Age is 9
  • Everleigh Soutas

    Some children are born talented, while others groom themselves to be one. Everleigh Soutas surely fall in the first category, for nothing else can explain her success story other than being born with it. Born on December 2012, Everleigh started facing the camera by October 2013. And that is not just it “ ever since then, she has been on a roll with her photo shoots, projects, instagram and account (which of course is managed by her mom). She is so full of personality, cute and sweet that you can often mistake her to be a super child. Everleigh shares a strong bond with her mother and BFF <a title='Ava Foley' href='/famous/ava-foley.htm'>Ava Foley</a>, her partner-in-crime. Savannah Soutas, Everleigh's mother and Michelle Folley, Ava' mother, have been great friends and have passed on the legacy to their children as well. The toddlers' incredibly close friendship and great chemistry surely reflects in front of camera as the girls are pretty easy around one another. They are completely inseparable and are fond of their companionship.

    Everleigh Soutas

  • Blue Ivy Carter

    Blue Ivy Carter is the first-born of pop icons, <a title='Jay-Z' href='/famous/jay-z.htm'>Jay-Z</a> and Beyoncé. Right from the time her birth was announced, Blue Ivy Carter became famous. She is one of the youngest and most celebrated kids, and has a fan following of her own. At such a small age, Blue Ivy is a fashion icon and makes headlines for her appearances alongside her parents. Known for her immaculate dressing sense, she is often compared to her diva mother, Beyoncé. She makes style statements with her girly, yet fresh fashion choices and is a favorite of the paparazzi. She will soon be launching a beauty line in association with her mother's company. The line will include beauty products, clothing and make-up accessories, mobile apps, and games. Blue Ivy Carter was also seen at the 2017 Grammy Awards with her father and grandmother, Tina Knowles.

    Blue Ivy Carter

  • Ava Foley

    Ava Foley is one of the most popular kids on the internet. Ava is already a star in the internet world. This cute little girl has mesmerized everyone with her charm and talent. She is best known as ˜Toddler Fashionista' on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel named ˜ForEverAndForAva'. The channel has garnered more than 600,000 subscribers. On her channel, she usually uploads makeup and fashion related videos. Ava has also been featured in the comedy series, ˜Giggles Talk' where she has displayed her amazing acting talent. She is an avid dancer and has been learning Jazz for quite some time now. This has led her to showcase her dancing skills in a reality show. Ava has also posed for many fashion journals, including ˜Vogue'. She has emerged as a style icon for toddlers around the world.

    Ava Foley

  • Penelope Disick

    Penelope Disick is the little daughter of reality TV star <a title='Kourtney Kardashian' href='/famous/kourtney-kardashian.htm'>Kourtney Kardashian</a> and businessman <a title='Scott Disick' href='/famous/scott-disick.htm'>Scott Disick</a>. She is a child celebrity and is best known for being a part of the cast in the reality television show ˜Keeping up with the Kardashians.' The images of this adorable child are searched for by her innumerable fans worldwide. Penelope was also seen in the television series ˜Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.' Too young to achieve fame on her own, she is so popular mainly because of the fact that she is the daughter of Kourtney and Scott.

    Penelope Disick

  • Riley Curry

    Riley Curry is an American child model and the eldest daughter of <a title='Stephen Curry' href='/famous/stephen-curry.htm'>Stephen Curry</a>, an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association, and Ayesha Curry, a Canadian-American actress, celebrity cook, cookbook author, and television personality. She first gained public attention after she was forced into a couple of her father's post-game press conferences in May 2015. Since then, she has been stealing the spotlight again and again with each of her appearances. He made three NBA final appearances before she even turned five and witnessed her father win two consecutive MVP awards with unanimous vote. Recently in May 2018, after Warriors' Game 7 win in the Western Conference finals, she was caught on camera exchanging with her father a well-choreographed victory handshake involving eight steps from hand slaps to pointing to the sky. Riley, who is also known for showing off her dance skills on her birthdays, celebrated her 3rd birthday dancing to 'Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)' by Silentó and did the #InMyFeelingsChallenge for her 6th birthday by dancing to the lyrics of Drake's song, 'In My Feelings'. She appeared on television with her parents for the inaugural episode of TLC's 'Playhouse Masters' series in August 2016.

    Riley Curry

  • Isla Ingham

    Isla Ingham is a British ˜YouTube' personality. She is the youngest member of the Ingham family, who have their own ˜YouTube' channel. Isla stepped into the ˜YouTube' scene when she was a toddler. Isla now regularly appears on the channel's vlogs and captivates her fans with her adorable laughter. She has two elder sisters who, too, appear with her in the vlogs. The family now has a second channel to give their fans an extra dose of entertainment. ˜The Ingham Family' is available on ˜Instagram' and ˜Twitter,' too.

    Isla Ingham

  • Cora Bennett

    Cora Bennett is an American child YouTuber who is known for featuring on her family channel, ˜The Ohana Adventure.' She is the youngest child in the family and has five elder siblings, all of whom feature in her family's vlogs. Bennett is often featured in vlogs where she is shown getting surprises for her birthday and enjoying with her siblings. Known for her warm attitude and innocence, she is a very active child. Being so young, Bennett is naturally full of energy and never misses the chance to be a part of her channel's vlogs. Confident in front of the camera, she adds an undeniable charm to the vlogs she appears in. Her cuteness has earned her numerous views and likes and has made her a kid superstar on the platform in no time. Being the youngest member of the family, the little girl often gets pampered by her parents and siblings.

    Cora Bennett

  • Emilia Saccone-Joly

    Emilia Saccone-Joly is the eldest daughter of the Irish YouTuber couple, <a title='Jonathan' href='/famous/jonathan-saccone-joly.htm'>Jonathan</a> Joly and Anna Saccone. Formerly titled as 'LeFloofTV,' this YouTube channel features the lives and activities of the members of this Irish family. Emilia was already a star much before she was born, thanks to her parents who kept their viewers updated about her arrival. Her parents never miss a chance to capture the moments from their daughter's life. Emilia's fourth birthday was celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. The princess-themed party was sort of a grand event and was even captured by the local media.

    Emilia Saccone-Joly

  • Kyleigh Nichole

    Kyleigh Nichole is one of the youngest social media superstars who has been dominating the internet with her crown verified account ˜kyky2012'. Barely six years of age, she has more than 1.6 million followers and is still counting. Nichole maybe a kid or a little bundle of love for her parents, but to her fans and followers, she is a bombshell with killer attitude and slaying confidence. One look at her videos and her swag and style would sweep you off your feet. For how many six year olds do you know who have confidence, charisma and charm as hers? Nichole is truly blessed both as an actor and as a musician. She operates her, YouTube and Instagram account by the name kyky2012. Looking at her talent, it wouldn't be hard to predict that Nichole does have a successfully awesome future ahead!

    Kyleigh Nichole

  • DJ Panton

    DJ Panton is a famous child YouTuber hailing from USA. He is notable for appearing on his self-titled channel where he posts challenges and vlogs alongside his sister <a title='Yaya' href='/famous/yaya-panton.htm'>Yaya</a>. He is also a part of the channels 'Pantons Squad' and 'Panton Kids' that are managed by his parents, the popular YouTubers Don and Malinda Panton. He is quite innovative and smart for his young age. Confident in front of the camera from an early age, DJ is featured in a variety of kid-friendly videos like challenges, games, toy reviews, vlogs, hauls, and more. Even though he is just a child, he is already quite famous on YouTube. His collaborative channels ˜Dj Panton,' 'Pantons Squad' and 'Panton Kids' have accumulated millions of views and subscribers. Coming to his behind-the-scenes personality, the child YouTube star is a very calm and composed boy. His innocence has won the hearts of millions of his viewers.

    DJ Panton

  • Claire Crosby

    Claire Crosby is an internet sensation, known for her singing prowess. She first gained prominence when her cover version of ˜Part of Your World' from Disney's ˜The Little Mermaid' went viral on the internet. Thereafter, she came up with cover versions of many Disney inspired songs, including a famous number from ˜Frozen.' Claire Crosby's YouTube channel, ˜Claire and the Crosbys,' has already accumulated more than a million subscribers. She is also famous on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account ˜tinymusician,' which is packed with cute photographs and videos, has gathered more than 270,000 followers. Claire was also cast in a movie titled ˜The Little Mermaid,' in which she played a minor role. She has even appeared in a couple of TV shows like ˜Little Big Shots' and ˜The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

    Claire Crosby

  • Caleb Johnston

    Rose to fame as a member of the family vlogging channel J House Vlogs with his siblings and parents <a title='Jeremy' href='/famous/jeremy-j-house-vlogs.htm'>Jeremy</a> and <a title='Kendra' href='/famous/kendra-j-house-vlogs.htm'>Kendra</a>. 

    Caleb Johnston