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  • Logan Paul

    Logan Paul is a well-known and well-respected social media celebrity who is now among the most popular Vine stars and YouTubers. He began by making humorous films for his friends and uploading them to YouTube, and as a result of his growing popularity, he decided to try his hand at Vine, a six-second video sharing app. He primarily uploads videos of stunts, comedic sketches, and public pranks. He was a state-placed wrestler who won academic scholarships to study at Ohio University in Athens on two occasions before switching careers to become an entertainer. What began as a simple pastime turned into a full-fledged job for this internet phenomenon, who not only has millions of followers across various social media platforms but also earns a lot of money. He is linked with a number of prominent brands and promotes their products. He has honed his acting skills by appearing in television shows such as 'Bad Weather Films,' 'Rainbow Man,' 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' and 'Weird Loners,' among others. He recently ventured into filmmaking, with projects such as 'Airplane Mode' and 'The Thinning' on the horizon.

    Logan Paul

  • Scotty Sire

    Scotty Sire is an American YouTuber and Viner who became famous for his 6-second videos which he creates himself. He has also collaborated with other Vine stars who have their bases in California for creating these videos. These Vine stars include Gabrielle Hanah, Darius Benson and his former room-mate Gary Rojas. He has also got his mother to appear in some of the videos. He has acted in the films ˜Summer Forever' (2915), ˜The Pizza Guy' (2016) and ˜FML' (2016). His videos are based on comedy and deal with the basic things in daily life which includes very common issues such as dating. He is famous for his honest approach to various everyday occurrences. By December 2014 he had amassed more than 1.5 million followers. By May 2015 this number had swelled to more than 2 million followers on his channel. As of October 2016, he had 3.4 million followers.

    Scotty Sire

  • Randy Orton

    Randal Keith Orton, better known by his stage name Randy Orton, is an American professional wrestler and actor. He has won the WWE Championship eight times and is currently in possession of the title for the ninth time as of May 2017. Orton, who has won a total of sixteen WWE titles, has also won important contests like as the Royal Rumble Matches. He made his professional wrestling debut in 2000 and signed with the WWF a year later. He wrestled with great names and appeared on numerous renowned shows in addition to training himself. Orton became the WWE's youngest world champion when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at the age of 24. His hallmark techniques include the Corner clothesline, Diving crossbody, dropkick, and gutwrench raised neckbreaker. He won numerous major championships over his career, including the OVW Hardcore Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Orton, who is also an actress, has acted in a number of films and television series. In 2015, he starred in the American action film The Condemned 2. He's also had a cameo appearance on the popular American TV show 'Shooter.'

    Randy Orton

  • Asa Butterfield

    Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield is a British actor who is most popular for portraying Hugo Cabret in <a title='Martin Scorsese' href='/famous/martin-scorsese.htm'>Martin Scorsese</a>'s drama film ˜Hugo'. A native of London, Butterfield got introduced to acting at the age of seven when he began going to the Young Actors' Theatre Islington on Friday afternoons. He made his screen debut in 2006 in the television film ˜After Thomas'. His first cinematic appearance came about a year later, in the action-drama ˜Son of Rambow'. In 2008, he earned much critical praise for his outing as the main character Bruno in the Holocaust film ˜The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. He was also cast as the young Mordred in BBC's ˜Merlin' and Norman in the fantasy film ˜Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang'. After the release of ˜Hugo', Butterfield emerged as one of the most talented and popular young actors on the international scene. The film not only garnered him multiple awards but also led to him being cast as Ender Wiggin in ˜Ender's Game', Nathan Ellis in ˜X+Y', Jacob "Jake" Portman in ˜Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children', and Gardner Elliot in ˜The Space Between Us'. Besides acting, Butterfield is active as a musician and music producer and has co-designed a video game for Apple.

    Asa Butterfield

  • J4kst3r

    J4kst3r is a musical.ly/tiktok celebrity and one of the most popular lip-sync video makers. The well-known tiktoker possesses a rare gift that is gradually transforming him into a superstar. In a relatively short period of time, the celebrity has amassed over 300,000 admirers.


  • Debbie Reynolds

    The 1952 classic Singin' in the Rain gave actress and vocalist Kathy Selden her most recognizable role. It Started with a Kiss, The Mating Game, and Kiki's Delivery Service are some of her other notable movies. She also played Aggie Cromwell in the Disney TV movie Halloweentown.

    Debbie Reynolds

  • Carson Johns

    Quickly rising YouTube celebrity who rose to prominence after recording vlogs about his adolescent exploits. "FAKING SICK TO PLAY FORTNITE," "Only One - [Official Carson Johns Music Video])!" became the most popular videos on his channel. "I WENT DRIVING...AGAIN!!!" and "*BUSTED* I WENT DRIVING...AGAIN!!!"

    Carson Johns

  • Christian Combs

    Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, and Meek Mill performed at his Sweet 16 party, which was hosted by Diddy and Kimberly Porter. On his kingcombs Instagram account, he has over 2.4 million followers. Christian Combs is his true name. On the WorldStarHipHop channel on YouTube, he has also published his own rap songs.

    Christian Combs

  • Matt Lanter

    Matt Lanter (born Matthew Mackendree Lanter) is an American actor, voice actor, and model. Lanter has played the dashing Liam Court in the CBS teen smash, '90210', as well as other popular TV shows such as 'Commander in Chief,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Heroes,' and 'Monk.' He was recently seen in the role of Wyatt Logan in the TV series 'Timeless.' He's also been in films such as 'Disaster Movie' and 'Vampire Sucks,' as well as 'The Roommate' and 'Sorority Row,' to name a few. Before doing voice-overs for computer games like 'Star Wars,' 'The Ultimate Spiderman,' and others, he did voice-overs for Anakin Skywalker's role in the film 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.' He's also a good baseball player who spent two seasons as a batboy for the Atlanta Braves while in high school.

    Matt Lanter

  • Troy Baker

    Voice actor who provided the voice of Snow Villiers in Final Fantasy XIII and Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. He also provided the voice of Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble and Joel in The Last of Us.

    Troy Baker

  • Jsluttytofunny123

    Jsluttytofunny123 is an Instagram account that has gained him a lot of attention. He is well-known for his unique sketch comedy pieces, which are frequently centered on observational humor.


  • Leslie Hernandez

    Due to her friendship with Ryan Johnston, she has amassed 150,000 Instagram followers under the account @lesliehernaandez.

    Leslie Hernandez