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  • Zendaya

    Actress and singer who became known for starring as Rocky Blue on Disney's Shake It Up. Her second single, Watch Me, hit #9 on the USA Top Heatseekers chart in 2011. She starred in the 2014 Disney Channel original movie Zapped. She also nabbed lead roles as K.C. Cooper on Disney's K.C. Undercover and Rue in HBO's Euphoria.


  • Jungkook

    Jungkook, whose real name is Jeon Jeong-guk, is the lead vocalist, dancer, and rapper of the South Korean musical band, Bangtan Boys or BTS. He is the youngest member of this hip-hop group which also has Kim Taehyung, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Suga and J-Hope. A part of BTS since 2013, the young man is popular amongst the youth and is known to uplift the audience during concerts with his raps and dance moves. Jungkook is extremely talented and this is the reason that despite being so young he has received a huge fan following as well as popularity not just in South Korea but other Asian countries as well. And we have to mention, most of his songs and videos have become huge hits. Besides being a talented singer, rapper, and dancer, Jungkook has a charismatic personality. His attractive looks have also contributed to his success. What's surprising is that the media doesn't have any information regarding his dating life!


  • Olivia Haschak

    What comes to your mind when you think of the Haschak sisters? They are grace personified. Period. They are awesome dancers and entertainers, each having a USP that is different from the rest. Though Madison, Gracie, Sierra and Olivia are all inherently blessed, it is Olivia that we are talking about. At 11, the girl has everything going for her. She seems to be on a roll with cover videos, stage performances and shows. Trained at the Temecula Dance Company, Olivia Haschak has mastered tap, hip hop, jazz and ballet. Much like her sisters, she is a regular contributor to the Haschak YouTube channel. Her popularity is visible from her social media accounts “ her Instagram fan followers have already reached the 300K mark! The Haschak sisters have more than 2 million subscribers for their YouTube channel and 510K for their Instagram account. Quite impressive must say!

    Olivia Haschak

  • Sam Hurley

    Primarily known for his video content on the platform TikTok, he is a social media star notable for his lip-sync, music and comedy content. He has racked up more than 1.1 million fans. 

    Sam Hurley

  • Romeo Beckham

    Romeo James Beckham is globally known as the son of the legendary football player, <a title='David Beckham' href='/famous/david-beckham.htm'>David Beckham</a>, and the prominent singer and model, <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a>. Born to insanely famous celebrities, Romeo Beckham has been exposed to the limelight right from his birth. His father, <a title='David Beckham' href='/famous/david-beckham.htm'>David Beckham</a>, needs no introduction as he is one of the most renowned former professional football players in the world and has represented the England national team, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Preston North End, and Paris Saint-German teams. On the other hand, his mother, <a title='Victoria Beckham' href='/famous/victoria-beckham.htm'>Victoria Beckham</a>, shot to worldwide fame as a popstar in the pop group called ˜Spice Girls', where she lovingly earned the nickname ˜Posh Spice'. Currently, she is a well-established businesswoman, model, and fashion designer. With some amazing genes in his stride, our little Romeo is blessed with good looks and an unmatched sense of style at an early age. He has already gathered a loyal fan following that has declared him as cute and talented. His fans have high hopes of him following the successful paths of his parents in the fields of sports and fashion.

    Romeo Beckham

  • Laura Lee

    Laura Ann Lee is an American YouTube star, make-up artist, and beauty blogger. She started gaining fame after she created her own YouTube channel Laura Lee in 2009 and began uploading beauty related videos. She posts hauls, makeup tutorials, lookbooks, and product reviews on her channel. Also known as Laura88lee, she started her second YouTube channel in 2015. She uses this channel to post personal vlogs. She also has good social media presence on other online platforms, with 428k followers in her Twitter account, which she opened in May 2009, and 2.3 million followers in her Instagram account. In 2014, she was named ˜Beauty Guru of the Month' in StarCentral Magazine's October issue. Laura Lee is also an entrepreneur and has launched her own make-up brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles.

    Laura Lee

  • Snow

    Quick rising YouTube personality known for his reaction videos, which have earned him over 650,000 subscribers. He primarily reacts to content created by fellow internet personalities.


  • Dr. Phil McGraw

    Dr. Phil McGraw is a well-known mental health professional, author, and TV personality best known for his TV show ˜Dr. Phil'. Born in Vinita, Oklahoma, in the US, he used to play college football as a youngster. He eventually obtained a Ph. D. degree from the University of North Texas and soon joined his father's private psychology practice. However, he gave up his private practice to eventually start ˜Pathways', a self-motivation seminar, and a company ˜Courtroom Sciences'. He also used to appear regularly on <a title='Oprah Winfrey' href='/famous/oprah-winfrey.htm'>Oprah Winfrey</a>'s show until he began his own program ˜Dr. Phil' in 2002. While the show is extremely popular, it has faced its share of criticisms as well. McGraw has also authored several self-help books that have become best-sellers. Besides hosting his own show, he has made guest appearances in multiple TV shows and movies. He portrayed himself in the horror comedy film ˜Scary Movie 4' as well as in the comedy drama film ˜Madea Goes to Jail'. He was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 15th highest earning celebrity in the world in 2015.

    Dr. Phil McGraw

  • Tessa Netting

    Tessa Netting is an American actress, singer, host, and YouTuber. She is best known for playing Hazel in Disney's ˜Bunk'd'. As a young girl, she grew up constantly singing and dancing at her mother's studio ˜Dance One Studios.' She began her professional acting career on the stage where she has appeared in over a thousand shows. She then flew to Los Angeles and went on to act in various TV/film projects. Netting's acting credits include ˜Fred: The Show', a dance number on Fox's ˜Glee,' plus dozens of advertisements and voiceover projects. In addition to her acting credits, the American beauty proudly runs her own YouTube channel where she has accumulated over 44 million views and more than 400k subscribers. Netting's geek-inspired channel is one of the most entertaining channels on the social platform. It is based on the Harry Porter series and contains numerous videos on the theme. She is a very sweet and charming girl who loves entertaining people with both her acting roles and YouTube videos. Also, her craziness knows no bounds and this is why she is adored by millions across the globe!

    Tessa Netting

  • Megan Nicole

    Megan Nicole is an American singer, songwriter, actress and musician who rose to fame on the video sharing platform YouTube. Even though she did not dream of becoming a musician when she was young, she loved music. Her interest in music spiked during her teenage years, when she learned to play a number of instruments and started to sing in the choir. After she began writing songs, she finally told her parents that she wanted to create music in the future. She started by posting cover versions of popular songs and went on to collaborate with other top YouTube stars. She eventually began posting original songs on her channel. She has already released a 5-track EP titled 'Escape' and has developed and starred in the feature film 'Summer Forever'. She was featured on the 'Billboard Social 50' chart and has received an award for being one of the top 50 music artists on YouTube. She has performed live on various concerts and has toured around the US. A self-professed shy child who was afraid to perform in front of an audience, she now dreams of touring the world one day, reaching millions of audience through her music.

    Megan Nicole

  • Coyote Peterson

    Coyote Peterson is an American YouTuber and a popular wildlife educator, best known for his online channel ˜Brave Wilderness.' Following in the footsteps of Steve Irvin and Bear Grylls, Coyote has amassed a massive fan following on ˜YouTube,' owing to his daring and educational videos that feature him catching dangerous animals and insects. The channel began in 2014 and has many videos that have garnered more than a million views. The channel has also managed to earn more than 10 million subscribers. Born and raised in Ohio, US, Coyote was always interested in animals. He had a pond at the back of the house where he grew up. He would often fish in the pond with his father and soon became interested in catching other animals. His mother took him on extended trips across the country, which had him inclining toward his passion. He studied film at ˜The Ohio State University' and wished to build a career in films. After pitching his ideas to several channels and facing rejections, he started his own ˜YouTube' channel in September 2014. He has received an ˜Emmy Award' for his online series ˜Breaking Trail.'

    Coyote Peterson

  • Eve Franke

    Eve Franke is an American child YouTube personality. She is best recognized as the daughter of popular YouTubers Kevin and Ruby Franke. She is regularly featured on her family channel ˜8 Passengers' along with her parents and five older siblings, namely Russell, Julie, Shari, Chad and Abby. Possessing an unrestrained love for the camera, Eve is featured in videos related to travel stories, shopping vlogs, and family-time vlogs. Irrespective of whether she is featured alonein a video or with her family members, her presence makes the videos very appealing and fun to watch. The little diva is very sweet and cute! Watching her innocent antics can turn anyone's bad day to a good one. On a personal note, Eve spends most of her time with her parents and siblings. She loves parks, beaches, and engaging in all kinds of activities that kids of her age love. She also has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well which are managed by her parents.

    Eve Franke

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