleasure. Minor also entertains his fans by sharing bizarre and esoteric information with them. He has a fan base of over 250k followers on musical.ly, in addition to YouTube. He grew raised in San Diego, California, where he played basketball. Minor is a multi-talented someone who works in a variety of disciplines. He is a compassionate young man who is entirely devoted to his family on a personal level. He is a romantic at heart as well as a happy person. His upbeat demeanor and distinct sense of humour add to the appeal of his videos.

    Patrick Minor

  • Rocky Lynch

    Rocky Lynch is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, who is best known for being the lead guitarist of the rock band 'R5'. He is a part of the band along with his two brothers <a title='Riker' href='/famous/riker-lynch.htm'>Riker</a> and <a title='Ross' href='/famous/ross-lynch.htm'>Ross</a>, his sister <a title='Rydel' href='/famous/rydel-lynch.htm'>Rydel</a>, and their family friend <a title='Ellington Ratliff' href='/famous/ellington-ratliff.htm'>Ellington Ratliff</a>. He is one of the founder members of the band and writes most of the lyrics for their songs, along with his brothers. He has penned the majority of the lyrics of their most successful album 'Sometime Last Night'. He also acts as a back-up vocalist for the group. Known as "the quiet one" for his calm demeanor, he lets his guitar and his lyrics speak for himself. While he has not been a regular cast of any television show like his brothers <a title='Riker' href='/famous/riker-lynch.htm'>Riker</a> and <a title='Ross' href='/famous/ross-lynch.htm'>Ross</a>, he has appeared on TV a number of times with his band R5 as musical guest. He has also bagged a number of commercial projects in recent times. His older brother <a title='Riker' href='/famous/riker-lynch.htm'>Riker</a> has confirmed in an interview that they are currently working on their third studio album.

    Rocky Lynch

  • Joe Griffin

    Known as Tofuugaming, but more commonly as Joe, he is a Minecraft and game enthusiast. His kid friendly channel contains a variety of Roblox videos.

    Joe Griffin

  • Anthony Ramos

    Anthony Ramos is an American actor who became popular with his dual roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the Broadway musical ˜Hamilton'. Ramos was born in Brooklyn, New York, and he studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, from where he graduated in 2011. He made his theatrical debut the same year in the musical ˜Grease'. Set in the mid-twentieth century, the musical revolved around ten working class teenagers at Rydell High School. After appearing in a few other plays, he came to fame after playing dual roles in the 2015 musical ˜Hamilton'. The musical earned critical acclaim and Ramos received much praise for his acting skills. He made his film debut with a supporting role in the American film ˜White Girl', which was directed by Elizabeth Wood. Although the film received positive reviews from critics, it was a commercial failure. One of his most recent works on the big screen was a main role the drama film ˜Monsters and Men'.

    Anthony Ramos

  • Glam And Gore

    She is a professional beauty and special effects makeup artist who shares her work on YouTube and Instagram under the name Mykie. Her YouTube channel includes basic makeup instructions, product reviews, industry advice, and a combination of special effects and avant-garde makeup demonstrations.

    Glam And Gore

  • Jack Tenney

    Jack Tenney is a professional skimboarder and surfer from the United States who is most known for his YouTube account JOOGSQUAD PPJT. He is well-known for producing, directing, and editing extreme sport and prank videos. He also co-owns a YouTube channel called 'Joog News,' which covers all things social media and video games. Tenney has become one of the most popular and successful YouTube celebrities in the United States, with millions of subscribers. When it comes to developing unique yet interesting content, he is a true artist! He's a fantastic comic with incredible comedic abilities. Tenney enjoys communicating with others and enjoys entertaining people. He also appreciates making new acquaintances. In real life, Tenney has a powerful personality. He believes in taking chances, which is why he has chosen to participate in extreme activities and start a YouTube career! Tenney had an appearance on Season 13 of America's Got Talent, but was ultimately eliminated. He did not allow his setback dampen his energy, and he continued to pursue his dream with zeal.

    Jack Tenney

  • JHype

    Rapper, beatboxer, and producer who rose to fame after appearing in ABC's reality show Boy Band.


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